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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ahmadinejad's Anti-Israel Wrath on Zionist Medicines

Nadene Goldfoot
It is well known that Jews and Israel have pioneered many discoveries in the field of medicine. 30% of medicines and flu vaccines have been  invented in Israel.  Some of the Jews' accomplishments have been:  local anesthesia, Novocaine, penicillin (yes, Sir Ernst Chain in 1945 shared the honor with Fleming), Streptomycin, Cortisone, Aspirin, Warfarin (Coumadin), oral contraceptives, polio vaccines, Hepatitis B vaccine, interferon, cancer chemotherapy, and the list goes on.

  Ahmadinejad would rather go without any meds because they may have been invented by Israelis or made in Israel or by Jews, or have some such connection.  He says he is against these "Zionist medicines. "

He's complaining that Israelis have commercialized and misused pharmaceutical knowledge.  Tsk, tsk.  Those" Israelis have changed all human and cultural concepts in the world widely, " he bewails.  I wonder if he's talking about religion or just health.  He goes on to say that to Jews, treatment is a business.  My goodness!  Maybe he's really confusing his outlook with capitalism.  And who is holding two innocent Americans hostage for a half million dollars each?  Is he thinking he is the great humanitarian? 

So now Ahmadinejad wants to revive traditional Persian medicine .  He says his country grows 1,800 different plants that could be put to use.   Then, he figures, Iran won't have to import drugs and meds that might, G-d forbid, be made or invented by Jews.

As far as his facts go, he is not about to release the fact or acknowledge that Teva, an Israeli firm,  is the largest manufacturer in the world  of generic meds and has lowered the costs of medicine in the world.  63 billion tablets per year in 60 production facilities are made by them.  Over 1.6 million Teva prescriptions are written each day in the USA alone. A company such as this has created jobs to keep economies going as well, let us not forget.   Kamada, another company, has invented new drugs for M.S, diabetes, and other diseases. " Kamada develops, produces and markets high-quality bio-therapeutics for human use, including specialty proteins, specific immunoglobulins and other prescription medicines. These products are manufactured using unique proprietary technologies. Several of Kamada's products are marketed in Israel and in 15 other countries worldwide. "

He does carry a hatred very far, doesn't he?  Keeping from his land meds that could help so many is an ultimate hatred.  Please note that Israel did not make noises like not selling to Iran because they threaten their lives.  It's they who may not be receiving such gifts of life because of their political leadership. 

I guess he will hate cinnamon next as it's been found after delving into the Torah, that it's useful to fight against Alzheimer's and the flu which was a favorite with Jews way back then. 

Remember that Israel is a leader in start up businesses, and some of them may be in this area, like Teva and Kamada.  The book, Start Up Nation by Senor and Singer tells all about how and why they gained this status. 


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