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Monday, January 30, 2012

How Sabeel Movement is Harming Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
The Sabeel movement is a Christian organization of Christian liberation theology.  It is based in Jerusalem, founded by a Palestinian Anglican priest, Rev. Naim Ateck, former Canon of St. George's Cathedral in Jerusalem.  They are partners of the Presbyterian Church.

The problem is that they are promoting an anti- Israel agenda of divestment from Israel.  They are also accused of using anti-semitic rhetoric and have been saying that Israel's policies of occupying East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria (West Bank) are wrong.  They are going along with the UN's take on the situation, and I think they are all wrong! 

When all the surrounding states had the gall to gang up and attack little Israel in 1967, they most likely all thought that would be curtains for Israel, but they were wrong.  Such greedy people.  They couldn't allow a teeny little Jewish state to exist!  To the amazement of all, Israel won against such an onslaught.  You'd think that perhaps G-d was helping them!  Needless to say, when a country is attacked and wins, they usually take over the land involved, and Israel did in fact liberate East Jerusalem, connecting it to the rest of the city making it whole once again.  Judea and Samaria in the Bible days did belong to Israel, and lying next to Israel became part in that we have religious people settling there once again. 

Sabeel is advocating a two-state solution as long evidently as Israel kicks out every last Jew in Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem while not being able to trade at all with the rest of the world.  Such nice people.  They have the chutzpah to say that they are not anti-semitic but condemn such acts!  Besides trying to break Israel's back with such an attitude, what are they doing to help promote peace between the two peoples? 

They also complain about "the wall."  I suppose they'd rather not have a wall which keeps terrorists from coming into Israel and killing innocent civilians.  They want to bring an end to Israel's illegal and immoral behavior!  Talk about chutzpah!  Israel has a religion and a legal system highly developed in the acts of legality and morality.  We've even been criticized for having it in the past.  I think we invented it!  They should be talking about the illegal and immoral acts of the Palestinian terrorists who haven't stopped shelling Israel or sneaking into the tiny state and murdering people for being Jewish. 

The group, founded through Nelson Mandela and then to Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, is still admonishing Israel for being apartheid.  Israel just happens to be the most non-apartheid state in the whole world.  I suggest they go pick on the Palestinians who want a state free of all Jews, just like the Nazis advocated.  They should have learned by now that Israel is made up of over one million Arabs, a lot of which are Christians.  They have all the rights that Jews have as well.  These South Africans still think that all states were like theirs and need liberating. 

They believe that divestment plans are neither anti-Semitic or anti-Israel.  How can they possibly believe such a notion?  If you try to prevent any country from doing business with another, you are out to stop their progress and perhaps even make food a scarcity in order to change them.  I for one feel they are being very anti-semitic for the very fact that Israel is the only Jewish country in the world,  populated by Jews who came from horrible pogroms in Russia as well as survivors from the Holocaust of the 2nd WW.  They are picking on the scapegoats of the world who have turned out to be warriors protecting what scrap of land they have been given in order to continue surviving in a hostile environment.  By coming down on Israelis, they are also coming down hard on Jews. 

Whatever good intentions these people may have are marred by the fact that they put so much dependency on the United Nations, a group that has crumbled in upholding laws.  Today they are topheavy with Muslims who wish to destroy Israel and their voting reflects this. Up to now the USA has been our friend and has vetoed actions against Israel.   To uphold International law as the final say so is rejecting what is fair and right in the world.  If the UN doesn't  straighten out they may go the way of the League of Nations. 

Sabeel's group claims to be called by G-d to work for justice and by Christ to work for peace.  I suggest they stop siding with their Arab Muslim brothers and actually think peacefully.  When a showdown comes and G-d forbid if Israel is harmed, they are next for being in harm's way. 

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