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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Israeli Philosophy Prof's Reply About a Palestine Next Door

Nadene Goldfoot
Asa Kasher is the co-author of the first IDF Code of Ethics in Israel.  He reminds us that the Zionists supported the 1947 Partition decision which created a state for Jews and a state for Palestinians and that we recognized it from the start.  Now we're all wondering if this Palestine is going to be established and under what circumstances since Hamas is dedicated to Israel's destruction as according to their unchanged charter.  Kasher  remarked that he doesn't have to help in the establishment of something that wants to wipe him out. 

I would think that this is the feeling of most Israelis today.  Hamas and Fatah have just joined forces.  Who will be the leader?  Does this mean that both groups will work on the destruction of Israel outwardly?  Or does it mean that Hamas will continue from its end in Gaza and Fatah will go back to their old PLO attacks from Judea and Samaria?  There's not much here for Israel to celebrate. 

Kasher comments that nobody tried harder than Israel to warn Palestinians in Gaza to leave a combat zone.  They even published a map of Hizbullah positions in South Lebanon and released details of hundreds of villages where Hizbullah was deep inside the village.  If Hizbullah fires on the army, they have to return fire so the publication is a warning to the people to stay out of danger.

If people don't leave the combat zone they become a human shield for the terrorists and thus becomes part of the war.  He doesn't want to harm human shields, but it could happen.  In cases like this, our soldiers' lives are not to be endangered. 

Israel's soldiers serve because serving is mandatory for this little state. and Israel is not about to put these young men into reckless danger.  Israel also takes measures to minimize harm to those who are not dangerous to us and is without equal anywhere else.  Self-defense includes attacking the source of the attack.  Israelis have no reason to think that one Kassams or katyushas will not be followed by another and this must be stopped and so Israel is permitted to attack it.  I add that no one in their right mind can sit back and take attacks without trying to stop the attacks.  These attacks are not over intelligent reasons, they stem from hatred and the inability to accept a Democratic Jewish State in their midst. 

To top it off, all this time the United States has been trying to force Israel into a peace plan with Syria but has finally seen how Syria really is after watching them mow down their own people for their desire of a democratic state.  This pressure is now expected to stop. 
Resource: Jerusalem Post by David Horovitz.

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