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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Religions and What They Stand For

The newspaper had an article about the terrorists in Mumbai today. I know that possibly a Chabad Rabbi and his wife are either kidnapped or might even be dead. The total people killed in India since 2005 , most blamed on Islamic terrorists, is 560 which I calculated from information on page A 11 in the Oregonian. These are attacks on innocent civilians going about their daily business, not looking for any fight. British and Americans were the ones attacked, but of course others were killed, too. Terrorists seem to turn out to be Muslims, though others have joined them in their terrorism.

Christians are known for their love. Jews are known for the love of life, as in our toast, L'Chaim! Extremist Muslims have become known for their death; that in bringing it to others and in not minding to die in order to reach those 72 virgins. I know that there are many Muslims who are not extremists and do not believe that terrorism is part of their religion, such as Ranya Idliby, one of three writers of "The Faith Club." Ranya was living her religion in New York and wasn't any different in her religious feelings as the other two writers, Suzanne Oliver and Priscilla Warner, a Christian and a Jew. I feel that it's going to have to be the decent Muslims of the world who will have to rebel against the extremists and bring a halt to their behavior and outlook on life. What are extremists standing for? Hate and death? That's all the world is seeing. There are other ways of dealing with problems today. That was the way of life centuries ago. Most of us have learned to behave otherwise.

Not only is Israel facing a daily torrent of hatred from Muslims that brings about attacking Israel with rockets, but there seems to be no end in sight. This all comes about from not recognizing Israel as a state in the neighborhood, created out of the United Nations, and trying to drive it into the sea. Europe has seen attacks. India is being attacked. The New York subways might be attacked over Thanksgiving vacation. The world is centered on terrorism and death instead of enlightenment. This is not what should be happening.

Everyone in the free world is bending over backwards not to point out that Muslims are producing terrorists. They try not to point them out in airport security lines, but the facts are, terrorists are Muslims. They could come from 22 Muslim countries or any other country where they now reside. The extremists are giving Muslims a bad rep.

Terrorists are cowards and bullies. They attack the innocent that have no beef with them. They attack women and children and hide behind masks. If they are allowed to succeed, this will be the way of the future. We cannot let them get away with such behaviors.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mumbai, India's Rabbi's Family Taken

Faraway Mumbai, India has a Jewish community. Terrorists attacked British and American citizens and have kidnapped 7 to 15 today. Rabbi and Mrs. Gavriel Holtzberg and their son Moshe's whereabouts are unknown. They may be among those kidnapped. Rabbi Holzberg is with Chabad, who notified us today and asked for prayers for all taken. Eighty-two people have been killed in the attack so far.

Update: Thanksgiving Day

While the Rabbi and his wife lie on the floor unconscious, the cook in the building, Sandra Samuel, escaped with their 2 year old son Moshe. One report is that the couple may be dead along with a 16 year old. Six people were in the quarters with the Rabbi's family. The dead found now is up to 130 persons in the city which is the capital of Maharashtra.

The terrorists are evidently Muslim extremists.

Update: 11/28/08 The young rabbi and his wife were slain. The baby was saved by the cook and is now with his grandparents.
Chabad of Oregon

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Israel's Critics: Jews

Jews are leading the way for Goyish critics of Israel. They criticize first, showing the Gentiles how bad the Israelis are. Otherwise, G-d forbid, they might not notice!

I thought Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein were bad enough, but now I read that they are but a few of many in our history. What they get out of it, I have no idea. Instead of doing their part in helping a fledgling new country made up of their mishpuka after a 2,000 year old hiatus, they criticize it.

Perhaps some of the blame can be on the Soviet Union where the Jewish communists received their education and philosophy. The Yevsektsia, or "Jew section" was made of people of Jewish descent and became an instrument of oppression of Jews. Evidently they weren't turned out as people with a "Yiddishkeit" attitude, but hated everything Jewish. Such self hatred is abominable.

There is a Nicholas Donin and Pable Christianis of our day and age. They have also been elevated as public pundits. They are sophisticated intelligent men receiving attention for turning against their own people. These are what is known as apostates.

Now the Israeli newspaper, Ha'aretz is joining the group of turncoats. Having been founded in 1919 and having a low circulation, they have now gone English and not only criticize, but report with lies. Whatever they publish that is against Israel is quickly picked up by other newspapers world-wide, as anything that shows how bad Israel is is newsworthy to the masses. Even John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt get information this way that is so distorted.

I'd like to tell Noam Chomsky and others that when I found out I might die of a diverticulosis situation that could become cancerous, I decided to go to Israel and help. It occurred to me that I was alive in a very important window of time, when Israel was reborn. That was a special time in history. So I investigated and found out that my husband and I could teach English there, and that would help. We did. We gave up our teaching positions in Oregon and made aliyah to Israel. We went through a 10 month retraining program and then taught in Safed, Israel. We were helping and seeing it first-hand. We hadn't even gone to Israel on a vacation. I read every book I could get my hands on first and then went over, sight unseen. I was a part of those trying to hold onto that piece of land. I had Arabs in my apartment. I learned not to pick up anything outside for fear of it turning out to be a bomb. I walked the walk and talked the talk.

I say that these apostates have a hole in their heads, or maybe their hearts. They may be brilliant people but only know how to hurt, not to heal. If you see a wrong, do what you can to lead to righting it. Learn about it. Study it. Know the history. I think they have a built-up hatred for Judaism, and are as tarnished in their minds as the Gentiles have been for so many years. Brilliant people can be foolish. Sometimes overly brilliant people are very foolish, and they just proved it to me. They could be causing the death of Israel. Is that was they want? Are they interested in Israel's welfare or their own? They're not using their saikhle.

Resource: Israel's Jewish Defamers: The Media dimension from Camera Conference, NY City, Oct 21, 2007. Booklet
Mythoughts about it.
My book: Letters From Israel

Sunday, November 16, 2008

USA Citizens Back Israel

A recent poll showed that 66% of the US feel that Israel deserves continued US backing. Of these people, 80% were from the GOP and only 59% were Democrats.

Only 6% supports Palestinians in the Middle East peace talks. I hope Robert Marley takes note of this.

66 2/3% of Americans are concerned about the nukes of Iran.
56% of Americans feel that Obama should put ending the war in Iraq at the top of his to-do list.
41% of Americans want Obama to work on restoring the global economic situation, and I assume ours, primarily.
19% of Americans are concerned about the Israel-Palestinians Peace as a top priority.

It is good to know that a good majority of Americans still are still feeling that Israel needs American backing. I do worry about the remainer of the Democrats who don't.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Friends of Arafat at the Helm in Our Government

Simon Malley
Simon Malley's son, Robert, has been Obama's Chief advisor about Israel. All my hopes having Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod as advisors just went kaput. Simon was Yassar Arafat's great friend and ally. His son follows in his father's footsteps in sympathizing with the Palestinians and turning against Israel.
Simon was born to a Syrian -Jewish family who lived in Egypt and was born in Cairo on May 25, 1923. He died at the age of 83 on September 7, 2006. His wife was Barbara Silverstein, a Jewish lady who worked for the UN, where Robert and she met. She was working for a leftist anti-American part of the National Liberation Front. Simon spoke Arabic, French and English. Simon was in the Egyptian Communist Party.
Simon became a famous journalist and in 1969 moved his family including children Nadia, Robert and Richard to Paris. At that time he was very much against Israel and all for the Palestinians taking over the country. He was finally expelled from Paris in 1980 for political activities that even they couldn't tolerate, like promoting the ideas of murdering foreign chiefs of state. Both he and his wife were anti-Israel.
Richard Malley
His son Richard, born in 1963, is following in his father's footsteps in being politically involved with Israel. He was the Special Assistant for Arab Israeli Affairs in 1998-2001 under Clinton. Now he has been the Director for an International Crisis Group for the Middle East-North Africa. He's a lawyer and political scientist, saying he is an expert on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, specializing in conflict resolution.
Also, he has been an important advisor to Obama. He has written many articles pushing to dialogue with Hamas and blasts Israel's policies that harm the Palestinian cause. Of course, their cause is to end Israel. How he can be in such a position with his slanted view is typical of the times.
Robert went to law school at Harvard with Barak Obama. Previously he had gone to Yale, was a Rhodes Scholar, and earned a PhD in Political Philosophy. He married Caroline Brown, whom he met at Harvard, another lawyer. They have three children; Miles, Blaise and Frances.
On May 10, 2008, the Times Online had an article about Obama sacking Robert Malley for his contacting Hamas while it is still listed as a terrorist organization. Oh thank you, Obama. Such a man should not be dealing as a square shooter with Israel. It would be like hiring a white man to be the leader of the NAACP who had a background of lynching Blacks. However, I read that he is back in Obama's good graces and is again at work. On November 10th the newpaper, Arutz Sheva reported that Robert has been sent to Egypt and Syria to outline Obama's policy in the Middle East. He is listed as Obama's Senior Foreign Policy Advisor.
Whatever we may lose in negotiations of Israel will be blamed on one of our own turning against us. How can such a hard-hearted man remain so sure of himself with his intelligence and not think for a moment about our need for this state of Israel. Has he not even contemplated our needs? Oh, that he should speak with Alan Dershowitz.
The horror of it all is that Simon and Robert Malley join the legion of Noam Chomsky and Norman Finklestein.
Front Page Magazine 11/11/08 by John Perazzo

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Insidious Law of Shariah

Saudi Arabia has lots of oil and very few people. They have tons of money. President Bush has been friends with the head of state. The United States is in the hole as far as money is concerned. We've overspent. We're borrowing from China and most likely Saudi Arabia.

They do have strings on their money. I hope our government starts to be aware of the happenings in Europe and how The Law of Shariah is affecting them, as it could happen here. We can't continue to walk around wearing blinders.

What Saudi Arabia wants is: "to embrace Shariah-Compliant Finance (SCF). A Treasury Department seminar convened last week depicted SCF as nothing more than a kind of socially responsible investing vehicle that respects Muslim religious beliefs by eschewing interest-bearing transactions and those involving pork and "sin" stocks."

They are " pursuing a global theocracy". Their methods are indeed insidious. It could be that they expect more out of their investment than interest. They want control, control of the United States and its people. We are fore-warned.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Raining Rockets in Sderot Again

Anav Silverman in Israel informs us that 62 rockets have been falling in Israel in the last 24 hours from Gaza terrorists, mostly hitting the town of Sderot. He recalls Obama visiting Sderot and exclaiming that if he lived there with his wife and two girls, he wouldn't want it to happen to him at all. He said he expected Israel to do everything in their power to stop it. Pinchas Amar, a resident of Sderot remembers that Obama wants the Qassams to stop. The residents were awakened at 4am in the morning at the sound of sirens telling of the impending rocket attack. They only have a minute or two to take cover. It looks like this is going to be a daily occurence again. Amar's kitchen was hit in 2007 by a Qassam rocket. My friend, David Bedein's son Noam, is pictured in the reference below.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

David Axelrod Joins White House: Senior Adviser

David Axelrod has just accepted the position of Senior Adviser in the White House. He is 53 years old and also lives in Chicago. He has been Obama's top adviser in the 2004 campaign for the US Senate and later as chief strategist for the 2008 presidential campaign.

David was born on New York's Lower East side in Stuyvesant Town in Manhattan, and grew up in a middle-class Jewish household. His father was a psychologist and avid baseball fan. His mother was a journalist at a left-wing 1940s newspaper. When he was 8 years old, his parents separated.

He got into politics when he was very young because he believes in idealism. At age 13 he was selling campaign buttons for Robert F. Kennedy. He attended the U. of Chicago where he majored in political science. There he met a business student, Susan Landau, his future wife whom he married in 1979. Axelrod has helped many black candidates win support from white voters -- for mayoral candidates in Chicago, Philadelphia and Detroit -- and has been one of Obama's closest advisers for years.

To have two top men on Obama's staff who are Jewish after worrying all this time that there would be no one to defend Israel is another miracle to me. David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel will be good buffers against all the slander from Israel's pugnacious neighbors who can't seem to stop fighting.


Obama Picks Rahm Emanuel for Chief of Staff

Nadene Goldfoot
Obama picked a Jewish Chicagoan, 49 years old, Rahm Emanuel for Chief of Staff. Now somebody can speak up for Israel who has Obama's ear. This certainly was a surprise to me as I've read all sorts of evidence of Obama's distain for Israel in preference of the Palestinians.

After telling AIPAC that he would never divide Jerusalem, and then rescinding in less than 24 hours, mumbling that he meant he wouldn't divide it with barbed wire, he had told Abbas, head of the Fatah ex-terrorist group residing in the West Bank, that he supports dividing Jerusalem. He would include East Jerusalem. He said this only this summer.

Abbas and Nimar Hamad, PA spokesman, and Fayyad feel that Obama will fulfill his commitment towards the Palestinians and pressure Israel. They hoped for an Obama victory.

With Obama's victory, Palestinians celebrated in the streets waving Hamas flags while they fishished digging tunnels to kidnap Israeli soldiers. Then from Gaza they shot 35 Qassam rockets into Southern Israel, hitting Ashkelon with two. Two women and a 13 year old girl were treated for shock in Israel.
Emanuel has deep Jewish roots. Emanuel volunteered in Israel when it was under attack from Saddam Hussein's missiles in the first gulf War. Emanuel belongs to an orthodox Jewish congregation in Chicago. His father was a pediatrician who grew up in Israel and worked for the Israeli underground before independence. Emanuel has consistantly supported Israel. He has condemned Palestinian leaders and the violence in the Gaza Strip. At a 2003 pro-Israel rally in Chicago, he told marchers that Israel was ready for peace but would not get there until Palestinians turn away from the path of terror.

Hopefully, Emanuel will be able to keep Obama centered and not see Israel as the bad state and can fill him in on the state of affairs in Israel truthfully.

Reference: Daily News: Unity Coalition for Israel: Obama Tells Abbas: I support dividing Jerusalem