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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fatah's Jamal al Jamal Dies in Prague in Explosion of Safe

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                  

                                                              Prague, Czech Republic

The Palestinian Arabs are divided between two factions, Fatah, who live in Judea and Samaria, and Hamas, a definite terror group who took over Gaza through a so called Democratic election, though being terrorists at heart and in practice, I doubt very much how Democratic their election actually was.

Since they are supported by so many outside sources, they have taken it upon themselves to select ambassadors to various countries before they have officially been declared a state.  Even the UN has appointed them the honor of an observatory state there.  Fatah is still in the process of peace talks now with Kerry and have demanded that Israel release all Arab prisoners  who are there because of being killers, many who have murdered more than one person in their act of savagery.  Israel, is complying, sadly to this empty promise of peace, just like she did in order to bring peace in Gaza, which has brought nothing but mortars, missiles and rockets into southern Israel.
Now, the so called "ambassador" in Prague died from an "accident" that was an explosion  at his home on Wednesday, the first day of the new year.  Was it a firecracker such as exploded around my house in Oregon at midnight?  No. This ambassador of Fatah's political arm,  Jamal al-Jamal,  was opening a safe that had been moved into his new home.  Did he have to blow it up to open it like a safe cracker?  The Czech government said they thought it was an explosion caused by the security device on the safe.  Some safes such as this one are not safe at all!

Evidently there are safes and there are safes.  Some are designed to blow up if you tamper with the lock.  They are designed this way to blow up secret documents in such an event as the wrong person who might be opening it.  This safe came from the embassy's old offices.  Evidently he didn't really know the combination.    Jamal died in the hospital with serious injuries.

It is thought that this could have been caused by Hamas.  Most likely it will be blamed on Israel.  The explosion brought on at least 6 police cars, firetrucks and 2 ambulances.  Fatah members are leaving their offices in Ramallah to go to Prague to help the investigators.  This sounds like they don't buy into the theory that it was just an accident.

Update: 1/2/14

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Nadene Goldfoot said...

The Czech Foreign Ministry expressed concern Thursday over the discovery of a large, illegal weapons stockpile at the home of the Palestinian ambassador. There were enough weapons there to arm a unit of 10 ten.