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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Kaddish Prayer for Those in Slaughter in Jerusalem Synagogue

Nadene Goldfoot
How to Say The kaddish in Hebrew.  

It's the prayer for the mourners which is now posted on YouTube,  done so well that I wanted it on my blog.  We have just had a tragic slaughter in Jerusalem and this is the reason I find the prayer, the kaddish posted on facebook.

4 rabbis had come to visit Israel and were in a synagogue at 7am in West Jerusalem, one I may have visited when I was there.  3 were American-Israelis with American passports and the other was a British-Israeli.  They were butchered with cleavers, hatchets, knives in an attempt by 2 young Palestinians to behead them, evidently.  6 others davening there with the rabbis were injured and are in the hospital.

There is no excuse whatsoever for such a primitive and bloody act, other than the fact that both Hamas has been inciting all Palestinians and Fatah rewards such people by naming places after them.  If they think that this will weaken Israel's resolve in their government's agenda, they should think again.  This will only make them more resolved to carry out their programs.  You cannot let terrorists dictate what happens to you.

This is being referred to as the start of the 3rd Intifada.  I said it had already started months ago.  It's too bad that Palestinians who want to just live like normal folk have to be led by such conniving men like Mahmoud Abbas from Fatah  and  Khaled Mashal of  Hamas terrorists, both fanatics with different styles.

Update:1/18/15 copy of Kaddish to print off:

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