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Friday, November 30, 2018

Our Male haplogroups and when they were developed, Oldest to Youngest

Nadene Goldfoot                                                   

The study of Population Genetics which can tell us so much about our DNA history is amazing.  Here is a chart below showing that the scientists have a method for naming the male haplogroup (Y haplogroup) carried only by males.  They started with the oldest found as A, and then went through the alphabet;  A through Q and R, which pertains to my family.  The great fact is that males carry both the male line and the female line, so they are the people to be tested for haplogroups.  Women only carry the female haplogroup.  So if you want to know the haplogroup of your parents, get a brother to test for it or if you're a male, you get the test for both. Where haplogroups are known to start somewhere, it's usually from another older branch on the tree which is now different enough from the others to have it's own letter of the alphabet.  (

A's time line came 270,000 years ago.  It is found in men of Central Africa.  Homo Sapiens started in Africa according to population genetics and have been leaving and going into Asia and then elsewhere since then.

Q happens to come from my paternal grandfather, Nathan Abraham Goldfus/foot b: 1871  through testing of his grandson, David Goldfoot with FTDNA.  His haplogroup, tested now at the level of 111 alleles, is labeled as QBZ67.  The Q tree he sits on started with Q-M242.  Q's started about 24,500 years ago.  We're almost newbees.   ( It started in Mongolia, Siberia and parts of Turkey.

R haplogroup happens to be my mother's father's line (Robinson) tested by my mother's brother's son, a Robinson.  At 67 alleles it was labeled as R1b1a2a1a1b4.  Now it's been upgraded to be called R-L21.  Another upgrade of the Big Y test makes it read as R-A1487.  The R's are right alongside the Q's on the chart showing their development at about the same period.  

My son's Henwood line from testing 37 alleles was first called  R1b1a2 or now as R-M269.  R's started 27,000 years ago.  Western or Central Asia is where it all began and is covers a very large group.  Also, "It is the most frequently occurring paternal lineage in Western Europe, as well as some parts of Russia (e.g. the Bashkir minority) and Central Africa (e.g. Chad and Cameroon). 

The clade is also present at lower frequencies throughout Eastern EuropeWestern Asia, as well as parts of North AfricaSouth Asia, the Caucasus, and Central Asia. R1b also reaches high frequencies in the Americas and Australasia, due largely to immigration from Western Europe. There is an ongoing debate regarding the origins of R1b subclades found at significant levels among some indigenous peoples of the Americas, such as speakers of Algic languages in central Canada[reference needed].

J1 and J2 are found in the Cohens who are a major large group of Jews today and come from Aaron, brother of Moses. It started in Western Asia. They are found towards the middle of this chart who showed up in our history with Aaron, who was a little older than Moses (1391-1271 BCE).  (see below), which is a little more than 3,000 years ago.   It's been found that most Cohens, people with this title as a surname, or actual Cohens serving in this capacity in the synagogue which is divided into the Cohens, Levites and Israelites, are J1 or J2.  I just found out that a Hochfeld has been a Cohen in the synagogue all his life, and just recently had been tested.  Sure enough, he was a J1, also labeled as J-M267.  Fathers have been telling their sons that they are Cohens and what the duties are that are expected of them.  Evidently it's worked through this oral tradition, handed down from Aaron  well over 3,000 years ago.  J's actually started 48,000 years ago.  Aaron was a newbee on the J tree.

The Torah has been proven true through the haplogroup, for Arabs also bear the J1 haplogroup as well, with a slightly different tag ending on this scientific label showing its unique history.  An Arab friend of mine also smitten by DNA testing is J1c3d, I believe it was, same as many Jewish J1s.  J-M267 is the major haplogroup of the Arabs.( of Kuwait carry the highest amount. Then are the  Arab Beduins that carry a very high % of J.

I show all the Jewish haplogroups, both male and female at

Phylogenetic tree of human Y-chromosome DNA haplogroups [χ 1][χ 2]
"Y-chromosomal Adam"
A00A0-T [χ 3]
A0A1 [χ 4]
I  J    LT [χ 5]      K2 [χ 6]
L    T   K2a [χ 7]       K2b [χ 8]    K2c    K2dK2e [χ 9]  
K-M2313 [χ 10]    K2b1 [χ 11]P [χ 12]
NO  S [χ 13] M [χ 14]   P1    P2

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