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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kairos Palestine Against Israel's Presence

Nadene Goldfoot
A group of Palestinian Christians  issued their Kairos Palestine paper on December 11, 2009 in Bethlehem.  This statement's title is "A Moment of Truth."  This is a disgruntled group of complainers who want to rid the future "Palestine" of Jews, evidently, for they advocate that "occupation" by Israel is a sin. 

Israel doesn't see that it is "occupying" land.  After being attacked in 1967, they liberated the most Jewish city in the world, Jerusalem, built and inhabited by King David and his people for centuries.  Judea and Samaria were a part of the empire, and thanks to the surrounding Arab nation's greediness and hatred, came again into the hands of Israel today fair and square.

That conditions are  to be decided through a peace treaty doesn't seem to phase this Kairos group.  Their side, the Palestinians, are firstly represented by the majority religion, the Muslims who happen to be led by a treacherous terrorist group or groups, Fatah and Hamas, who have not and do not seem willing to come to an agreement with Israel at all.

About 1.4 million Arabs are citizens of Israel.  Many of these are Christians.  In fact, in 1922 9.5% of the Arabs living in Palestine were Christians with 7.9% being Christians in 1946.  Remember that 1948 was when Israel was created.  Today there are about 144,000 to 196,000 Christians which is 2.1% to 2.8% of the total population. Less than 4% of the Christians live in Judea/Samaria and 1% live in Gaza.  In Israel proper there are about 10% Christians.  Citizens have full rights.  They aren't being treated as dminnis or 2nd-3rd class citizens such as Jews were treated in Arab countries before 1948. 

Led by the angry but "religious" Desmund Tutu in dwelling on South Africa's apartheid problems, this group turns against Israel calling this dirty name, not bothering to check out the facts at all.  If they ever did, they'd see that they have no grounds to stand on, for Israel is the exact opposite of being an apartheid state.  We've been the position of being picked on for so long that we know what that is like, so have been most careful not to do to others what they have done to us.  Jews do practice the "Golden Rule" religiously.  There are even Palestinians serving in the knesset. 

Mr. Tutu, I've heard a lot of things in my day.  I've been told that Jews have such curly or wavy hair and that this means they are part black as well.  We've been kept out of jobs, out of country clubs, out of housing.  We've run the gamit and after 2,000 years we're so elated to have our own land back again as a place we can't be thrown out of, that we're fighting like heck to keep our state.  So stand back and let us live!

The Kairos paper has its eye on Jerusalem, saying that "Jerusalem is the foundation of their vision and their entire life,"  The future state of Palestine does want east Jerusalem as its capital, and I've been fearing that they will be after the whole city next.  This paper isn't mentioning just east Jerusalem, is it? They want all of it though they notice that it is a city inhabited by two peoples of 3 religions.   The mayor of Jerusalem has worked very hard to make this work, and what these Kairos drumbeaters  are doing is destructive. 

They call for a political solution to the struggle for Jerusalem.  So has Israel but Hamas won't sit down and talk.  What makes them think that they will be the inheritors?  The Muslims seem to be first in line being they are the leaders.  Everyone is grabbing for Jerusalem but nobody wants to sit down and discuss it with Israel.  I believe this is downright "COVETING', which is one of the 10 commandements that you shouldn't do.  I believe Israel has proved that everyone is much better off with Israel being in charge. 

They call for the end of "occupation."  and even claim that occupation deprives Palestinians of dignity and basic human rights.  If anyone checks, they will see that Palestinians  are enjoying more dignity and rights than most Muslims in any other Arab country in Israel.  It seems to me that the Kairos advocates are actually speaking for Hamas and Fatah.   There is no theological context to this position at all; it's purely political, which they deny.  Having homes in east Jerusalem or in Judea and Samaria, our old homestead, is not a sin against "G-d and humanity, as they say defiantly. 

Everything is not Kum By Ya in Israel.  They have a problem of Hamas and even Fatah terrorists trying to kill Israelis.  Because of this they have had to take certain measures to protect their citizens, like build a wall, have checkpoints, check for ID perhaps.  This would not have ever been necessary had the Palestinians practiced good will towards Israelis.  This has not happened. 

Instead of coming out with this Kairos Palestine paper, why don't these leaders come out with sermonizing to their brothers about the fact that its a sin to try to kill Jews by shooting rockets, missiles and mortars into Israel, or shooting these with chemicals in them such as was threatened when all of Israel had to issue gas masks, or sneak into schools and stab and kill children?  How about the fact that it was a sin to attack Israel in the first place in 1967?  What happens when you try to kill someone?  You get punished.  Their punishment was losing land to Israel.  If they want any of it back they have to give something in return, and that is called a peace pact. 

Nope, this is a group of appeasers using religion as a veil to side with the terrorists in taking land from Israel in the act of destroying it.  Like what has been said before, they only hope to be eaten last.  The seriousness of all this is that the Kairos Palestinian leaders are working with the Sabeel Christian group who advocate the BDS movement which means divestment from Israel.  This means they advocate not buying products made in Israel and are trying to break Israel's back this way.  This movement has spread all over the world to one degree or another. 

If this group were really Christians in the true sense of the word, they would join Israel in encouraging the Palestinian leaders to make peace with Israel.  Besides Desmond Tutu in South Africa,  the leaders of this organization live right here in Portland, Oregon and are leaders in some very "respectable" churches.  I ask why they pick on Israel who shouldn't have to constantly defend themselves.  I dare them to take off their glasses of anti-semitism and help bring about peace by seeing really what is "truth". 


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Nadene Goldfoot said...

Christians Who Demonize Israel: Kairos
by Denis MacEoin • January 27, 2016 at 5:00 am

"Christian children are massacred, and everything is done in plain sight. Islamists proclaim on a daily basis that they will not stop until Christianity is wiped off the face of the earth. So are the world Christian bodies denouncing the Islamic forces for the ethnic cleansing, genocide and historic demographic-religious revolution their brethren are suffering? No. Christians these days are busy targeting the Israeli Jews." — Giulio Meotti, Italian journalist.

The Kairos document seems to be so egregiously discriminatory that in 2010, the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR) declared it "supersessionist" and "anti-Semitic."

We must ask why a presentation of the work of Kairos in an Anglican church made no reference whatever to the many associations with extremism and denial of a more rational Christian approach to the problems faced by Palestinian Christians.

Rifat Odeh Kassis, co-author and general coordinator of the Kairos Palestine initiative, is pictured above giving an interview to Al-Manar TV, the official TV channel of Lebanon's Hezbollah terrorist organization. (Photo source: Kairos Palestine)
Last September, during the World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel -- an initiative of the Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum (PIEF) of the World Council of Churches, St. Thomas' Church in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, hosted an event titled "Wall Will Fall".

For anyone unfamiliar with the history, legal issues, and distortions of the Israeli-Arab and Jewish-Muslim conflicts, the deeply one-sided presentations and literature of the event may seem reasonable in the lack of such a context, and this report will, therefore, attempt to rebalance the narrative.