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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Convoy of Missiles Stopped by Israeli Jets Following Possible Fordow Explosion

Nadene Goldfoot
Although most countries including the USA are denying  any knowledge about any explosions occurring at Fordow, , the site used to enrich uranium in Iran, the Iranian Fars News Agency's headline today was:


They are preparing for the most dangerous events, they said.  Now what could have brought that on?  Being that the news service out of Iran is state controlled, they're keeping silent about whatever caused an explosion.  Suddenly they have had their intelligence service arrest the information network connected to the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation.)

Could it be because their plot to have missiles brought to Syria through Lebanon was foiled by Israel knowing about it and bombing the convoy of missiles yesterday?  Those missiles and any chemical weapons they may get into the hands of Hezbollah through a dying Syrian government has to be stopped.

Delays in talks with Britain, China, France, Russia, USA and Germany have now taken place, which disappoints the countries.    Iranian currency has suddenly dropped another 20% in value.

Still, Jay Carney at the White House denies any such reports and said  they they did not believe that the report was credible.  The reason may be that if Iran feels they have lost any negotiating power with the Atomic Energy Commission they won't communicate with them at all, for whatever good they may be doing.  No doubt they certainly weren't deterring Iran from their goal.  

Reports that have sifted through the lines say that a few North Koreans were some of the 200 trapped in Fordow from from the explosion, perhaps experts from that country's atomic works.  North Korea seems to be working on developing a nuclear warhead and deliverable missile system as well.  How close they are to their goal has also not been determined.  The IAEA must have just been to Fordow as they are saying that they didn't see anything and know nothing about the explosion.


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