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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

20th of September in New York's United Nations

Nadene Goldfoot
The planned Palestinian bid to statehood at the UN coming on the 20th which is ignoring the protocals, is a way of circumventing peace talks.  This will ultimately only hurt the Arab's goal to create their own state.  Even if it reaches the Security Council, Obama has said that he will veto it.  This will not be good for relations with the United States. 

The only way that is effective is to sit down and have peace discussions with Netanyahu, but Abbas hasn't been a willing partner in this.  The fact that so many nations in the UN have given an agreement to recognize a "Palestine" is not helping, only huring a goal of having peace in this part of the world. 

The only accomplishment they will see is that their egos may be momentarily sated.  The move is counter-productive. 

The Arab Leage is meeting in Cairo where Israel's ambassador was forced out only a few days ago.  Qatar's prime minister said they have agreed to ask for a full-fledged state of Palestine.  The EU says they have no position as yet and are waiting for a resolution on the table.  Secretary General Ban Ki-moon thinks an independent sovereign Palestinian state is long overdue, so I can see how he will vote. 

The excuse that Abbas gives for refusing to sit and negotiate with Israel is that they are building on land they want.  Basically, Israel has construction crews building in their own towns and cities that have been there for years and are simply adding homes to a growing community.  Part of that construction going on are bomb shelters for the children near schools. 

The Arabs have not negotiated since 1948 or before, and their only reply has been "NO" to any discussion of creating their own state.  At least the United States realizes that a lasting peace has to be based on better terms than are existing today.  Actually, I'd wait until the Hamas and Fatah charters include "living in peace with Israel, the Jewish state" instead of having as a goal to destroy Israel.  When that day comes, there will be peace.  Somehow, these cousins of ours are always  putting their feet in their mouths.  I do believe Ha-Shem is watching out for Israel. 


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