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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Judaism's Position in the World

Nadene Goldfoot
Christianity and Islam grew out of the parent religion, Judaism.  Both have borrowed from its parent.  Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910) said that "the Jew is that sacred being who has brought down from heaven the everlasting fire, and has illumined with it the entire world.  He is the religious source, spring, and fountain out of which all the rest of the peoples have drawn their beliefs and their religions."

They who follow Abram's teachings will, like him, enjoy G'd's favour.  The story of European history during the past centuries teaches one uniform lesson.  The nations which have received and in any way dealt fairly and mercifully with the Jew have prospered--and that the nations that have tortured and oppressed him have written out their own curse. 

Israel shall be "a light of the nations'.  Through him, all men were to be taught the existence of the Most High God, and the love of righteousness, thereby opening for themselves the same treasury of blessings which he enjoyed.  The germ of the idea of a Messianic Age was in existence from the time of the founders of the race of Israel. In thy seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed,  was the promise given both to Abraham and Isaac,  promises that reached far beyond the lifetime of each that has obtained but partial fulfillment up to our time, and looks for fullest realization to that future towards which each of us in his measure may contribute his share. 

One of the ten commandments is to honor thy father and thy mother.  One could think that it is way past time to show honor to the parent of these two younger major religions.  One has many that turn a deaf ear while the other threatens to annihilate Jews and Israel.  Jews are less than 1% of the world's population, having suffered one holocaust already and another  threatened  only 66 years later by Iran and Hamas along with the Muslim Brotherhood charter. 

This is a crucial period in history for us all.  Is the world going to sit by and allow first of all for a Palestine state to be created without first coming to a peace agreement with Israel?  All indications show this will pass the first requirement in the UN.  Russia is ready to back  up whatever Hamas wants while Hamas and Fatah themselves cannot come to many agreements. Countries have come out and just given blanket agreements for recognition.  It's so much easier than fighting for the rights of a little Jewish nation.   Turkey is threatening to start a war by flexing their muscles and attacking Israeli ships sailing in the Mediterannean Sea if they go beyond the 12 mile limit. Egypt has already thrown out the Israeli ambassador who barely escaped with his life and staff from a mob with hammers, and of course there are thousands of missiles pointed towards Israel from Lebanon. 

Then there's the city of Peace, Jerusalem, of which a "Palestine" is eagerly looking to take over and make their capital.  Finally, Israel itself has young people in great need of housing.  Israel has taken in all Jews who were living in Gaza in the name of Peace as well as all who were living in the Sinai, and now face the threat of seeing all of the Jews living in cities and towns being threatened in Judea and Samaria,  as "Palestine" is to have no Jews living in it according to the Palestinian law. 

Our big brother, USA, has also seen their embassy and NATO Headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan just attacked by rocket propelled grenades, RPG's and AK 47 rifles. As the UN sits back and allows Israel to be crucified, so goes their demise as well, just like the Good Book says. Instead of riling up the anger of Islam by standing with Israel, Islam sees the West as weaklings because they don't stand by their friends. 

The years of 2000 should have become a time of enlightenment.  Instead they have turned into a time of reprisal against Jews who merely find they need to live in their old homeland, who took their small allotment and were grateful only to find others who covet what they have created. Such days of enlightenment instead convict Israelis who defend themselves in attacks against them.  Whatever will history books write about such black hearted times? 

The USA House of Representatives have shown that they have a vision of clarity by backing Israel and are also acting as a beacon light for other countries to follow if they will only open their eyes and heart.  One group in the UN finally did something right by coming out and backing Israel's right to self defense during the flotilla fiasco.  It's time the UN meant something more than scratching  cronies' itches and being part of the bully gang.  It's time they showed some backbone and stood for righteousness and told Turkey to behave themselves.   It's time for them to get down with Iran and make sure they have no atomic weaponry regardless of what President Ahmadinejad tells Ann Curry.  He has said enough horrible shocking comments threatening Israel to fill a football stadium already.  His comments that he doesn't need such things goes against what he has already said.  After all, Farsi isn't a dead language.  If the UN had backbone, they wouldn't have allowed Hamas to shell Israel for 6 years in the first place.  Then maybe Goldstone wouldn't have been such a jellyfish and might have searched for the truth. 

It's as if the world has slipped back into that black period  forgetting anything that they have learned about getting along on earth.  66 years is but a heartbeat away from a time of wanting to exterminate Jews.  It must not happen again and the world holds the key to prevent it from happening.  It has started to act, and must keep on the path knowing right from wrong.

Israelis may feel that they have erred along the way and didn't see facts through the eyes of Islamists enough.  I feel that Israelis saw their decisions through the most rational of eyes in a neighborhood of irrational people.  They made the sanest of decisions.  It is the world we live in that does not understand the psychology of the environment and cannot cope with it whereas Israelis were closer to the truth of the matter but have not been listened to. 

Reference: Pentateuch and Haftorah I: Lech Lecha XII-XVII Abraham.

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