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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mahmoud Abbas's Delusions

Nadene Goldfoot
76 year old Abbas, born March 26, 1935,  is managing to ignore the U.S., E.U, Russia and U.N. call for starting the peace talks with Israel again after such a long lapse without the preconditions he wants.  They want a decision found by the end of 2012.  Abbas still insists on a settlement freeze from Israel.  This is because he wants for his state of Palestine all of Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem.  The Hamas Palestinians already have Gaza.  He doesn't need to sit down and negotiate with Israel.  He has returned to his people as a hero. 

Israel has large cities in Judea and Samaria and would like to not have to move them out, lock, stock and barrel since Abbas's "Palestine" will have no Jews in it.  Israel, the  democratic Jewish state, has 1.4 million Arab citizens living with their 5.6 million Jews. 

Israel already has had the job of  integrating all the Jews that they had move out of Gaza just to appease these Arabs in the intent of having a peace contract with them, but instead the land has become a staging ground for attacking Israel with missiles, rockets, mortars and such. 

Now Abbas has declared that the Arab Spring begets a Palestinian Spring.  I wonder if that means that Hamas will be more aggressive in fighting Fatah.  These two terrorist organizations are offshoots of Arafat's PLO and are still not in agreement with each other.  Hamas feels that Abbas's speech at the U.N. did not help their cause at all since Abbas only declared 22% of the original Palestine land being theirs.  Hamas wants it all.

Abbas's speech at the U.N. bared his mind and soul.  He showed that he is so deluded of facts.  This is how his group has been brainwashed to think and believe.  They have taken facts that have happened to Jews and claim them as happening to themselves.  His statement of the Palestinians being ethnically cleansed by Israel is preposterous.  His thinking that Israel has pushed the Palestinians away from their ancestral homeland shows that they don't know their own history at all.  Of course to expose them to such would mean that evidently those who did live in the area and did not leave as per direction of the Arab leaders are already living in Israel. 

What makes me mad is that either Abbas is a liar, as I suspect, or already has Alzheimers, since he was from Safed, the city I lived in from 1981-1985, and the Arabs there left on their own volition in 1948 when their leaders told them to with the promise of returning to take over Jewish property after they won the battle. It didn't happen. He knows this.

 Safed is only 14 km or about 8.7 miles from Lebanon.  Periodically terrorists had fired katusha rockets procured from Russia at Israel.  Luckily, they usually fell short into the wadi, but once there was a direct hit on a warehouse, and another time an electric pole was hit..  Another happened to hit the fuel pumps at the central bus station on the 2nd day of the Yom Kippur War of 1973.  It blew a hole in the ground above the gas tanks and shattered the glass on the pumps.  A rocket entered the air shaft in the only unoccupied apartment house in a block of ten new building, causing damage to 2 apartments but no injuries.  When I moved to Safed in 1981, I was told that a rocket had fallen just behind an apartment house only 2 weeks prior.  I quickly asked where the closest bomb shelter was. 

It's typical of telling a lie so often that the teller believes it himself.   Now, I've just turned 77, and I know that in May 1948 I would have been 13 1/2 years old, old enough and smart enough to know the circumstances of leaving a city I had been living in.  His family left and went to Syria to live.  He was educated in Damascus, Syria and Egypt.  Abbas is a tired old man.  He wants recognition as a winner with his people, not as a Sadat thinking of the future for his people.  He passed up the opportunity to speak with Netnayahu at the UN.  He'll most likely pass up many more such times this coming year as well.
Legends of Safed, by Dov Silverman, page 78; The Katushas and the 7 Sons of Hannah

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