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Monday, February 3, 2014

Oxfam's Part in Boycotting Goods From Israel and Scarlett Johansson's Speaking For Israel

Nadene Goldfoot                                                          

                    Scarlett Johanssen, 29 year old movie actress, spokesman for Sodastream, called the sexiest woman alive by Esquire Magazine.  

Israel is being boycotted for deciding to build apartment buildings on their own land in Judea and Samaria.  This is because the Palestinian Arabs want to make a state exclusively for themselves out of this ancient Jewish land.  which would force out all the Jews living there already.  The land came back into Israel's hands when they fooled everyone by winning against the aggressive Middle Eastern countries that that attacked them in force in 1967.

Oxfam is an international group  formed in Oxford, England in 1942.  of 17 organizations working in about 90 countries.  There goal is to find answers to poverty and injustice in the world.  To do this they try to influence the powerful in order to help the poor to improve their lives and jobs and have a say in decisions.  They all work together in this endeavor.  It was originally founded by the Quakers who have turned out to be against Israel for their own religious reasons.  Also among the founders were social activists and Oxford academics.  One of the old missions they worked on was to persuade the British government to allow food relief through the Allied blockade for the starving citizens of the enemy occupation of Greece.  Their overseas unit was created before 1967, taking place in Canada in  1963 and then had a name change in 1965 to OXFAM.  Today they are charged by the owner of Sodastream of funding the boycotting movement of Israel goods because they are against Israel building housing unites in Judea-Samaria.

Movie actress Scarlett Johansson is the representative for Sodastream of Israel.  As soon as she agreed to the multi-million-dollar sponsorship deal, she received tons of criticism for backing an Israeli company.  Avigdor Lieberman, MK of Israel,  was so impressed by her actions that he showered her with praise, and said that she took a brave stand against immoral hypocrites.  He said that the actress has not folded or apologized in the face of these attacks.  She took a clearly principled stand against those who disguise their classic anti-Semitism under false pretenses.  Our Oscar goes to Scarlett !"

Scarlett then resigned as an ambassador for the Oxfam charity group, who she had been with since 2007,  because she had to argue with them about her connection to Sodastream, which has a factory in Judea-Samaria at Ma'aleh Adumim.  This factory gives jobs to 1,300 Palestininian Arabs and Israelis who live there.  75% of the workers are Palestinian Arabs with Israeli citizenship or Arabs from Judea-Samaria.

The World Jewish Congress applauded her for "her forthright defense of economic cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians and for standing up to the international bullies" and criticized Oxfam.  Groups that urge boycotts, disinvestment and sanctions against Israel and Israeli goods are cowards and are unprincipled and anti-Semitic.  It is such groups as this that Oxfam has alligned itself.

 Omar Barghouti is the co-founder of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural boycott of Israel, which is another way of trying to destroy Israel.  At least everyone has heard of Sodastream now through all the publicity.  It's a little machine that sits on your kitchen counter like a blender that makes your own sodas.  Of course they were very popular in Israel when I lived there from 1980-1985.  It beats having to recycle bottles or cans and you can even use cranberry juice and make very healthy sodas. Sodastream is the largest private employer in Judea-Samaria.


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