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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Historian Benny Morris Now "Gets it"

Nadene Goldfoot
Benny Morris,  well-known left-winged historian in Israel, has made a 180 degree turn in understanding the history of his own country.  He's one of the "New Historians" of Israel and teaches at Ben Gurion University in Be'er Sheva.

I feel vindicated finally from being in disagreement with this young whipper-snapper, 14 years younger than me.  He finally sees that the main obstacle to Israeli-Arab peace "has been the Palestinians' refusal to compromise".  PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas" refuses to talk with Israeli leaders because he has no desire or intention of reaching a solution of 2 states for 2 peoples".

I could not understand why Benny didn't understand this in the first place long ago.  Maybe it was hope and being in denial, I just don't know.  I guess he just had to live long enough to see the constant refrain being played over and over again without change.  Israel wanted to talk and compromise and the Arabs didn't from Yasser Arafat to Abbas.

Benny's desire now is to "open readers' eyes to the truth."  His goal is to expose the goals of the Palestinian National Movement which is to wipe out the Jewish national enterprise and to take possession of all of  Palestine for the the sake of Arabs and of Islam.

Our next step should be to find a way to convince the Arabs to have a reason to compromise and come to a workable solution where all can live in peace and security.  It would be nice if this could take place before the coming of the Messiach.

Resource:  Arutz Sheva

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