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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

13 Year Old Mishel Cohen of Israel Sings

Nadene Goldfoot
The first season of the schools in Israel's junior talent show competition found a winner in Dimona.  It was 13 year old Mishel Cohen.  If he doesn't stir your heartstrings, nothing will.  In one clip below he shares the stage with Eyal Golan, Israeli's superstar singer.  They sing "Barcelona, which was the winning song for Mishal in the Beit Sefer L'Musica talent contest. 

Dimona is a city in the Negev desert, 22 miles from Beersheba.  It was populated by northern Africans in 1953 but Russian immigrants have joined them now as well as other Jews.  Summers are hot as you can imagine with August being 91.4 F, but in a dry climate that isn't so bad. 

Something I loved was the singing that I heard on Israel's TV stations.  It has such a unique Middle East quality being so much is in the minor key .  I miss hearing our best in the Eurovision contest which takes in singers from all the countries.  I remember that Israel won with "Hora" in 1982 sung by Avi Toledano (see below) .  It's wonderful that notice is being given to children today.  This is the glue that keeps Israel together. 

Mishal is at the age of Bar Mitzva when a boy becomes a man in our religion and can take on  responsibilities in the synagogue.  Can you imagine what a wonderful Bar Mitzva he had with such a voice?  We Jews sing our prayers,in the synagogue,  at least most all of them, and each has a beautiful melody.  A Cantor leads us in this singing. 

Resource: winning solo with Eyal Golan Eyal Golan singing Hallelujah 1982's Avi Toledano singing Hora  Ofra Haza in 1983 "Chai" (To Life)

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