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Monday, January 27, 2014

Conspiring with Hitler, Palestinian Authority Today Call Netanyahu a Nazi

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                 

           The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem meeting with Hitler in Germany 1941 conspiring against the Jews

Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti above, met with Hitler  in 1941.  He had gone  before the Royal Commission in Britain on January 12, 1937.  Lord Peel spoke with him and said:  You want to completely stop Jewish immigration.  What do you want to do with the 400,000 Jews here at the present?  It was brought out by the Mufti that 700,000 dunams were sold to the Jews by Arab landowners.

Mufti answered:  They will live as they always did live previously in Arab countries, with freedom and liberty, as natives of the country.  In fact, Moslem rule has always been known for its tolerance, and as a matter of fact, Jews used to come to Eastern countries under Arab rule to escape persecution in Europe.  According to history, Jews had a most quiet and peaceful residence under Arab rule.  Mufti told Sir L. Hammond that the Arabs would be happier under Turkish "Ottoman rule"  than under the present mandatory rule.  

The Truth:   Jews and Christians in Muslim countries were Dhimmis, 2nd-3rd  class people who had to pay a tax for living there.  They were subjugated under rules others did not have.  They were living under better conditions than Jews in Europe, that part was true, but were also attacked occasionally in pogroms.  An example was in 1941, the Jewish community in Bagdad was attacked by mobs causing 180 Jews to die.  This was at the start of WWII.

Note:  This 1937 meeting occurred at the beginning of Hitler's attacks on Jews.  England went along with his request and kept Jews out of entering "Palestine" which was the promised Jewish Homeland since 1920.  At the same time, they allowed many Arabs in from surrounding states.  

The Balfour Declaration was issued on November 2, 1917 pledging support for the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.  An agreement was concluded on January 3, 1919 between King Hussein's son, Emir Feisal, chief Arab delegate at the Paris Peace conference. and Dr. Chaim Weizmann.  It was endorsed and Palestine recognized as a separate Jewish entity, with which the then imminent Arab State would maintain diplomatic relations on condition that Britain and France met Arab demands in other territories.  The British were highly ambivalent towards estabishing a Jewish national home.  Sometimes they allowed Jews into the country, but at the most serious time nearing WWII, kept them away.

That the Arabs were on the side of the Axis during WWII is a known fact.  Hitler's goal during that war was to exterminate all Jews in the world and managed to slaughter 6 million of the Jews of Europe.  The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was very jealous of Abdullah of Transjordan who was able to create a state out of the Ottoman Empire through the mandate held by Britain.  England took 80% of land promised to the Jews by the League of Nations for a Jewish Homeland and gave it to Abdullah for his participation in fighting against the Ottomans during World War I.   The fact remains that Chaim Weizmann's  contribution to the British was his scientific endeavors to improve their ammunition which without this, they would have lost the war.  Jews also fought for England.  

One of the methods used by the Arabs against Israel today is to take known facts and twist them around to put themselves in a better light.  Because so many of their people have been kept in an academic blackout, they believe all the propaganda their leaders feed to them.   "It has not been uncommon for the PA to accuse Israel of imitating Holocaust crimes or claim that Israel uses the Holocaust as a tool for political and financial gain.  At the same time they continue to show their admiration of Hitler.  The one thing they are in denial  of is that Arabs are Semites, same as Jews, and Hitler was creating the Aryan race, so they would have been next on the list of those unwanted people scheduled for the ovens as well.  They are behind all the BDS groups and call Israel an Apartheid State though it has 1.7 million Arab citizens,  which they are not in any form of definition Apartheid, yet they plan to have Palestine Judenrein, meaning that not one Jew will be allowed to live in their state, a truly Apartheid state.  

 My hope is that the rest of the world, though removed by 69 years from the end of WWII, have had more education and realize that Jews were the oppressed people of the Nazi party.  6 million were rounded up and killed unmercifully.  Israel was created for Jews after the first World War of 1914-1917 since they had fared terribly from anti-Semtic acts for the past 2,000 years since losing their capital, Jerusalem, to the invaders, the Romans.  They needed their own state.  That is why the League of Nations decided that their land, which had been part of the holdings of the Ottoman Empire for the past 400 years, was to be given back to the Jews.  It had lain fallow and the Ottomans had done nothing with it.  It was nothing but swamps or desert and weeds.  Arab nomads would ride through on camels, and that was about the most that happened with it.  It was merely a crossroads without an inn.  Jews lived there, but kept out of sight except in Jerusalem.  They were treated as all Jews in the Middle East, that of Dhimmis class.  In other words, they had been held down and not allowed to do anything of importance to the land due to their class.  

Last week, International Holocaust Remembrance Day was observed.  Just a few days before this date, the PA (Palestinian  Authority led by Abbas) published an article demonizing  Netanyahu, Israel's Prime Minister.  They claimed that he has Nazi genes and uses racism, which is something Hitler was doing, against the Palestinians.  The PA are showing their lack of education.  One does not have "Nazi" genes and inherit a political agenda through their bloodline.  Given a DNA test, Netanyahu will show he has very Jewish genes, inherited from the time before Moses.  That's where environment comes in.  If your parents are Nazis, there's a huge chance that they will teach you to believe in their philosophy. Who is actually practicing racism are the PA who plan on their state having no Jews living there.  So for the PA to call Netanyahu a racist or having Nazi genes is ridiculous, but the sad thing is that their people will believe it and accept it as fact without any logical thinking.  I have no doubt of this for why would they say something as ridiculous as this in the first place other than embarrass themselves before the rest of the world population.  

The information on the Palestinians, Arabs who call themselves this term, is huge.  Joan Peters wrote the national bestseller, "From Time Immemorial-the origins of the Arab-Jewish conflict over Palestine," which is something everyone should read before they comment on this group of people.  The pocket-book version has 412 pages and another 164 pages listing her references.  Joan was a Christian newspaper reporter on the Arab side of the conflict who decided to research her topic.  When she did, she found the truth about the whole conflict.  There had been no country called Palestine.  It was simply Middle East Land that had been Judah and Samaria, or Eretz Yisrael that was renamed by the Romans after they conquered it.  Arabs living there in 1920 when the League of Nations created the Jewish Homeland were nomadic, and a few owned land there.  Most sold their land to the Jews as it was terrible land and they preferred to take their sale money and move to places such as Paris or Beirut where there was life.  Only to the Jews was the land important.  Joan's book remains to be the most thoroughly researched and solidly documented work on the origins of the Arab-Jewish conflict.  She did massive research and had gone to the Ottoman records, the reports of Western consular officers and observant travelers and other sources.  It's a remarkable document in itself.  With determination, brilliant detective work and patience, Peters managed to unearth a foundation of facts, research and commitment to truth.  So the lady, who started by being on the Arab side of the conflict, did a 180 turn around and found herself on the Jewish side.  She has since been an adviser to presidents.  Her book gives us the proof that so called experts on the Palestinian issue speak from utter ignorance.  Millions of people the world over are smothered by false history and propaganda and that is exactly what the PA are again dredging up.  

The reason for this charge of Netanyahu having "genetic" Nazi genes even though he is a Jew, and no Nazi would have ever had a Jew in their midst, is because he is explaining that it is most important for the Arabs to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. This is why the ratio of Jews to Arabs must be that Jews are the largest group.  It was not just any state coming into the UN.   The Muslims have 48 Muslim majority states already and Palestine would be the 49th.  Does anyone see India other than a Hindu state?  The Muslims living there finally have their own state of  Pakistan which is 97% Muslim with 172,800,000 Sunni and Shi'a.  It's an Islamic state.  The USA is a Christian majority country.  Jews were originally the Israelite tribe who are followers of Moses and the Mosaic Law, called Jews -from the tribe of Judah who were established c1300 BCE. 

 Jews have been here for the past c. 3,314 years and they are being attacked for being awarded their own state legally by all the nations except one group of people calling themselves Palestinians who want to turn it into their Muslim state?  

 To have one Jewish state as a refuge in the world is why Jews need this state of Israel in the first place.  Time has proved this need.  With the Holocaust proving that 6 million Jews were slaughtered from 1939-1945 as the most recent event, leaving 14 million alive today, the need is great.  The past has been such as being expelled from countries such as in the year 115 from Cyprus, 1290 from England, 1306 from France, 1355 from Spain.  From 1882 to 1890, 750,000 Jews living in Russia were forced to re-settle into the Pale of Settlement, which was Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Poland and  Ukraine, and were not allowed into Russia proper.  They were expelled from Moscow and St. Petersburg in 1891.  How about the massacres of 1096 in Europe, 1355 in Spain, 1420 from Toulouse, France, etc. Forced conversions were put upon Jews in 640, 721, and 873 in the Byzantine Empire.  Jews are tired of living at the whims of other political agendas and being the scapegoats of everyone's problems.  Though this is 2014, countries still behave like they did in 70 CE.  

Resource: PA Daily about Hitler and the Jews by itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik
Facts About Israel, Division of Information Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem.
From Time Immemorial by Joan Peters

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Palestinian Demands from Israel for Peace

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                 

The Jewish Homeland of 1920's League of Nations giving Britain the Mandate to create it and suddenly in April 1921 the major part became Transjordan-Arab land which was 80% of the land.  It had become a British protectorate.  Then it became Jordan, an Arab state in March 1946. 2 years before Britain's mandate was finished and they departed from what was to be called Israel in May 1948.

The "Palestinian" Arabs want a state carved out of Israel, who were the Palestinian Jews.  They have not wavered one bit in their demands.  The Palestinian Arabs  are not a tribe, such as  Hashemites of Jordan were, who have been forced to take in many Palestinian Arabs.  They came from all the neighboring states of Israel.  They were created out of the bungling of England who held the mandate and who were given the order of creating the Jewish Homeland.  However, England had other ideas, and flooded Palestine with Arabs during the time when Jews, who were escaping from Germany's Hitler needed a safe haven and were denied entrance.
The 12 Tribes of Israel's designated section of Canaan when Joshua entered the land  in 1271 BCE.

Here's what the Palestinian Arabs continue to demand in their "peace" discussions with Kerry.

1.  The will not accept Israel as a Jewish state.

2. They will not accept the borders of 1967 created when all the Arab nations attacked Israel and lost.

3.  They will not accept any Israelis on Palestinian land or at border crossings and expect all Jews to get out of Judea and Samaria.  They keep saying it will be Judenrein!

4.  They demand the "right of return" for millions of Arab refugees and their descendants to ISRAEL.
Israel and  Judea-Samaria; to become Palestine through peace negotiations.  Called "West Bank" by Jordan. This leaves some of the narrow sections of Israel to be from 6 to 9 miles wide.

What part of  any one of these demands is not seen as asinine and impossible for Israel to agree to?
 Has Israel just lost a war we are not aware of and in the position of ceding everything they have struggled to have for the past 65 years?  

What the Palestinians have done after Israel left Gaza has been to have their own squabble as to who is their leader with Hamas terrorists winning that round and kicking out Fatah into Judea and Samaria.  They are a divided group to start with and did not abide by the peaceful terms of which Israel left Gaza.  That was for peace between the two entities.  It turned out to be just the opposite.

 The Arabs have bombarded southern Israel since 2001 with rockets, mortars and missiles.  They do not keep their word and are not a peaceful people.  Their agenda or charter is that of the Muslim Brotherhood of which Obama was promoting in the Cairo talk after becoming president.  He continued to favor them throughout the Arab Spring which took place in Egypt with Morsi, a Muslim Brotherhood president, was "elected."  He has withheld monies from Egypt due to their getting rid of Morsi, still showing favoritism for a group who are ready to wipe out Israel. This doesn't give much credence for Kerry being aware of all the pitfalls that the Palestinians are throwing at Israel.  My fear is that he is actually very much aware of the absurdity he is expecting just to make a name for himself as some sort of peace mediator.

No  one is more tired of the calamity of Palestinians wanting their own state, that being part of Israel, than Israel is.  We know that Europe and the USA are tired of the badgering of the past 65 years, but they are not in harm's way because of it.  Israel is.  Had England carried out the mandate as so expected in the first place and had showed some spine with the Palestinians, their warring would never had carried on for so long.  In fact, according to the efforts of research of  Joan Peters in her book, "From Time Immemorial," the British brought in more  Arabs.  They have not been shown the boot.  Whereas Jews had to wait 2,000 years to get their own land back once again, the surrounding nomadic Arabs were only thinking of having a land for the first time in 1967 at the encouragement of the Arab countries who failed to win their aggressive battle against Israel then when they attacked this fledgling state of determined people who put their faith in G-d to help them.

The Palestinians were offered the chance to have their own state by the British in 1948 and they have refused up to 1967.  That's when they tested the world and  called the shots, and they saw that they still had clout.  The world, so afraid of being shut out of an oil resource, is afraid to raise their voice to the Palestinians, who are backed by all their Arab brothers.   It's either that or the world is still so anti-Semitic that they can't see that Israel is being screwed again in these ridiculous peace talks that are going nowhere.  The first requirement for peace talks should be that the Palestinians are willing to accept Israel as a Jewish state.  That's it.  That's what it is.

Sadat came to Jerusalem and made peace between Egypt and Israel.  Jordan has been peaceful for the past 41 years.  There is no indication that the Palestinian Arabs even want to be peaceful.  They're still spokesmen for the Muslim Brotherhood who have not accepted peace with Jews.  Just look at their demands.

Reference:  How to fight back when the media blames Israel for destroying peace talks.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Wait a Minute: Abbas Has No Legitimate Power

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                  

                   Mahmoud Abbas, Elected by Fatah and Not Leaving 10 years Ago

                Hamas's Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh, elected February 16, 2006

Netanyahu and Kerry have been dealing with the PA official head who has no actual power to speak for all the Arabs calling themselves the "Palestinian Arabs."  Actually, they are not from one tribe or country but a conglomeration of all the neighboring states of Israel who came in seeking work in the late 1800's with the Jewish settlers who had previously arrived from Russia.  Like the Jews who had never left, there were Arabs who had been living on the land as well and some had even bought property.  Most of them had sold their land to the Jews and had taken off for better ports such as Beirut, Damascus or Paris.

Fatah was the PLO, the Palestinian Liberation originally led by Arafat .  Mahmoud Abbas was elected as their PA (Palestinian Authority) president 10 years ago.  He had been elected to serve one term of 4 years.  He never left and there has been no other elections.   His official term has expired a long time ago.  Therefore, he does not have the electoral legitimacy in his own party.  Fatah was grounded in Gaza, but when Hamas, a party of true terrorists won their election there putting Ismail Haniyeh, voted in on February 16, 2006,  as their Prime Minister,  Fatah was kicked out to live in Judea-Samaria.  By rights, he should be finished this February as well, having served 2 full after being voted on only once for a 4 year  term.  Hamas refuses to sign any peace deal with Israel.  They have a charter that calls for Israel's destruction.  One can only imagine the threats they were able to conjure up to receive the vote of their people, voting being very new to them.

1.7 million Arabs live in Gaza. 2,100,000 Arabs live in Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem.  500,000 Jews live there as well.  1.7 million Arabs live in Israel and have Israeli citizenship.   Having Abbas speak for all the Arabs of Fatah and Hamas violates the Palestinian Basic Law according to Abu Toameh, Palestinian Arab Israeli citizen who is a reporter for "The Jerusalem Post."  .  This allows for "constitutional and legislative anarchy in the Palestinian territories, for he has remained in power past his allowed term.  He cannot sign a peace agreement with Israel in the name of the "Palestinians" being they are a divided group.

Hamas is so violent a group that at a recent gathering of young Arabs in Gaza, he preached that educating the future generation to love death for the sake of Allah as much as our enemies love life should be their motto.  It was Golda Meier who had said that peace will come to Israel when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.  To love death is not the way to bring about peace.  To buy into such a philosophy is a sad comment on their culture.  We all know we must die eventually, but it is not a normal act to seek death out and prefer death over life, especially when you are just reaching your adult years.  This must be why Jews seek out the profession of medicine, to assist long life for all.  "May you live till your 120th year" is our wish at birthday events, for Moses lived till he was 120.  Palestinians have talked young people, sad people, depressed people and underachievers to become suicide bombers and to seek glory in death.

The question is, if the Arabs of Fatah and Hamas were given another chance at voting, would they vote as they had been previously or would they want to choose life and peace?  Abu Toameh thinks they should be given this chance and has called for John Kerry to continue to negotiate with Abbas even though his term expired long ago.  He would like to see such an election.

Since 1948, the Arabs outside of Israel calling themselves the Palestinian Arabs have been brainwashed into destroying Israel.  If 20- 25 years accounts for a generation, they have had almost 3 generations brought up to think this way.  Gazans have been under the most violent philosophy so I would think that some may want peace by now, but that the majority would vote as they did in 2006.  This way of thinking has become their religion, and they do not love their children enough to stop hating Jews.  It is the Arabs of Israel who have acclimated to living with Jews and finding out it's not like living with lions or tigers but that the law includes them as well, so they have rights and freedom that neither Fatah or Hamas have in life.


Kerry's Peace Deal with PA and Israel Due in April

Nadene Goldfoot                                                               

For background in laying down talks this week, members of the World Economic Forum met back on May 26th of last year at the Dead Sea in Jordan to discuss getting peace between the Abbas PA group and Israel.  They decided on a $4 billion dollar package for the PA group to stimulate their economy.  The truth that they are not facing is that it will take more than money to stimulate them from being unwilling to make peace.  They need to change their whole attitude towards a Jewish nation among them.   Businessmen from both sides attended this meeting.  King Abdullah of Jordan is all for relaunching the peace negotiations.  Actually, he is in deep trouble of losing his crown if the Arab Spring takes over his country like it did in Syria, so peace is very meaningful for him as well.

 Back in 1967 after the war, Israel did everything in their power to assist and teach the Arabs in their economic pursuits, but they rebelled against it.  The PA's aim was not to be successful but to be a thorn in the side of Israel.  Note that when Israel pulled out of Gaza, they left their businesses that could have been used by the future Hamas terrorists, but they destroyed them.  The business they have been in has been to agitate and cause fear into the southern Israelis, and hopefully, even to kill a few.

Attending this conference this year were representatives from all the countries in the world with at least one person.  It was attended by  the USA with 72 members, UK with 31, China with 10, Canada with 9, Switzerland with 8, Germany and France with 7 each, Mexico with 5.  Kerry gave the opening speech.

Kerry and Barack Obama, President of the USA, are very disappointed in the Jewish complaints over their treatment in the 11 meetings they've had in these peace discussions with the Palestinians.  Israel has been placed in security risks in Kerry's plans and this Israel can't buy into. After a 90 minute meeting of the minds, Netanyahu let Kerry know that he will not uproot the Jews living in the Jordan Valley, which is 62 miles long and goes from the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea.  Jericho and Jenin are in the Jordan Valley and are Muslim centers today. Sderot, Beer Sheva and Masada are major Jewish cities in the Jordan Valley.  Kibbutz Degania Aleph, the first major kibbutz lies there as well.

The Jordan emerges from an area of stately date groves near the first kibbutz, Degania, flows past "Yardenit" Pilgrim’s Baptismal Site and becomes the peaceful border between Israel and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. In fact, you can cross into Jordan at the Sheikh Hussein Bridge, just opposite the city of Beit Shean."  
Evidently Kerry and Obama have a higher optimism level than the Israelis do.  Israel needs the security that they have attained after the 1967 attack of all the Arab nations and realize that in itself was a miracle.  They lost lives they do not wish to repeat again since the Arabs have continuously attacked them since 1948.  It happened in 1956, 1967, 1973, 1981-82, and has been repeatedly happening in-between these major but short wars.  Since 2001, southern Israel has been rained upon with missiles, mortars and rockets.  Their neighbors, Lebanon and Syria in the north have a line-up of rockets aimed at them.  Security in a hostile neighborhood is of the utmost requirement for peace with people who covet your land.  Kerry must remember that all the official hoops required to gain this land was official back in the 1920's with the League of Nations and that Israel had already lost 80% of that promised land to Jordan who became Jordan out of it.  Now, it's a fight to keep this 20% left for the Jewish homeland of Israel.  Everyone knows, except Kerry and Obama, that the aim of the Arabs is to take that 20%.   In that, they must know the truth, but are unwilling to accept it as it goes against their agenda.

Netanyahu and Kerry spoke in private during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.  Later Kerry was to give an important address on the Middle East to this forum.  Earlier Kerry had spoken with Tzipi Livni, Israel's top negotiator.  The PA negotiators will get to go to Washington this week for their private talks with him.  "Some critics of the administration have suggested that Kerry is spending too much time trying to bring the Israelis and Palestinians together and not enough time dealing with more urgent crises."

Read more here:

 Kerry's speech started off attacking President Assad of Syria.  Kerry isn't winning any points since Syria was not acted on by the USA.   Instead, the USA managed to arm the rebels who have been just as bad as Assad's regime in slaughtering people.  About 130,000 have died in this ongoing Civil War.  The Arab Gulf allies of Saudi Arabia and their peers are not happy with the USA and their dealings in the Middle East.  Kerry's defense in this round will be to talk about his commitment to engagement in every region in the world, even though their engagement in Syria was very little and took its time in coming to the point of aiding and abetting certain rebel groups.  He will make the point of being committed to diplomacy, but even that is turning out to be one-sided in matters between Israel and the Arabs being he sides with the Arabs more.  This Civil War has gone on for 3 years now.  Millions have lost their homes and jobs and are either in refugee camps or might be heading there as countries like Egypt are discharging refugees to leave their countries.

Being Kerry has visited the Middle East with the Peace Talk agenda 11 times already, he can say that the USA has not disengaged from this goal.  He has let down much of the world, especially Israel in the Iranian discussions over their nuclear weapons program which is continuing with his guidance where Israel and other wary countries needed to hear that it was not only contained but stopped.  Not much was gained with Iran at all.  Sanctions were lifted that can never be reinstated.  The heavy hand was lifted by Kerry's policy.

Kerry's method of arbitration and discussion as been to push Israel the hardest and the Palestinians a little to accept tough changes in their policies.  Israel is always the one who gives into the hope for peace by giving land in a deal.  The last one was Gaza which turned out to be a disaster.  Hopefully, Tzipi Livni will not forget this in her decisions.  Israel gives and the Arabs take, which  has been the pattern for the past 66 years.  It's time it changes, and to do that would take a whole new charter for the millions of Arab Muslims.  Hamas's charter, with Hamas ruling in Gaza, is exactly like the Muslim Brotherhood's charter, an extreme goal of taking Israel and ruling over everyone with their brand of religion.  Buyer, beware.  Six months down and three more to go.  The end of the peace talks is in April.  How many more meetings will Kerry extend himself in order to reach his goal?  What about Hamas and Gaza, now?  What more does he think he can do with that can of worms?
Update:  from Breaking Israel News:

"The Jordan Valley: Israel’s Security Belt

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is once again in town trying to reach a framework agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. One of the issues of dispute is the fate of the Jordan Valley, which is indispensable for Israel’s national security. The Jordan Valley is the only available defensible border on the eastern front, which is the closest border to Israel’s heartland — the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv-Haifa triangle — which holds 70 percent of its population and 80% of its economic infrastructure."

Reference:  Arutz Sheva,, Kerry, Netanyahu discuss Peace Talks at Davos by AFP and Arutz Sheva Staff.
Facts About Israel, Division of Information Ministry for Foreign Afairs, Jerusalem
Update: 4:45pm
Breaking Israel News Update:

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

When Was Adam, Eve's Mate, Born?

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                 

                A  Double Helix; 2 spirals held together by pairs of nucleotides or base pairs.

DNA is the blueprint of life.  It spells out what we are to look like and how we are constructed.  We have 3 billion base pairs of DNA in the nucleus of our human cells.  They are grouped in 23 chromosome pairs.  One of each pair comes from our mother and the other from our father.  It is the 23rd pair that decides our sex.  Each chromosome has genes.  You can get a gene for brown eyes from your father an a gene for blue eyes from your mother.  The dominant gene wins.  Brown is dominant.

It was only in 1981 that Mitochondria DNA carried by Eve  was sequenced, creating the Cambridge Reference Sequence or CRS.  Since then it has been revised and that is used as a master template to compare all other mtDNA profiles.  Scientists say that a mutation in the genes happens on the average every 5,138 years.  A mutation happens in the control region on the average every 20,180 years.  A higher mutation rate of the coding region gives us more detailed analysis of maternal images.  Bryan Sykes in his book "The Seven Daughter of Eve," shows us that 98% of all people of Western Europe come from only 7 women who lived in the Europe within the last 50,000 years. Since then a few more have been found.   They came from a common clan mother, Mitochondrial Eve, who lived in Africa about 100,000 to 200,000 years ago.  Not much was known about Adam and his Ydna and when he lived, however.  Now we can concur that almost every man alive today can trace his origins to one man who lived about 135,000 years ago, about the same time as Eve.

Paleo-DNA is found in the remains of ancient people and animals.  This is much harder because of the challenge of analyzing pieces that belong to the species studied.  They have to compare all the fragments in a found mixture or soup to the species' genome.  The size of the scraps is usually very small so mitochondrial DNA gives a much high probability of success.  Cave bear bones were an example used which can survive about 100,000 years.  Dinosaur DNA would have to survive at least 65 million years.

It is thought that Mitochondrial Eve lived about 150,000 years ago.  Up till now, it was thought that Adam lived between 60,000 and 90,000 years ago, for that's as far back as the yesterday  scientists could figure with their calculations.    They study SNPs, which are single nucleotide polymorphisms, a very slowly mutating location that is used to define haplogroups, and could only go back that far with the Ydna.

Now, several different groups of scientists have worked on the calculations of Adam and have come up with very different results.  First, a species similar to humans migrated out of Africa into Europe around 400,000 years ago and was isolated from its homies for the next 320,000 years.  It evolved so that it could live in  a colder climate.   The descendants of this original ancestral population went  into Europe around 80,000 years ago.  The skeletons from both groups show no signs of blended characteristics.  Our scientists thought they were 2 different species.  Now genetic analysis tell us that members of these 2 species interbred and produced children that populated Europe and spread eastward as far as China and Papua New Guinea.  They simply were two sibling subspecies of the original African species.

 So Homo neanaderthalensis is in reality a Homo sapiens neanderthalensis, a subspecies of Homo sapiens.  This is a modified Out of Africa theory which says that about 400,000 years ago a population of hominids went north through the Middle East and into Europe and parts of western Asia.  Between 80,000 and 50,000 years ago, another population from the ancestral continent of Africa went along a similar route to the Eurasian landmass and the 2 populations met and mated.  We are their descendants.  Europeans carry a certain amount of Neandertal genes.  For instance, I carry 2.9% of Neandertal genes.

Dr. Eran Elhaik is one scientist who has been working on the age of Adam and has come up with a closer date to Eve than other scientists such as Mendez and his colleagues.  Mendez came up with the most recent common ancestor or TMRCA  for the Y tree to be 338,000 years ago and is over 100,000 years older than the earliest fossils of anatomically modern humans.  Dr. Elhaik concludes that Mendez ignored previously inferred Y-specific rates of substitution and incorrectly derived the Y-specific substitution rate from autosomal mutation rates.  Then he compared unequal lengths of the novel Y chromosome with the previously recognized basal lineage.  Ehaik's analysis indicates that the lineage Mendez used came from all the other lineages 163,900 to 260,200 years ago.  In other words, they did not use the same mathematical formulas and of course came up with different conclusions.

This had all come about when a descendent of Albert Perry, an African American from South Carolina was tested for his DNA at Family Tree DNA in Texas.  Albert Perry lived  in the year about 1819 to  1827 and was identified as having a different Y haplotype than all others found so far.  It was named A00.  A previously oldest lineage was called A0. The "A" stands for Africa.  The greatest genetic diversity is in Africa.  SNPs that occur in Africa are the most widely shared by populations in other parts of the world.  Most researchers agree with the single origin theory or Out of Africa theory which says that all modern humans evolved in Africa and then emigrated in several waves over the last 100,000 years, finally replacing earlier homo species.  Haplogroups A and B exist only in Africa today and are the oldest haplogroups.  Today B is found mostly in the pygmy tribes.   This new haplotype find was very exciting.  The age of this Adam was estimated from the mutations within the Y-chromosome genome based on known mutation rates and was found to be in excess of the estimated age of the current Mitochondrial Eve and the oldest known fossils of anatomically modern humans  and was called the Adam haplotype.

 "Mendez said  that the most recent common ancestor for the YDNA  originated 33,800 years ago with a 95% confidence interval of 237 000-581 000 years ago was more than double the oldest previous estimate of 141 500  +. - 15 600 years ago.  Other estimates had ranged from 46 000 to 160 000 years ago.  It predated the most ancient mitochondrial DNA which was only slightly younger than the Y chromosome mtDNA  This estimate of having the most recent common ancestor is 142 000 years older than the oldest known anatomically modern human who is estimated to be 196 00 +- 2000 years old.  It was thought that either this Y chromosome is from a different species or that the ancestral population of anatomically modern Homo sapiens became subdivided into genetically differentiated subpopulations much earlier than previously known."

Man has gone from the "iconic gorilla to human."  Our evolution contains large gaps between the chimpanzee and ardipithecus ramidus of 4.3-4.4 million years ago.  In the past million years, several lineages including Homo erectus (java man of 0.6 to 0.2 million years ago, Homo heidelbergensis (Heidelberg Man) of 735 to 230 kya, Homo rhodesiensis of 400 to 110 Kya, and Homo neanderthalensis (Neanderthal) of 400 to 30 kya, coexisted and interbred with each other leading to the appearance of the first Adam or AMH about 100 to 200 kya.

Two reports came out in August 2013 and suggested much younger ages and suggested that both  Y-chromosomal Adam and Mitochondrial Eve could have lived at the same time.  A scientist from the Universita di Sassari, an Italian geneticist, reported the sequencing of male-specific single-nucleotide Y-chromosome polymorphisms from the year 1204, Sardinian men,  indicated an estimate of 180,000 to 200,000 years for the common origin of all  humans through paternal lineage or Ydna.  Another study from Standford U of 69 men from 9 different populations lived between 120,000 and 156,000 years ago.  They also estimated the age of Eve to be about 99,000 to 148,,000 years.  The discovery of Haplogroup A00 puts the Adam further back in time with Mendez and group.  Elhaik says that Mendez and group have inflated the most recent common ancestor estimate for a date by the wrong assumptions, approximations, numerical miscalculations and data manipulation that inflated the estimate.

In 2011, Cruciani suggested that Adam lived abut 142,000 years ago, earlier than the 59,000 years ago estimate by Thomson and group in 2000.  The reason for being able to go back farther was due to finding more mutations and the rearrangement of the backbone of the y-chromosome phylogeny after resequencing Haplogroup A lineages.  Finding the right date depends on the accuracy of the mutation rate used.  According to Cruciani and group, the much older date is easier to reconcile with models of human origins.

Does all this co-exist with what our religious beliefs tell us?  "Geneticists believe that we humans can trace their male ancestors back to a single man and their female ancestry back to a single woman.  Now these 2 new studies suggest that Eve lived at roughly the same time as Adam.  Scientists had to use circular reasoning to come to this conclusion.  Thank goodness because it takes 2 to tango, and man has proved to be the most sexual of all the primates.  They are able to do it just about anywhere, anytime, with anyone and even with other species if you can believe the Kinsey reports."  One young teen-ager bragged that he did it with a chicken, and many lonely sheepherders have been known to do it with sheep.  So interbreeding with a species slightly different that Homo Sapiens is not unlikely.  The Oregonian newspaper announced on the front page in May of last year that the first modern humans appeared in Africa about 200,000 years ago.

According to the Hebrew Calendar, this is the year 5774.  Was Adam and Eve created 5,774 years ago?  We know prototypes were existing.  Perhaps the rabbis would say that this was when conscience entered their minds or a soul  as we know entered then, especially after they ate the apple from the tree of knowledge.   Time could have been a little different in the beginning.  After all, up to now the recent discoveries had been that females originated 100,000 to 200,000 years ago but males only came along about 50,000 years ago.  What had happened to the male for Eve and her daughters?  It is good that Elhaik and his group have brought Adam and Eve together scientifically  in just about the same era now with their newer findings.

In the article "Does "Y-chromosome Adam" Refute Genesis? by Nathaniel T. Jeanson, Ph.D, he also reminds us of the Flood of Noah with a possible accelerated radiometric decay that could have affected the rates of DNA change.  In the 4,000 years of earth's history since the flood, who should we assume that the environment has been constant and doing nothing to alter the speed with which DNA mistakes can occur?   He points out that scientists rely on unreliable radiometric dating techniques, as Elhaik accuses Mendez of, and are not independent validations of the molecular data.   He feels they dates reflect another set of unjustified evolutionary assumptions.  

Eve was most important because Mitochondrial DNA is inherited  exclusively along the female line.  Males and females inherit mtDNA, but only females pass it to their children.  Once, it is widely believed, it was independent bacteria that colonized the ancestors of modern day membrane-bound cells.  It comes with its own DNA.  When a man is tested, both the Y and mt haplogroups can be identified in him, but the same is not true of a woman.  Scientists are still not ready to say what her father's Ydna haplogroup was.

Adam was the first man.   Lamech was the son of Methuselah and the father of Noah. He was the ninth of the ten patriarchs of the antedeluvian world. "Methuselah  is said  to be the oldest person to ever live. Extra-biblical tradition maintains that he died on the 11th of Cheshvan of the year 1656 (Anno Mundi, after Creation), at the age of 969, seven days before the beginning of the Great Flood. Methuselah was the son of Enoch and the grandfather of Noah.  Evidently the world had no harmful bacteria or viruses and mankind was created to last a long time, but even Methuselah beat all others in living a long life.  I doubt if any geneticists took this into consideration with their math formulas.  Also, our universe is expanding. We supposedly are moving away from our origins.  This must affect time.  

  Up until now,  Noah lived to be 950 years old.  G-d wasn't very happy with mankind as they had turned out at this point and had decided to do away with all except Noah and his family.  All died in the flood according to the story except Noah, his wife and his 3 sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth.  The first 70 people came from them who restarted humanity again.  A similar story to the Genesis version is found in the Babylonian Gilgamesh epic with Utnapishtim being the hero like Noah. 

 Moses came along in the year about  1391 BCE and died 1271 BCE, living till he was 120 years old. As we see, the time span for humans was getting shorter.  

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DNA & Genealogy by Colleen Fitzpatrick &I Andrew Yeiser, copyright 2005.  pages 14,15, 150
Scientific American Magazine Augustr 2010, Our Neandertal Brethren, genome sequencing has revealed our common humanity by Michael Shermer.
  5/12/13/Oregonian front page: on Dr. Eran Elhaik with John Hopkins U. 
Update: 1/22/14:   9:25pm, of December 2013, entire genome of Neanderthal Man 130,000 year old in Siberian cave

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kerry's Pressure on Netanyahu to Make Concessions

Nadene Goldfoot                                                    
Advising Israel is the USA's role in assisting Israel to achieve a peace decree with the Palestinians, but they have overstepped their position by becoming a bully.  Israel is being told that they must make many concessions while not asking for much at all from the Palestinians.  They are not acting as mediators.  They haven't even displayed evidence of understanding what part of land belongs to Israel since 1967's attack of all the Arab nations against Israel.

Israel is a country that is independent from the USA or any other country.  It is quite alone as the only Jewish state in  a world made up mostly of 33.4% of Christians and 22.7% of Muslims.  Jews, of which number about 14 million in the world, make up only about 0.02% of the world's religions.  6 million Jews live in Israel while 1.7 million Arabs, a mixture of Christian and Muslim live there also.  There happens to be 1,800-2,200 million Christians and at least 1,570 million Muslims. There are also 13.8 % Hindus and  6.8 %Buddhists.  11.7 % people are non religious with another 11.6 % classified as "other" of which Jews must have been included.

Because of this reason, and from having lost 6 million during the 1940-1945  Holocaust in WWII which reduced their small size to an even smaller one, and religious reasons, Jew have found themselves as the persecuted, the scapegoat of problems in the world.  This small group have also been in known to be the smartest, making others quite jealous, coveting what they have.

Menachem Begin, Prime Minister of Israel was not to be bullied, however.  He told Ronald Reagan, US President, that some people called the land west of the Jordan River "The West Bank," but that it had always been called from the beginning of time "Judea and Samaria." and was only called this new name by the King of Jordan when he took it illegally in 1948.  He said, "this simple historic truth will never change. There are cynics who deride history.  They may continue their derision as they wish, but I will stand by the truth."    He went on to tell the history.  "The truth is that millennia ago there was a Jewish kingdom of Judea and Samaria where our kings knelt to G-d, where our prophets brought forth the vision of eternal peace, where we developed a rather rich civilization which we took with us, in our hearts and in our minds, on our long global trek over 18 centuries, and with it, we came back home."

What Kerry proposed or threatens Netanyahu with has been steps to harm Israel such as releasing murderers from prison.  Giving up land is harmful.  Israel has already lost 80% of the promised land from the League of Nations to the Muslims and cannot afford to lose any of its remaining 20% to them.

The purpose of having Israel in the first place was to regain our former land which had been lying fallow for the past 2,000 years.  The reason Jews needed it was that they had been suffering from the Romans' invasion all this time as the smallest religious group and needed their own homeland.

The Palestinians were not all people native to the land and never had their own state of Palestine before.  They were immigrants who were looking for jobs when Russian Jews had returned to Eretz Israel in the 1880's.  They called themselves Syrian Arabs since so many had come from Syria.  The only time they were thinking of having their own state was after 1967 when all the Arab states again attacked Israel and lost once again.  This is simply a new tactic to gain land and drive out the Jews as the charter of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas adhere to and are carrying out.

This US administration is destroying the role of a big brother who once voted for Israel's acceptance into the nations of the world in the UN on May 14, 1948 through the good will of Harry S. Truman.  Now it is against the only democratic state in the Middle East who  stands for all the good things religions should do.

Netanyahu and his administrators will have to remember that Begin was brave enough to tell Ronald Reagan how far he could go with Israel.  He can likewise tell Obama. " Israel is not the US's vassal state, territory or serf that has to cower before the feudal overlord."


Sunday, January 12, 2014

America's Prize Was Lebanon and What Happened to It?

Nadene Goldfoot
Prof. Moshe Sharon            Major General  Ariel Sharon with troops 1970 photo. Sharon was born in February 27, 1928 in Kfar Malal, Palestine and died Saturday, January 11, 2014 at the age of 85 in Tel Aviv, Israel. .  He has been in a coma for the past 8 years.   Ariel Sharon was  born in what was then Palestine under the British mandate. "His parents, Shmuel and Devorah Scheinerman, had been Jewish immigrants from Russia after World War I."  The PLO was in Lebanon in 1982 and were constantly firing on Israel's border, placing people in Kiriat Shimona and the whole border of Israel with Lebanon in bomb shelters for long durations.  Sharon had enough of that and wanted to stop it.  The PLO were a security threat.  

...One may ask whether the American delegation in Beirut during the Sabra and Shatilla massacre was not responsible for the exaggerated new reports that emerged. This happened when Major Haddad asked Major General Ariel Sharon if they shouldn't be the ones to go into the PLO camps in an attack.  Sharon said yes and got the blame for what transpired next.  He later stated that he had no idea of what the Christians were planning on doing.  The Christians in the Lebanese Christain Militia were angrier than Sharon had realized at the PLOs.  They wiped them out in a very quiet manner.

In 1984 Professor Moshe Sharon wrote an article that I mailed to my mother when I lived in Israel.  He explained the situation then so well about Lebanon and the PLOs.  In it he said that,

 "To put the matter in the clearest terms, whichever way one looks at it, the Israeli operation in Lebanon has been one big prize for the Americans.  Militarily, it was the triumph of American arms over Soviet arms.  Two Soviet clients and allies, the PLO and the Syrians, were severely beaten or militarily destroyed.  Politically, the Soviet Union has been badly discredited in the Middle East, and is now having to reconsider its military build-up against NATO in view of the poor performance of its missile systems in Syria.  In addition, Lebanon is on the way to freedom from the terror that tore it to pieces for so many years;  and Beirut which the PLO used as a base to spread the venom of terror all over the world, is now a free, open city.

Most important, the door was opened by Israel for the U.S. to establish in Lebanon a strong, permanent military and political base, an achievement which nobody in America could even have dreamt about before June 1982.

How is Israel repaid by the United States?  It is not even left alone to pursue, unhindered, peace negotiations with Lebanon.  On the contrary, pushed by their Saudi mentors, the American policy-makers from the president downwards are doing everything possible to strip Israel of its gains in this war.  While the war was still in progress, President Reagan came out with a plan which, although it bears his name, is in this writer's view nothing but an American version of "the Fahd plan."  In the long run it aims to establish a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria and re-divide Jerusalem.  In other words, reduce Israel to what the Arabs call its "natural size,"  which would make it an easy prey.

The mere presentation of Reagan's plan as the official U.S. solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict has dealt a death blow to the possibility of peace in the Middle East.  furthermore, the credibility of the U.S. has been almost completely destroyed for the plan undermines the Camp David Accords and the "peace" treaty with Egypt.  It also legitimizes Egypt's backing out of most of its responsibilities as stated in the peace treaty.  first and foremost among these is the commitment to carry on talks with Israel concerning Arab autonomy in Judea and Samaria."

One may also ask if the same delegation was not responsible for sending to the camps representatives of the American and world media who were already pumped-up against Israel.  Who, one may ask, was responsible for spreading like wildfire through the world press the exaggerated and imaginative claim that thousands of women and children were killed in the camps?  But more than that, who is hindering the Lebanese government from arriving at a clear-cut, quick and simple peace agreement with Israel?  "

The answer to this question was the United States.   "The American delegation headed by Morris Draper convinced the Lebanese president that he does not have to worry about Israel---it will be dealt with by the Americans.  They told him to mend his fences with the Arab world, with the Syrians and possibly even with the PLO.  In other words, the U.S. is intentionally hindering a peace treaty between Israel and Lebanon, which most Lebanese are yearning for."

He tells the reader that this is a Saudi policy and the outcome is that the Egyptian peace treaty was in shambles with the Egyptians being armed by the US.  In Lebanon pressure was put on Israel and it was possible that the Syrians and the PLO would not leave the Lebanon.  "This is nothing but a sure recipe for a new war."

This piece written in 1984 by Sharon, year of "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley and the book 1984 by George Orwell , was 30 years ago.  I am appalled at how on the target Moshe Sharon was.   My country of the USA is still bungling when it comes to doing the right thing in the Middle East.  Obama was not the first president to not back Israel.  Israel must remember that the USA will always put America first, Israel last.  We were lucky to have had President Truman at the time of Israel's re-birth.

The writer, Professor Moshe Sharon was born in Haifa in 1937.  He graduated from Hebrew University and  U. of London.  He did research in Oxford, Paris and Dublin.  Sharon was the chairman of the Dept. of History of Islamic Countries in the Hebrew U and a former adviser to the prime minister  on Arab Affairs. Fatah is today's former PLO terrorists.

Jerusalem Post, 1984, No friend of Israel by Moshe Sharon

England Sunk to EU Level of Anti-Semitism

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                   

The English have had years of clarity where they surpassed the USA in being able to judge what is morally responsible but lately they've missed the mark completely.  They were first to give the black slaves in the islands their freedom before the Americans did.  Now they've joined the EU in demonstrating their anti-Semitism.  Richard Bogle was a freed slave, freed by the British when he left Jamaica in the early 1800's and went to California to pan for gold when he met up with a wagon train going west.  This wagon train held the slaves owned by the train's leader who would not be accepted to live in Oregon.

They have become morally warped by joining the EU in the anti-Semitic act of Boycotting Israeli towns who produce foods and flowers in the Judea-Samaria Jordan Valley.   They joined the bandwagon entirely and blindly in this BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement that is an international campaign that brought down apartheid in South Africa.  They're trying to bring down the Israeli government by doing this.  What is important to know is that Israel's society is the exact opposite of apartheid, so it makes no sense at all, except that it was started by those that have sided with the Arabs who lived in Palestine at the time of 1948 when Israel was accepted into the UN as a state.  The Arabs didn't go along with this and fought against the new state.  The BDS campaign was started by Palestinian Arab activists in 2005 to pressure Israel to leave the "occupied" lands.

What are the "Occupied Lands" that the Arabs outside of Israel want for their state?  They think they should get all of Judea-Samaria, the Gaza Strip where Hamas terrorists have the power, and east Jerusalem which has been united with the rest of Jerusalem since 1967.  Israel has been suffering from constant attacks of missiles, mortars and rockets from Gaza since the day they relinquished it and moved out completely for the sake of peace.  Now they are to be attacked from 3 fronts and Kerry is going along with this?  Note that "Palestine" is to be Judenrein-free of all Jews.  Only Arabs can live there.  Talk about apartheid, but that's okay if the Arabs practice it.  I haven't noticed any BDS people upset by this.

You can't be living in an occupied land when you were attacked by all your neighbors who tried to kill you and destroy your land when you are the one who won:  and won by a miracle at that. The fact is that this was to be part of the Jewish Homeland in the first place and is some of the 80% that was lost to the Jews by the bungling of England.   The numerical odds in 1967 of the Arabs winning were far greater  but Israel won, as she also did in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973 and 1982 and all the fights since then.  This is the only Jewish country in the world, cut down to 20% of the original size promised, and they are holding onto this 20% which is only 8,000 square miles for dear life.  Yet we see that it's much easier to give into the Arabs who are making a stink and want sections now of the 20% left, and threaten Israel.

I note that the AP article in our Oregonian newspaper  today wrote that "The Palestinians want a state in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem, lands that Israel captured in a 1967 war, and the valley would form Palestine's eastern border with Jordan.  This is most misleading as it was a war Israel had to fight defensively.  They did not attack the Arabs.  Every war has been defensive that Israel has fought.  The way the newspaper writes, it sounds like Israel is the aggressor.  False!!!

 The newspapers are complicit in calling the towns "settlements."  Europe, England and the USA called groups of people who are living together names like villages, towns, cities.    We do not call them settlements.  A settlement according to the dictionary is a place NEWLY settled.  These places in the Jordan Valley are not new.  We think of settlement when we think of pioneers coming to the West in the USA in the 1800's and their first stop as a wagon train produced some settlements that went up.  Also, Israel uses the established names of Judea and Samaria, not the West Bank, which is the name given by Jordan who took the area illegally.  And why not, only the Jews complained.  Not England.  Psychologically, the Romans called the land Palestine to erase the Jewish stamp on the land, and Jordan did the same thing.  The worst part is that established nations go along with it.  What's in a name of a land is a lot of history and ownership. The Arabs never owned Palestine.  It was under the Ottoman Empire for the last 400 years and they were Turks but Palestine  never became a state.  This was simply undeveloped land.

It was decided on November 2, 1917 by the Balfour Declaration and then  by the League of Nations after WWI that the Jews, who had been without their state of Judah since 70 CE and had suffered greatly from anti-Semitism should be rewarded for Chaim Weismann's invention that improved their ammunition.  They also assisted  in fighting against the Axis and were rewarded by having Palestine as the Jewish Homeland after being homeless for 1,847 years.   England held the mandate, but changed the rules themselves by giving up land east of the Jordan River to the Arab leader, Abdullah,  who became the grandfather of Jordan's present day king.  In truth, Jordan is Palestine today, which actually puts Jordan in jeopardy as they are ruled by a Hashemite king.  In fact, the scuttle-but now is that Jordan may fall next because of all the aliens who have entered Syria in fighting against their president Assad. They'll want to overtake Jordan next.   Assad  is a nasty man, a hater of Jews, but he was hassled first by the Muslim Brotherhood and was fighting against them as they were trying to take over and kick him out as he is an Alawite Muslim, not a Sunni or even a Shiite.

England has been very hard on Jews in the past.  In 1290 they expelled all Jews out of England.  What started it?  Probably the Crusades that Germany led in 1096 where they massacred Jews living in European towns as they went through on their way to Jerusalem. England did their share also when they went through.   In three years they reached Jerusalem and massacred the Jewish community there along with Muslims because they couldn't tell one from the other and they didn't like Jews anyway.  Jews and Muslims teamed up against the Crusaders then, probably the only time they've been on the same side.

That act was followed by the expulsion of Jews from France in 1306.  Then as it spread in Europe, 12,000 Jews were massacred in Toledo, Spain in 1365.  Hungary got in the act by expelling Jews from 1349 to 1360, Austria in 1421 and then of course we get to the Spanish Inquisition of 1492, and then after that Portugal.  So England and Europe knew that they have been complicit in creating anti-Semitism in this world.  Perhaps they knew that this was the time to do something to make up for their sins and create the Jewish Homeland.

Today, after fighting a 2nd world war, England, the EU and even the USA are not about to fight against anything that might affect their comfort zone like the USA has done in the past.  The leaders are giving into the Muslim Brotherhood who have been led by their religious leader, Qaradawi,  whose compact is to destroy Israel and kill Jews.

The Boycott has been going on for several years now.  It is ironic that who is hurting are the 6,000 Arabs that are employed on the farms there have been greatly hurt by the boycott along with the farmers who have lost 14% of their exports.  Translated into money, that's a loss of $29 million dollars just last year.   That's because the Western European supermarket chains of Britain and Scandinavia are not buying their peppers, dates, grapes and fresh herbs.  7,000 Jews are economically hurting from the boycott.

Most Arabs living in Judea-Samaria do not want to be taken over by Fatah or Hamas.  They'd rather stay under Israeli management.

Who is England and the EU really caring about?  Isn't this comparable to the Crusades?  Kill off the Jews and their country?  Let the Arabs take it over?  Keep the 22 Arab nations of the neighborhood happy?  Sit back, close your eyes, watch your telly.  There never has been a state of Palestine.  Most all Arabs there were recent immigrants who came to find work from the Jews who were building up places like Tel Aviv. In fact, many Arabs were Beduins who were nomadic and ranged the whole land on camels.  The Arabs called themselves Syrians, not Palestinians.  Before 1948, both Jews and Arabs were referred to as Palestinians on their passports.  The name came from the Romans who renamed it in 135 CE.   A few had been landowners but most of them sold their holdings to the Jews so they could live in better places than this scrubby unwanted land that only Jews could love and nourish.  They charged exaggerated high prices and Jews paid because for them this was all  holy land and they had signed a compact with G-d through Moses to care for it.

England, you held the mandate to make sure the Jewish Homeland was created.  You've botched it terribly.  Now you've joined the side that is out to destroy Israel.  You're just like the Muslim Brotherhood in this.  So is the EU who have a longer history of anti-Semitic acts including the Holocaust.  Evidently you've all turned into wimps or gave up studying history, for this is an unforgivable sin.  We are now at the stage of 1939, back to the horrors man allowed 75 years ago.  It's time to get some backbone and some brighter students who are not sheep who follow the crowd  to stop such acts as this BDS movement.

This is why Israel is a very needed state.  Had Palestine  been open before and during  WWII, lives would have been saved, but England made sure that refugees from Germany and the rest of Europe would never land in "Palestine."  It was closed to them even though they were to have a Jewish Homeland.  It wasn't until 1948 and another vote in the UN that Israel was allowed as a state, and now everyone is in the act of destroying the only viable democratic state in the Middle East.  May G-d have mercy on Israel for their neighbors and "friends" know not or care not for what they do to harm you!  Once again Jews are being sacrificed politically.

From Time Immemorial by Joan Peters
Oregonian Newspaper1/11/14 page A3, boycott stings Israeli farms in West Bank, by Karin Laub, AP from Netiv Hagdud, Judea-Samaria

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Armenian Jews: Where They Came From-Where They Went

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                   

Armenian historians have written that Jews came to Armenia right after the destruction of the 1st Temple of Solomon.  This would have Nebuchadnezzar in 586 BCE who destroyed it.  Armenia is a part of Western Asia and is east of the Caspian Sea. Yerevan, Armenia is 779 miles away from Jerusalem, Israel.  If it is 9:26pm in Jerusalem, it is 11:26pm in Yerevan.  One could drive from Portland, Oregon to Cottonwood Heights, Utah and also cover 779 miles.  It would have made quite a camel caravan of traveling.  Traders would have made the trip before and possibly led people there.  
The Temple was rebuilt from 538 to 515 BCE and then was called the 2nd Temple.  It took 71 years to regain this 2nd Temple.  Of course, ties existed between the Jews who stayed in Armenia and the Jews of Judah during the 2nd Temple days.  Judah had been a section of Israel that split off when King Solomon died in 933 BCE.  The state of Judah lasted with kings till Zedekiah was the last king from 597 to 586 BCE when they were attacked.  

The Romans had taken over Jerusalem making Herod a King of Judea.  He lived from 73 BCE to 4 BCE.  He was the son of Antipater, the Idumean  and  had a Nabatean mother, Cypros.  Antipater had helped the Romans take over Jerusalem.  He had at one time been the ruler of Idumea (Edom).  This was a country in SE Eretz Israel, also called Mount Seir. Edomites were traditional enemies of the Israelites.  They had fought against the first Jewish King Saul and King David.  In the 8th century the Edomites were vassels of Assyria.  It was John Hyrcanus who forced them to convert to Judaism.   Edom  was a mountainous country and was south of the Dead Sea and bordered on the Red Sea at Elath. They were Semites, traditionally descendants of Esau and were hunters.   Herod  was a cruel ruler and a murderer.  He had ordered the slaughter of the innocents at Bethlehem.  

 One of his grandsons, Aristobulus, was made king of Little Armenia by Nero.  Two other grandsons ruled Greater Armenia.While young, Herod had been appointed Governor of the Galilee of Judah by his father.  He showed no problem coming on very strong with the population and executed any who disagreed with him.  For this the Sanhedrin wanted to give him the penalty of death for killing, but Hyrcanus and Sextus Caesar, governor of Syria, intervened with higher powers.  

The Romans also allied with  King Tigranes II the Great of Armenia. Armenia became the strongest state in the Roman republic.   He lived from 140 to 55 BCE.  Tigranes brought with him 10,000 Jewish captives to Armenia when he left Judah because of the Roman attack on Armenia in 69 CE.  He also became king of Syria as well.  Like Armenia, Tigranes was a pagan.  

Many Jews settled in Armenia during these next generations.  The Talmud mentions a Rabbi Jacob of Armenia and a school at Nisibis.  

From the 4th century on, the Jewish population started to shrink  because of exile and emigration.  Medieval travelers found many small Jewish communities at Nisibis and other places.  

Armenian Christians lived in Jerusalem since the 5th century and there is an Armenian quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem.  

The longest river in Europe is the Volga River.  It flows through Central Russia and along this river lived a Turkic people, including the: "AzerbaijanisChuvashesKazakhsTatarsKyrgyzTurkmensUyghurs,UzbeksBashkirsQashqaiGagauzYakutsCrimean Karaites,KrymchaksKarakalpaksKarachaysBalkarsNogais and as well as past civilizations such as the GöktürksKumansKipchaksAvarsBulgars,TurgeshesKhazarsSeljuk TurksOttoman TurksMamluksTimurids,Khiljis, and possibly Huns and the Xiongnu".  

Since Turkey bordered Armenia, it is good to know that there came to be many  varieties of people in the area.  However, Khazaria did not come about to its fullest till the 8th to 10th centuries CE.  They were made up of either Turkish or Finnish tribes  and their capital was Itil in the Volga delta and were called the White Ugrians. 
 "The Khazars probably belonged to the West Turkish Empire (from 552 C.E.), and they may have marched with Sinjibū (Istämi), the first khāqān of the West Turks, against the Sassanid (Persian) fortress of Ṣul or Darband"

 Hungarians were called Black Ugrians.  The Khazar royal house intermarried with the Byzantiums.  Their king Bulan and supposedly 4,000 of his royal household converted to Judaism in the 8th Century CE.  Their Prince Obadiah saw to it that they were converted properly.  The original Khazars came from the east. 

We have some Jews leaving Armenia in the 300's and their neighbors, Turkey and Russia, having Khazaria appearing in their lands by the late 700's.  Whether any Jews had drifted into Khazaria is not known.  That is a long span of time.  Being Christians from Armenia went to Jerusalem in the 5th century tells me that Jews from Armenia must have gone back, also.  As proof of this, Jews have been praying every day to return to Jerusalem lest they should lose their right arm if they forget it.  This remembering and returning is very important.  

Then from 360 to 370 there was an increase in Jewish Hellenistic immigration into Armenia.  Many Armenian towns became mostly Jewish.  By the same token, the Persian Shapur II began deporting thousands of Jews to Persia (today's Iran).  

Hellenism made an impact in Armenia so studies did not grow here.  During the Medieval days, most of the Jews left, thought to become part of the Kurdish Jewry.  A cemetery lies in Vayots Dzor in the city of Eghegis SW of Yerevan with more than 40 tombstones that date to the 13th century and 16 with Hebrew and Aramaic inscriptions.  

Much later in the 19th century, Jews entered Armenia from Persia and Poland, so then they had a mixture of Sephardi and Ashkenazi Jews.  From 1840 they had communities in Yerevan.  Hundreds of displaced Jews moved to Soviet Armenia.  Then there were at least 10,000 Jews living there.  Another wave came in between 1965 and 1972 made up of the intelligentsia, military and engineers.  They were attracted to a more liberal society.  

The Ottoman Empire learned a lot from the Germans who were their allies in WWI.  Muslim leaders were visiting with Hitler during WWII who were against the Jews.  The empire committed Armenian genocide and slaughtered from 1 million to 1 1/2 million Armenians.  They massacred the males and forced the women and children in marches in the Syrian desert.  Other ethnic groups were to be next.  Today of course there is still this divide between the Armenians and the Turks because of this needless slaughter that took place in 1915.  .  

Today there are less than 1,000 Jews in Armenia because of  emigration and assimilation.  Between 1992 and 1994, more than 6,000 Jews  immigrated to Israel because of economic and political reasons hurting Jews.  However, in 1995, Chabad House was established in Yerevan.  They offered classes about Judaism, Hebrew, Jewish traditions and free meals.  

Resource:  The new Standard Jewish Encyclopedia