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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New York Times Tepid on Muslim Brotherhood

Nadene Goldfoot
Why is the New York Times writing about  the Muslim Brotherhood as if it's just another party in several of their articles?  They are not sharing known facts about the group with their readers at all  They are not alarmed about   Yusuf Qaradawi or give any background about him for their readers.  He's known as an antii-semite and has said that Allah should wipe out the Jewish  people. 

In a statement on January 30, 2009, Qaradawi praised the Holocaust, saying that, “throughout history, Allah has imposed upon the [Jews] people who would punish them for their corruption. The last punishment was carried out by [Adolf] Hitler Allah willing, the next time will be at the hand of the believers.”

Back on October 12, 2001, the newsaper was more forthcoming.  They wrote, "That scholar, Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi, is regarded as an independent voice, unlike the many Islamic muftis and theologians who have been appointed by some Muslim governments. Far from pro-Western, Sheik Qaradawi has been a spiritual adviser to Muslim Brotherhood militants in Egypt, has harshly criticized the United States for supporting Israel and has condoned Palestinian suicide bombers."

Read more:

The Muslim Brotherhood is also for the Iranian fatwa out for Salmon Rushdie's death.  They are promoting a day of rage against caroonists of Muhammed in Sweden and Denmark.  They believe in genital mutilation of women.  Just try to leave Islam for another religion and you will find the death penalty against you. 

These are all facts about the Muslim Brotherhood that have not been erased or changed.  It's a part of their creed.  They may have been silent in Egypt for the past 30 years, but only because they were outlawed.  Now that Mubarek is gone, they have raised their ugly heads once again.  It's not like the Democrats were just freed and deserve to be praised.  This is a part of the Muslim world that needs to be put back into the Geni bottle. 

I ask why reporters have not done their homework and realize what the Muslim Brotherhood means to those outside of Egypt as well as within?  There was a reason why they were outlawed in Egypt and should be studied.  This is not a group that conforms to Democratic values as we know it. 

Resource: Camera Alert: from 2/18/11 article:  After Long Exile, Sunni Cleric Takes Role in Egypt by David D. Kirkpatrick.

Campbell Soups and Islam's "Halal"

I just learned something new about Islam.  I knew that they didn't eat pork, something they picked up from Jews when they were created in the 700's AD, but didn't know they also followed Jewish law with their laws concerning food which has showed up in Campbell's Soups in Canada.

They have their laws of Dhabiba halal which is similar to the Jewish law of Kashrut. 
The Jewish "treif" in Islam is "haram." 

I guess it would have been an anathema to Muslims to go by the Jewish certification already on many foodstuffs containing the symbols of kashrut. 

Other than being a monotheistic group, I see no other similarities between Judaism and Islam.  Our goal in life is completely the opposite.  In fact, while Jews have rabbis officiating  kosher products, the Campbell soup in Canada is being officiated by a Muslim known to be a terrorist .  Don't they have any nice people who could do the job?  This is why this has been making the news. 

Resource: Pamela Geller

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Anti-Semitism in World

The Anti-Defamation League has found that 14% of Americans are still anti-semitic. 
In 2004 there was the highest amount of attacks in 9 years.  The USA Jewish population suffered 1,821 attacks. 
In 2005 they found that 35% of Hispanics and  36% of African Americans were anti-semitic.  Of whites, 9% were anti-semitic.   I note that Operation Cast Lead of 2009 had not yet occured.  This was happening without strong provocation. 

Recent information on anti-semitism comes from Britain's Community Security Trust which shows that attacks on Jews, not including any anti-Israeli activities, was down 31% from 1910.  They listed 639 attacks including anti-semitic notation on the internet as well as broken synagogue windows, hateful language which is also verbal abuse, physical assaults from people just hating the Jewish religion who are so self righteous and feel such justification.  This is the 2nd highest report since the 2009 war in Gaza which was the cause for more attacks. 

Natan Sharansky in today's Haaretz newspaper says that he views demonization as the typical anti-semitic act which is still going on today such as people saying that Jews are using organs of others.  Connecting Israel to their hate is shown in deligitimization of Israel and setting up  double standards to judge Israel. 

The paper went on to say that anti-semitism was down 50% from 2010, violence was down 35%.  Australia was down 60% and Europe and South America also reported a downward trend. 

The greatest threat now is in the internet.  Last year around May 31st when the Turkish flotilla was going to Gaza saw more acts occurring.  There were 15 hostile acts in France and 5 in Austria. 

Israel feels that the numbers are going up slightly.  This is probably because of the growing attacks on Israel and therefore its supporters.  When it comes down to it, attacking Israel is just another way of attacking Jews since it is the only Jewish country in the world.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Libya and Jews

In ancient days Jews had moved to Libya from Egypt, and Augustus had granted Cyhrene's Jewish population certain privileges through Flavius, the governor of the province. They were keeping close contact with Jerusalem's Jews. In 73 BCE there was the 1st Jewish-Roman War in Iudea (Judea) Province including a revolt by this Jewish community which was suppressed by governor Catullus. The revolt, led by Jonathan the Weaver, ended with Jonathan being killed as well as many of the wealthy Jews in Cyrenel More revolts broke out in 115 ACE in Cyrene, Egypt and Cyprus. Jason of Cyrene was a Libyan Jew whose work is the source of the 2nd Book of Maccabees. Simon of Cyrene became an early Christian as he carried the cross of Jesus as he was taken to his crucifixion.

Libya was colonized by Italy in 1911. By 1931 there were 21,000 Jews living there out of the 550,000. They lived mostly in Tripoli. By the late 1930's, the Fascist Italian regime passed anti-Semitic laws, just like Germany was doing. Jews lost their jobs with the government and their papers were stamped with the words, "Jewish race." By 1941 the Jewish population made up 25% in Tripoli. They had 44 synagogues there. In 1942 German troops deported more than 2,000 and sent them to labor camps. Over 1/5th of the Jews died. Their history includes many attacks from then on.

Today Libya is the 29th largest of 47 Muslim countries. It has a population of 6, 173, 579 of which 97% are Sunni Muslims. This is the state religion. Their government is called the Jamahiriya Revolution, so Gaddafi is not a king.

In 1969 Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi was in power and only 100 Jews were in Libya. He confiscated all their property. If anyone owed money to a Jews, he had it cancelled. The Jews were not allowed to emigrate. They had to sneak out as it was against the law to leave.. By 1974, only 5 years later, 20 Jews remained in Libya.

Now the Muslim population is rioting for wanting a democracy. 2,000 protesters were rioting and throwing stones and petrol. Several were killed. Perhaps Gaddafi's days are over. He's one horrid ruler, as far as I can see.

Bahrain and Jews

Bahrain is the 42nd country of the Muslim 47. It has a population of 1,046,814. 81% of their people are Shi'a Muslim which is their state religion. It has a Constitutional monarchy of which the people are very unhappy about.

Jews have lived in Bahrain ever since Mohammed since there are Arabic texts referring to a Jewish presence in Hajar during his time. Benjamin of Tudela of the 12 th century wrote that nearly 500 Jews lived in Qays and that a population of 5,000 lived in al-Qatifa. They had the local pearl industry. Nancy Khadhori, a Jewish lady of Bahrain has written a book, From Our Beginning to Present Day about her Bahraini Jewish community. She writes about knowing that most of the Jewish men were traders and women were teachers, nurses, and had strong friendships with the local citizens. She says that these Muslim Bahraini practiced religious tolerance. Before 1948, nearly 600 Jews lived in Bahrain but there was anti-Semitic rioting in 1947-48 and again in 1967, connected with Israel's birth and the 67 War. Many of them then fled.

Right now Jews in Bahrain are not allowed to visit Israel, even though Bahrain agreed to stop boycotting Israel in exchange for a free-trade agreement with the USA in 2004. By 2007, only 36 Jews remained in Bahrain, and it is the only Arab Persian Gulf state with a synagogue. They are in the liberal middle class and several are active in politics.

Today's Jews come from the 1900's when families immigrated from the large Iraqi Jewish community in Baghdad. Some anti-Semitic political commentary and editorial cartoon continue to appear, usually linked to the Israel-Palestine situation. The ambassador to the USA is Houda Nonoo, a Jewish woman who had been serving in Bahrain's 40 member lower house of Parliament. I wonder how she is faring right now with all the rioting going on. 200 people have been injured and 4 shot dead at 3am including a 2 year old when their police attacked sleeping rioters who were camped out in the capital's Manarna's Pearl Square. The police surpised the sleeping people with live bullets being shot as well as tear gas and angry police wielding and using their clubs. Now they have more reason than ever to dislike the al-Kalifah clan who rules the country.

All Anglo Reporters Are Now Jews

Whoever the Egyptians don't like are being denigrated by calling them "Jew!" And to think that up to now we have had Israelis travel to Egypt as tourists, helping them bring in money. Such nice people.

While the female newspaper reporter was being gang-raped, the mob chanted, 'Jew! Jew! Jew! They must have figured that this Yankee blond gal, Lara Logan, wasn't Israeli. She probably screamed in English.

To the Egyptian women's credit, it was they who came to her rescue. At least we can see a woman to woman affinity for each other. A mothering sense came over them to save her life. And where were her peers through all this? She shouldn't have been all alone in a frenzied mob.

Now maybe one reporter will see what it's like for Jews in Israel and why they attentively watch the goings on of two battleships from Iran in such close proximity.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cause to Fear the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

The following is all from the writings of the Muslim Brotherhood found in Stand With Us website. It was founded in 1928. It has been outlawed in Egypt.

The motto of the Muslim Brotherhood includes the fact that Jihad is their way and they advocate violent jihad. That's not a comforting thought that this is their only way; no discussion, no give and take, no democratic values are included. Their jihad is against Israel and the United States which they see as a commandment from Allah and is not to be disregarded.

Their goal is to restore the caliphate which means to follow strict shariah (Islamist) law which ultimately includes the world. It's already in 80 countries.

They intend to see America fall and they think we're heading for our demise. This is because they see us as an infidel without the moral and human values and cannot lead humanity. Western democracy is seen as corrupt, unrealistic and false.

This is the group who assassinated Anwar Sadat in 1981 because he made peace with Israel. Before that they assassinated the prime minister of Egypt in 1948. That's interesting because Israel was created in 1948. They also attempted to assassinate Egypt's President Nasser in 1954.

Hamas is a terrorist organization that is a wing of the Muslim Brotherhood. The charter calls for the murder of Jews and the obliteration of Israel so that they can take over and turn it into an Islamist theocracy.

They said they were prepared to send 10,000 jihad fighters immediately to fight with Hezbollah against Israel in 2006. In 2005 Israel had withdrawn all Jews from Gaza. By 2006 Hamas was shooting rockets into Israel in far greater numbers. Notice that it was before 2006 that Israel started to be attacked by missiles and rockets that led to Operation Cast Lead of July 2009.

Their superstar is Osama bin Laden as they see him as a heroic fighter.

They think it's a necessity that Palestinians turn themselves into bombs if they have none to use as this is martyrdom. I suppose the males will be guaranteed their 72 virgins after death. As the Jewish motto is L'Chaim (to Life), their motto today is Death. They are creating a Jihad generation that is even pursuing death in order to bring about the change they want.

They advocate a deceptive strategy in democracies like the USA. They are told to act like a moderate and use established institutions to gain power. They are trying to destroy Western civilization from within and sabotage it .They want Islam to rule and eliminate all other religions. They feel they can conquer Europe peacefully with this method. After failing twice in history to take Europe they now will win by preaching and teaching their Islamic ideology.

They will use democracy to get in but when in power will replace democracy with their way, thinking shariah law is the true form of democracy. They do not understand the definition of "democracy."

Their view of women is that they are to be subjugated and segregated. Of course they are for femile genital mutilation. Anyone for this mutilation sees sex as one-sided only without any point of sharing in the love-making. It sounds to me like there isn't love-making at all with this operation. Why they need 4 wives and even more concubines must be just to procreate or just for their own personal enjoyment. In the day and age where people are seriously limiting their family, they will expand theirs quickly.

Other minorities allowed to live are not to be equals to Muslims. They will become dhimmis. They've been practicing this for a long time. A dhimmi can only earn half the salary of a Muslim. This was the experience of Jews living in Arab countries before 1967 before they decided to kill us all. During the 2nd world war, the Arabs were on the side of the Axis, Germany and their goal was also to kill all Jews. They're going around saying that Jews of today are not the Israelites who praised Allah. I don't know of any Israelites who ever praised Allah in the past. I do know that Arabs converted by the sword and did attack several Jewish towns. They go on to actually say to adults that Allah was angry with the Jews who didn't convert and turned them into monkeys and pigs. Mohammed, the originator of Islam, was born in 570 AD and died in 632 AD. It was towards the time of his death that Islam took over Arab lands.

Sorry, Muslim Brotherhood. Genetics is showing that Jewish men are all related to each other except for those who converted into the religion, and are from today's Israeli geography. In fact, they have even found the Cohen gene in many of the men who are the ancestors of Aaron, Moses's brother. Scientists are even finding that some non-Jews have genes that are Jewish. The results show that 70% of Jewish men throughout the world, both Sephardim that landed in Iberia, Mizrahim who stayed in the Middle East or Near East or North Africa, and Ashkenazi who wandered into Central and Eastern Europe still have a Middle-Eastern DNA pattern on the male line despite two thousand years or more in the diaspora. Your story about us being pigs or monkeys is a nasty fairy tale.

In 2004 the Brotherhood issued a fatwa making it a religious obligation to abduct and kill US citizens in Iraq. We had gone into Iraq in 2003 and toppled the government by killing Sadaam Hussein in 21 days. We're still there and our soldiers are still being killed.
Paper: DNA Origins and Current Consequences for Sephardi, Mizrahi, and Ashkenazi Malese and Females: Latest Results from Medical, Genealogical-Familial, and National-Ethnic Research by Abraham D. Lavender

Friday, February 4, 2011

Thomas Friedman: Authority on What Israel Should Do

Nadene Goldfoot

Thomas Friedman works for NY Times, who has the reputation for being anti-Israel. They recently ganged up on an Israeli diplomat telling him they didn't like his country. These CEO's were even Jewish, as Friedman is, and one is an Israeli. What is this world coming to? Havoc, I see. I think the NY Times people are from Chelm.

According to Friedman's opinion piece in the Oregonian Thursday-Egypt delivers shock and awe, Friedman accuses Netanyahu for finding excuses for not coming up with a peace plan. According to Friedman, the Americans, meaning no doubt Hillary and Obama, know it. Wow! What planet has Friedman been visiting lately? He thinks Abbas has offered so much to Israel.

Isn't it wonderful that a reporter, already set in his bias, can decide so much without being a soldier, a diplomat or even live in the area? We're not talking about Canadians, here. We're dealing with the Arabs who have been fighting Israel for the past 62 years plus. They have a mindset that's much different than Canadians, you know. You can't apply rules that are general for all peoples. I guess he's just been too busy to know that Netanyahu has been begging Abbas to talk about a peace deal but that Abbas wants pre-conditions first which means he won't talk until Netanyahu gives in to his demands first and foremost. Oh yes, I see Friedman knows this already when he finally mentions that Obama should put his own peace plan on the table and the two sides should negotiate on it without any preconditions. Well, good luck, Obama. Netanyahu and Clinton have been trying to do this with no avail, and it must be hard not to give in to Hillary.

Another thing Abbas wants, probably as another precondition is that he wants the millions of Arabs that have grown from the 600,000 original number or less to return and live in their Palestine. Of course! That's one way to take over the land and gain Israel. This is unreal and a death threat to Israel. How would you enjoy all of the Mexicans in Mexico to come and live in the USA? Isn't there room for all?

First off, Netanyahu has probably been angering you because he asks the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. You probably think this is the reason for calling it messianic. You had the chutzpa to say "if Israel remains paranoid and messianic and greedy, it will lose all its Arab friends. Now that is a laughable statement that makes me cry. The reason Israel's fathers picked the land of Israel to return to is that we do have a religious and cultural tie to the land, though it has taken us 2,000 long years to get back to it. For all those 2,000 years religious Jews have been praying that they would not forget Jerusalem lest they would lose their right hand. It's a way of saying that they would not forget the land of their forefathers. They had tons of feeling and history there. They had no feeling for Africa. Thus, the deal with the English for the land took place after the Ottoman Empire fell. All of this led to official recognition in 1948 in the UN of the state of Israel. The final piece we got was less than half of the original offered, but Israelis to be were not greedy, they accepted it. Remember, the Palestinians didn't. They were greedy in wanting it all. It was all or nothing and war with their leadership.

Let's take these accusations one at a time. Paranoid? Yes, we do know that Iran has called for Israel's destruction and that scientists think they will have atomic weapons by 2012. The Muslim Brotherhood has already called for Egypt to prepare for war against Israel and kill all Jews. Yes, Egypt may no longer have the stake it had in keeping the peace. They're going to miss the Israeli tourists that gave their people some jobs. They're going to miss the tranquil peace they've maintained since 67. You'd better watch out, Thomas. You're still considered Jewish, regardless of your far out opinions and self denial. Not only that, but Gaza on the West has said they're out for Israel's destruction. They have continued to shell Israel with Grad missles, smaller missiles, and mortars. Egypt is no longer restrained and the peace treaty may dissolve quickly, Lebanon is in the hands of terrorists, Gaza and Abbas would most likely join the others and would join in, Jordan is doing all it can do to stay afloat and that peace treaty also is in danger, being their population is 65% Palestinian, and do you need more reason for being paranoid? As the patient said to his psychologist, "Doctor, I think my neighbors hate me." Can you give me a pill?" "They do hate you," replied the psychologist. Pills won't help at all.

Greedy? There's no way that Israel is greedy. They're a tiny country surrounded by enemies of a culture from centuries ago who are not willing to allow one teeny Jewish state in the neighborhood. Who are the greedy ones? Greedy? There are over 1 million Arabs enjoying citizenship and freedoms they never had before living in Israel. Someone is shooting words around like arrows into our hearts when this is said. Who is trying to take this little piece of land? The greedy ones who live in 47 other Muslim countries want Israel.

So General Friedman would have the country give in to anything the Palestinians say just to get them to sign a so-called peace treaty. JUST DO IT sounds like his motto. I wouldn't give you a nickel for that type of meaningless treaty that would be a give-away of Israel.

I am so disappointed in Friedman since I have read his book, from Beirut to Jeruslam that was copyrighted in 1989 and 1990. It seems I read it before 1980, however when I was reading everything I could find on Israel before making aliyah. The nerve to tell Obama to walk away from Israel before the Egyptian riot of about 10 days ago. That was really rotten. What a way to stand with us who support the right of Israel's existence.

Anyone that compares Netanyahu with Mubarek is showing just how little they know about Israel's constitution. Maybe you need to hear again that Israel is a dramatically democratic party. The over a million Arabs that live there and that are citizens have the same rights as all Israelis. The one thing they may be left out of, however, is having to serve in the IDF, although I know of many who are. Israel is the #1 Start-Up Nation in the world, coming up with all sorts of businesses. I know of a Palestinian from Judea/Samaria who works with a high tech company in Israel. Netanyahu just said he will do more for them economically in starting up businesses. Do you remember when all Israelis pulled out of Gaza? They left businesses for them to work in and continue, but they destroyed them all. I guess they enjoyed being on the dole with UN relief much more than working. Can we make a lasting peace with the Arabs? I'd like to see it last more than a day. That's why a peace treaty can't be signed in a day. I, for one, would like to see the two states be in a peaceful state for a certain amount of time to see if it's possible, a trial run, so to speak. However, that's up to Netanyahu and the Knesset as they know a lot more than I. What bothers me is the the Camp David accord treated Gaza and Judea/Samaria as a whole, and Gaza simply won't come around. Is a peace treaty going to work with half the Palestinians constanty at war with Israel out to destroy and kill? What do you all say about that?

I'm sure Obama and all Israelis realize that a huge huge storm is coming and they're doing their best to protect themselves. They're realized it for some time now, and this is like hearing that an unknown hurricane is about to strike.

Friedman came up with a few truths; there is a global campaign to deligitimize Israel, a clever way its enemies fight since so many people love to buy into any bad propaganda about Jews.

What I try to do it is tell the truth about the relationship between Israel and the Arabs, not just disentangle Israel from them. He finally sees that Israel is surrounded by a huge population of young Muslim Arabs who have been living in the 7th Century with cell phones. It's quite a mix. What he doesn't get is that Netanyahu has delivered a great life for Israelis, being the only democracy in the Middle East. It hasn't been easy what with every man being called up on a yearly basis to do his milueem, interrupted from his work, or all the shelling that goes on. Boys and girls that graduate know they go into the army to serve for at least 3 years before college, or even picking up the paper to hear what American Jew has just bashed them and their country, refuge for Jews in peril. Yes, Israel probably feels like the general interviewed in Tel Aviv that what he thought for the last 30 years is no longer relevant with the Middle East now in turmoil of their own making in deciding they finally want to be a democracy. But they'll quickly adjust their thinking and come up with a plan of survival. They're not in a coveted position, we know, but when have they? It would just help more if people with power and able to reach the public with the free press would take off their rose colored glasses to see who the good guy is for a change. After all, you said it, don't become a part of the global campaign to deligitimize Israel.
Oregonian 2/2/11, Egypt delivers shock and awe by Thomas Friedman

Presbyterian Reverend Falsely Accuses IDF Concerning 1982 Lebanan War

Presbyterian Reverend Falsely Accuses IDF Concerning 1982 LebanonWar
Nadene Goldfoot

Reverend Don Wagner really must not approve of Jews or Israel by deciding in 2011 that Israel's IDF impersonated Phalagist (Lebanese Christian soldiers) by wearing their uniforms and doing the deed in the 1982 Lebanon-Israel War.

In 1982 Major Hadad was the leader of the Christian Militia who were helping Israel on the border by patrolling. Lebanon's minority are Christians and they had a hard time in the government when they held the reigns of ruling the country. Hadad was Israel's friend, much loved and appreciated. He took R& R in Israel's hospitals when needed. He was told that if it came to it, Israel would take in his family and protect them.

One day he asked Sharon permission to go in and deal with the PLO. Sharon gave permission. Little did he know what Hadad and his men would do. Evidently they massacred the PLO while they slept in their tents. Since Sharon was Israel's general, he had to take responsibility and lost his position, but truly, he couldn't have imagined in his wildest imagination what Hadad had in mind. This was really a Lebanese affair. It was called the Sabra and Shatilla massacre.

It made every paper in Israel and all were upset. Now this "Reverend" is coming up with the accusation which is the biggest lie I've heard and is only serving to bring hatred towards Israelis and Jews everywhere. This is the deed of a "peace" activist; trying to bring death to Israel.

He "compared Israelis to a killer-vine choking a rosebush in his backyard in Chicago." He also said that "most likely many Israelis were in the Phalangists' military uniforms and they denied responsibility." He's been a professor at North Park U in Chicago and was head of the Center of Middle Eastern Studies but now works in the Mennonite U in Virginia. He gave an interfiew to the Holocaust denier, David Duke and told him that he was honored to be his friend, so I can totally see where he is coming from. He's an opponent of Christian Zionism who backs Israel's right to exist.

Well, Reverend Wagner, I was there in Israel from 1980 to the end of 1985 and I bet you weren't. I lived in Safed in 1982 and know full well you are full of it. Israelis were most concerned with what had happened. Sharon was blamed as being the General at the time, but for sure no Israeli IDF took part in this. They had no idea what Hadad was allowing. He was such a well respected leader and a Christian that Sharon was blindsided.

At the time of the war I was dealing with a broken elbow with my arm in a cast. I had just gone to the hospital in Haifa by myself on the bus when I saw tanks going up our hill. When I got to the hospital, an army one, the doctor told me he couldn't keep our appointment but to have the screws (6) out after the war. No wonder the hospital was just about empty. The doctor said they were afraid it would soon be full of soldiers in need. I went back to Safed and learned cakes were needed at the kiosks for the soldiers who had to report to duty. These places were set up with coffee as they had to hurry and had very little time to eat. Shaking, this American baked many cakes. It gave me something to think about other than the 18 yr old soldiers thumbing rides to get to where they had to or even on foot. I kept thinking of these poor kids who might have a sugar high while getting to their station.

Afterwards when we all heard about the events, we were shocked. Believe me, there was no way Israelis would pretend to be Phalangists in order to pull such a dastardly crime. Israelis have ethics you obviously don't have. May I ask you who you think wrote the world's most ethical statement in the first place? The IDF takes great pride in doing what armies have to do in the most ethical way possible, even at the risk of their own lives. You have so much to learn about Israel and Jews.

As Camera mentions, you don't want to discriminate against Arabs-no matter what they do-but you are discriminating against Jews with no basis to your claims at all. It's the same old same old anti-semitic discrimination. As a Christian Reverend, don't you have it as a sin to tell lies against someone? Isn't it a sin to bear false witness? You've made up this accusation all by yourself. Are you Lebanese? Your bio shows that the closest to Lebanon you've been is Lebanon, Illinois attending McKendree College where you received a BA in history along with teaching in secondary education.

You stand alone in slinging your false accusations which happens to be one of the 10 commandments not to break.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Call to Kill All Jews

The Call to Kill All Jews

Nadene Goldfoot

Glen Beck announced at 2:25 pm on his show that the Muslim Brotherhood said to prepare for war with all Jews. This call has been picked up on many websites. One of their clerics called for killing every last Jew. At first it was to prepare for war with Israel. They've expanded their rhetoric. I heard the announcement several days ago but didn't understand they meant all Jews everywhere. It may be just that.
It looks like the Brotherhood must be already planning on taking over Egypt to say such a thing. I hope that the people of Egypt remember 1967 and the 30 years since of peace and decide not to allow them into their government. Things were not all kosher in Egypt for the citizens, but Israel's relations with Egypt was working. Israelis even took holidays in Egypt touring. That brought money into Egypt as well as jobs.
There was a time that many Jews lived in Arab countries. They lived pretty much as 3rd class citizens called Dminnis, but they usually lived. At the same time Jews in Russia were kept in the Pale of Settlement, a long strip of Russia and were not allowed in mother Russia proper. They lived in little shtetles and were subject to pogroms, attacks from usually drunk Russians who would rape, kill and just destroy everything in sight. This is shown in the movie, Fiddler on the Roof. Golda Meir, past Prime Minister of Israel lived through such ordeals and was able to immigrate to the USA. She later went back to Israel and got into politics very successfully. She understood only too well the need to have Israel. When Israel was reborn in 1948, Arabs kicked Jews out of their country and they immigrated to Israel. Finally we had a union of Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews again after being separated for 2,000 years.
Why all the screaming against Jews that comes from the Muslim Brotherhood? They must be following the aspects of the Koran that says to kill Jews, even if we are hiding under a rock or behind a bush. Why all the spitefullness? When Mohammed came into power, he converted with the sword if that was the only way to convince people. Jews didn't care to convert. They were happy and tied to their own religion. That angered Mohammed so much that he inserted all this hatefulness towards Jews. Actually, there were times that he did convert Jewish tribes in the early days with those swords. Most likely many died by the sword, too.
So, again it's the same old story. Convert! Only this time it's just Kill! So I say, watch out oh Muslim Brotherhood. You'd better start making nice with Israel and Jews. Bees may be small but they can sting. Stir up Israel's small nest and they'll do whatever it takes to protect themselves. It's getting old.
No wonder Mubarek outlawed the group. Even an Egyptian had no patience with them. They're still acting out 700AD mores.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Giving Okay for Inclusion of Muslim Brotherhood

According to "allvoices", the Los Angeles Times said that the Obama administration is giving its support to allow Islamic groups, including the banned Muslim Brotherhood, to be part of the future government in Egypt. He said that these groups must renounce violence and recognize the goals of democracy if they want to get recognition from the United States. The White House staff said that Obama believed that Egyptian politics needed to encompass the non-secular parties, meaning the Muslim Brotherhood. To me this is opening up Pandora's Box. It is tantamount to allowing Hamas to rule.

The Muslim Brotherhood is Egypt's most powerful opposition group. They have been banned in Egypt. An important member wrote a book, Milestones, which is for the restoration of Islam by restoring Sharia law and using physical power and jihad to abolish the others. They are for violence with Israel to allow Palestinians to have the land. They have entered the riots against Mubarak.

Robert Malley of the Clinton days and creator of J Street, a group which was formed to combat AIPAC which I belong to, who was fired by Obama but says he had quit, feels that Obama's decision makes it a pretty clear sign that the US is going to push for a broad pluralism instead of a narrow form of pluralism in the Egyptian politics.

Alan Dershowitz told Israel to be prepared for a worst case scenario because neither Israel or the US have any influence over the next events in Egypt. He felt that Mohamed El Baradei, leader of the protesters, would serve the interests of the Brotherhood who already said they would join him to form a strong opposition. The Islamists are a powerful political organized group.

This is the worry that Israel has had. The Brotherhood is connected to Hamas which Israel fights as well as al Qaida. Though Mubarak has ruled his country for 30 years, he has kept the peace between Israel and Egypt as per the peace treaty and has been a friend of the USA.

Los Angeles Times newspaper
Oregonian Newspaper 2/2/11 page A7i Egypt: President is losing police, army backing.

Israel and the Rebellion in Egypt and Other Middle East Countries and Their Literacy Rates

I've heard comments on TV of how educated the Egyptians are. As a retired teacher, I wondered about that. I found that Egypt's illiteracy rate according to the United Nations 2009 World Almanac, The Economist, shows that 28% are illiterate. The United States enjoys only a 1% illiteracy level. Even at that, we are having a terrible time with people out of work and finding no jobs. However, it does help to be able to read and write.

Compare that to Israel and we find Israel has only 3% of the population that are illiterate, and they also have more than 1 million Arabs. Everyone gets a chance to go to school.

Palestine is already on the list and the country has not been created yet. Does this mean Gaza and Palestinian West Bank cities? At any rate they have an 8% illiteracy.

Jordan has 9% illiteracy.

Lebanon to Israel's north has 12% illiteracy.

Syria has 19% illiteracy.

Yemen has 46% illiteracy.

Iran has 17.6% illiteracy.

The highest illiteracy level of the Middle East is Afghanistan with a 72%.

The results show that 774 million people in the world age 15 and over can't read according to the Global Campaign for Education. Of the Middle East, 68 million are illiterate. If they can't read, they can't learn about the world other than what they see on TV, and they have to have skills to get a job to have a TV. Skills are usually developed through education. Most of the riots happening in the Middle East are because of not having jobs and without jobs people have no food or transportation; all of which usually brings happiness and security.

What is worrisome is that illiterate people are more prone to falling for propaganda from people like the Muslim Brotherhood. The only way illiterate people can check an organization would be by word of mouth. It's hard enough to wonder if literate people aren't doing the same thing as so many never take the time to read much today.

While the Middle East complains of not having jobs, Israel has been the most active in the world creating businesses and rates #1 in being a start-up nation. The book, Start Up Nation by Dan Senor and Saul Singer explains this economic miracle of a country that only has 7.2 million and is just 62 years old has such an accomplishment. They have created more start up companies than Japan, China, India, Korea, Canada or the UK has. This has been done even with the fact that they have been surrounded by enemies and have been enduring missiles fired into their country.

It turns out that Israel has been a democratic country since the day it was born. Now it's in even bigger danger with Egypt rioting and the danger of the Muslim Brotherhood gaining control. They have already stated to prepare Egypt for war with Israel. Even so, our president Obama has already announced that their new government should include the Muslim Brotherhood.

With this, the Middle Eastern nations are reading in their native language. This is not including English skills. Being literate in Arabic and not English means they are reading only slanted materials. In Israel, students learn Hebrew and have a choice between Arabic or French, and all study English. To get into the university they must take an English test called the Bagroot. To pass this test most parents have to hire tutors for their children for extra help.

Nadene Goldfoot, Retired Elementary teacher, EFL in Israel, ELL in schools in USA, ESL in college level

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Situation for Jews in Tunisia and Egypt

Situation for Jews in Tunisia and Egypt

Nadene Goldfoot

The last time Jews were attacked in Tunisia was in 2002 by al Qaeda. They killed 21 people who were worshipping in the synagogue on the island Djerba.Tunisia has had the largest Jewish community in North Africa. They have been there since Roman times and numbered 110,000 before 1948, when Israel was created. As of this year the Jewish population has been 700 in Tunisia proper and 1,000 on the island of Djerba. Last night their synagogue was set on fire in the southern city of Gabes. The spokesman of the Jewish community, Peres Trabelsi, felt it was done not from anti-semitism but to create a division between the Muslims and the Jews. Torah scrolls were burned in the arson. The Prime Minister, Zine al-Abdine Ben Ali left Tunisia on January 14th when riots toppled his police-ruled government . Jews have lived in Tunisia since Roman times.  Attacking Tunis synagogue: added 2/20/2011

Egypt used to be the home of 100,000 Jews who have immigrated to Israel and most likely France. Now just 70 older Jews are left. They are afraid to speak about the riots going on now.
Jews had the history of being slaves in Egypt for 400 years, but in 1492 Jews who had been living in Spain and Portugal were expulsed. These Jews, called Sephardim, made a mass immigration back to Egypt as they were about to be killed from the Spanish Inquisition. By 1937 they suffered much anti-semitic attacks because Egypt had teamed up with Germany, so Jews suffered in all countries because of it. By 1947 there were 65,639 Jews in Egypt. In 1956 Egypt expulsed 21,000 Jews. This was the year of another war between Israel and all her neighbors. By 1960 there were 8,500 remaining in Egypt. By the 1967 War, 800 remained in Egypt alive.
added 10/27/12  Tunisia Jews, hanging on and cooking 

Misguided Attitude Towards Judea and Samaria (West Bank)

Nadene Goldfoot

Today's Oregonian carried a story about a 55 year old Portland nurse who flew to Egypt with her friend on Friday with the purpose of getting into Israel to support Palestinian rights. I was flabbergasted. She was amid rioters who were looting, burning buildings and amassing into the thousands and she was concerned with Palestinians only. I feel that most of my fellow citizens in Portland really know very little about the relationship of Judea and Samaria, called "The West Bank" by Jordan, and Israel no more than they know about what's been going on in Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Yemen and other Middle Eastern countries. The only democratic country in the area is Israel who is constantly being attacked by the others, and more recently in history's time zone, by the Palestinians. Really, it would have been more helpful if this nurse were going over to help out Israelis. Our nurse was not allowed to get into Israel by the Egyptian government who had cancelled their travel permits. They did talk to a rioting Egyptian woman before boarding their plane who told her that they just want freedom of speech. She could have joined the Egyptians in their riot seeking freedom, but no, she wanted to help the Palestinians.

Judea and Samaria was called the West Bank by the Jordanian government to take away the connection it has had for the past 2,000 years or more with the Jewish country. In 1967 it finally got back to Jewish Israel after the Six Day War of 1967 when Israel defeated massed Arab armies, much to the world's surprise. This area had been part of the British Mandate of Palestine up to 1948 at the creation of Israel, but from 1948 to 1967 it was under Jordan's rule. They had actually annexed it in 1950. During that time Jerusalem had suffered from the community's behaviors, such as deficating all over the Jewish cemeteries and such. No Jew or Christian were allowed into Jerusalem under Jordan's rule.

Under Israel domain, Judea and Samaria became an administered area. I was there in Israel from 1980 to the end of 1985. My resource book, written in 1973 states that the status had not changed since June 1967. They were then waiting for a peace settlement in which the borders between Israel and its neighbors would be decided. This is what is expected of territories occupied during a war. Nothing has changed. Israel is still waiting now for Abbas to sit down at the peace table. Israel has not annexed any part of the area. However, East Jerusalem was reunified in June 1967 with West Jerusalem. Besides Judea/Samaria, the Gaza Strip, the Sinai Desert and the Golan Heights were then administered areas because of the 1967 war. Israel won the onslaught but became burdened with responsibility and joy in legitimately gaining back beloved parts of their ancient land unwittingly, maybe even through the hand of HaShem (G-d). They did not start that war. They merely defended themselves. Little did their adversaries realize that the meek Jew had gone back to his ancient warrior capabilities from the times of King David. When your life is threatened and you have no place to run to, you fight for your life, especially after having your family's life taken in the Holocaust. Jews feel that must never again happen. I have a feeling that all Jews might be suffering from a type of PTSD in the knowledge that the world allowed Jews to be slaughtered without blinking an eye. Maybe we all have trust issues.

Jews are very concerned with fairness and legal matters so according to international law, appointed military governors for each of the 4 areas. They were like the sovereign of the area, responsible for military and civilian administration. Local affairs were administered by the Arab population through existing political groups such as the municipality and police. It comes down to the fact that the Israeli Military Administration was very small. In the West Bank and Gaza Strip together were 500 Israeli administrators but the Arabs ruling numbered 12,500 of the local community.

Judea and Samaria had 23 municipalities and 31 rural councils. The Israeli head would approve their budgets and help them financially by lending them funds at a low interest and then audit their finances and administration. They had municipal elections in 1972 according to Jordanian law. They had a lively election campaign and candidates were on television, just like in Israel and the USA. 75% of the population voted. Half of the mayors were replaced by new ones.

All during this time we see that there were Palestinians attacking Jews in Israel. That's why the wall had to go up. It was in defense of the Israeli citizens that this had to happen. Too bad the nurse couldn't have come to Israel to see how they were being treated for Israelis were victims of these Palestinians. In their schools Palestinian children are brain washed to take over Israel and to hate them. Too bad they didn't want to inspect their schools, but then they would really have to understand and be able to read Arabic to do it right.

Compared to all the surrounding Arab nations, Palestinians were given rights by Israel that they never had before. Many really want the right to kill Israelis, especially those in Gaza. If they are clamoring for freedom of speech, it is only their own Palestinian mayors and policitians they have to fear that they themselves elected. The one million plus Palestinians who are Israeli citizens have all the rights that Israelis do, and sometimes I think that exceeds the rights of Americans. In Israeli's knesset there are socialists, communists and Arabs. Besides that, Jews are not followers. Everyone has their own opinion. As Ben Gurion said in 1948, he was the Prime Minister of 3 million presidents. This means that to be a Prime Minister of Israel one has a teeny country full of individual thinkers and it is probably far harder to get agreement and to hear all the opinions than in the USA. The one thing they all agree on is that they want to live. With showing that they chose Netanyahu as their Prime Minister, they are saying that they are tired of giving away land for peace as they are not getting peace in return; only their adversary is getting a piece. You know, you cry Wolf once too often and no one will believe you, and that's what's happened with this peace process. Israelis haven't forgotten that their families shed blood in defending their land. They're not about to be driven back to the 1967 borders , G-d forbid, or the 1948 borders that are so impossible to defend.

Abbas is the future leader of the future Palestine. Shouldn't the nurse have planned to go to him first to talk about what Palestinians need today instead of relying on her Code Pink-US based peace group's information that she belongs to? There is so much anti-Israel propaganda out today that if people want to be informed, have to read other information other than this type.

Somewhere the nurse should have learned that the Oslo accords of Setember 13, 1993 had been destroyed by Palestinian behaviors. It's Declaration of Principals, called the DOP viewed Gaza and the West Bank as one unity. The DOP provides that Israel will retain responsibility during the transitional period for external security and for internal security and public order of Israeli settlements and citizens. Direct negotiations to determine the permanent status of Gaza and the West Bank had begun in September 1999 after a three-year hiatus, but have been derailed by the al-Aqsa Intifada that began in September 2000.

So by constant attack from the Palestinians we see the break of negotiations that had been agreed on. It was not to be. Israel needed some do gooders to re-teach the Gazans on how to get along in the world.

In 1981 I was living in Haifa in a 10 month teacher retraining program designed for teachers to become certified in Israel to teach. At Spring break my friend traveled by herself to Egypt as a tourist. It was one place Israelis could gain entrance to, as Jews aren't allowed in the other countries. She was so glad to get back to us, but had traveled as a poor unpaid as yet teacher, so stayed in hostels. She said that the phones didn't work, and was just amazed at the chaos then. Israel was heaven compared to Egypt. Then we had a wealthier retired principal friend in our program who traveled to Egypt in the next year and stayed in hotels. He had a marvelous time. There is so much history to take in.

Do gooders needing to help someone would do the world good if they really studied the history and facts of an area they are about to help. They may be helping those who are bent on destroying others. Israel is still under constant attack from Gaza. Yesterday 2 grad rockets (big ones) hit two cities in Israel. Since then more have hit Israel.

Resource: Book: facts about Israel 1973.
Oregonian Newspaper 2/1/2011 page A6 Cairo's turmoil mesmerizes Portlander