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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Israel's Building in East Jerusalem is Valid

Nadene Goldfoot
Israel is the only known country in all of history to come into existence through legal channels.  First it was through the British who held the mandate over Palestine who had the legal right to reward Israel with land; albeit not the whole section they promised in the first place, but a piece of that promise.  Second, it was legally accepted through the U.N.  Most countries have followed a universal method of conquest without such legalities. 

Israel had to survive and was victorious in the 1947-49 war of genocidal aggression of the "Palestinian" Arabs and their goaders who used them as pawns in their battle of fighting a Jewish state in their Muslim midst. 

It fought another major attack in 1956, and then again in the 1967 war.  Then there was the 68-70 war, the 73 War, the 82 war when I lived in Safed, the 91 War and again in 2006.  Wasn't it the 91 war where all Israeli citizens had to be issued gas masks and seal up a room in their home for safety because of the threat of chemical warfare? 

All these times, the Arab nations and the "Palestinian" Arabs refused Israel's offers of peace negotiations.  This allows Israel the legal right to maintain its sovereignty over its newly won land sections and to develop these in any manner that is not prejudicial to the well-being of the people living on the land.

The Arab "Palestinians" could have had a state in 1937 and again in 1947 and again in 1949 and there would have never been a refugee situation.  If they wanted peace  in 1967 and again in 1973 or 2000 there never would have been a continued Israeli sovereignty over land of Judea-Samaria or Gaza. 

One has to finally realize that the goal of  the Arab nations is to not accept this one and only Jewish state to survive in their ancient homeland.  We have offered the moon, the sun and the stars and they still have not accepted a peace agreement.  They do not want peace. 

Now Israel is going ahead and building apartments in East Jerusalem.  I just saw Hillary Clinton on TV all upset about it.  She says it's not helping the peace process.  I have to laugh out loud (LOL)

Israel offered land for peace for the past 63 years and all she got from it has been death in attacks, and if not death-physical harm, and if not physical harm, mental anguish as well as destruction of land and property.  That's the only reason she was willing to give up land she had legally attained.  If that has not brought about peace after 63 years, she has every right to use it as she had to fight for her life and thereby got it by default.

 It came to her not from an aggessive attack on Arabs but defensive attacks over and over from her neighbors who tried to wipe her out.  Going way back to the League of Nations which gave Britain the job of establishing a Mandatory Palestine to be the homeland of the Jewish people, this shows that in absence of a peace treaty between Jews and Muslims, the land should be called "disputed territories," not occupied territories.  The dispute has not been ended with a peace contract.  Israel's continued holding is legal.

  Therefore, the League of Nations Charter is still international law.  Israel may take necessary measures to maintain security.  The old saying, "use it or lose it" can be applied here.  Israel came to this land not by her choice, but by the circumstance of her  agressive neighbors.  Since 1967 she has held it in abeyance for peace, so without further delay, decided to use it herself being she has a real need.  Tough luck, enemies.  The lesson here is to make peace without delay when offered. 

The cities and towns that have been established by Jewish Israelis in Judea-Samaria and Jerusalem are legal.   Jerusalem is not a divided city.  It is the capital of Israel.  Muslim Arabs may be living in East Jerusalem, and they are not thrown out, but Israelis have the right to be there as well.  After all, it is a democratic country.  By building there Israel is enhancing the area.  Surely Israel's "Marshall Plan", which modernizes roads and water supplies, electricity and sewerage besides bringing in 20th century medical care centers will follow this building need.  Israel wouldn't be building if the need wasn't great.  Anyone following the news should know that there is a huge need for housing. 

Israel withdrew from the  Gaza strip and removed all Israeli cities and towns from the area, along with all 8,500 Jewish people living there.  They also dismantled towns at the northern part of Judea-Samaria.  This was a huge concession Israel took in order to start up the peace process.  They were trying to show the Arabs that Israel was willing to trade land for peace.  Instead, attacks came to southern Israel. 

The differences between Israel and the surrounding Arabs is major.  It's the difference of a democracy in the midst of monarchies, of East and West culture and thought, and of Islam and Judaism.  I'm afraid that Obama and Hillary have been trying to treat the situation like a spat between Canada and the USA.  What it takes to bring about peace is for the nations of the world to see that the USA backs Israel in its endeavor to survive.  Survival should have never even been a part of the picture.  It had the rights to survival being it jumped through all the legal hoops in the first place.  The countries of the world should have acted aghast and reacted together against the  aggressive Arab states.  A member of their UN was being brutally attacked and no one stood up for her.
Update: 10:15 am  1,100 homes are  going to be built in Gilo, a neighborhood in E. Jerusalem.  200,000 Jews live in East Jerusalem as well as about 270,000 Arabs. 

Reference: Big Lies: Demolishing the myths of the propaganda War Against Israel by David Meir-Levi-a publication of the David Horowitz Freedom Center

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