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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Obama's Speech on Palestine at U.N.

Nadene Goldfoot
The speech from Obama on that of a Palestinian state at this time was just heard.  He mentioned  that it was last year when he called for an independent Palestine at the podium he stood before today.  He believed then and now that they deserved a state of their own.

That's where he and I part ways.  The Arabs have shown since Israel's inception that they have refused what was offered to them as a state.  They continued to refuse when the Prime Minister preceding Netanyahu, Ehud Olmert,  offered Arafat so much, about 90% of Judea and Samaria as well as Gaza.  The Palestinian people's bubbling anger comes from what the leaders teach them in that ALL the land is Palestinian.  No, they are not teaching anything like a preparation to live in peace with Jews.

 They didn't even start on their call for a "Palestine" till after the 1967 war when they realized that Israel had won against their attacks.  Israel has endured constant attacks from these people who do not wish to live in peace.  Eight years of shelling brought about the retaliation of Operation Cast Lead from Israel.  Enough already if what they want is to live in peace.  If they really do, they have a funny way of showing it.  If these particular Arabs are suffering from any discontent, I say they have brought it on themselves with their constant attacks on Israeli lives.  That's not deserving behavior. 

However, Israel has no choice and does profess to want the solution to be a two state one.  To make Gaza, Judea and Samaria a part of Israel would delete the reasoning in creating Israel in the first place as a Jewish state, a refuge for a people who have been ill-received in the world.  It's precepts are very democratic.  Already there are Arabs in the knesset.  1.4 million Arabs are an integral part of Israel's citizens. 

The aid from the USA to bring two different minds together such as Abbas and Netanyahu have proved more than was originally thought to be most difficult.  Obama realizes after such a stalemate that primary in Israel's mind is their security, and I hope that he sees that Israel has not been  receiving it in the last 10 years. 

He says that Palestinians deserve to know the territorial basis of their state.  He fails to mention that Abbas represents Hamas as well, a known terrorist organization that has on its charter the destruction of Israel.  Right now they both are clamoring for East Jerusalem as their capital.  Why?  It belongs to Israel. 

Once, long ago, all of Judea and Samaria and Gaza were parts of the Jewish land. The kingdom of Judah was the southern state of two kingdoms divided in 933 BCE after the death of King Solomon.   The northern state was Israel.  Samaria was the capital of Israel founded in 880 BCE.  Gaza had been alotted to  the tribe of Judah.  Jews continued living there even when in the hands of others.  A Jewish population lived there throughout the Middle Ages as well, some leaving in 1917.  Others left in 1929 after Arab riots. 

Today the proclaimed "Palestine" wants all Jews out of Judea and Samaria, even the established large cities.  Their land is to be exclusively all made of Muslim Arabs.  It's the green light for Apartheid rule, something they cry out against Israel in their many lies.  It's going to take more than another year for minds to meet here.  We've been up against such thinking for a long,  long time. 

I picked up Psalms by David, King of Israel (1000-960 BCE) ,  and read this:
"Against your people they plot deviously, they take counsel against those sheltered by you.  They said, "Come, let us cut them off from nationhood, so Israel's name will not be remembered any longer!  For they take counsel together unanimously, they strike a covenant against you:  The tents of Edom and Ishmaelites; Moab and Hagrites; Gebal and Ammon, and Amalek; Philistia, with the inhabitants of Tyre.  Even Assyria joined with them....Who said, "We will conquer for ourselves the pleasant habitations of G-d."...

These are the same actors with different names who are still not accepting Israel.  These are people who don't even have Israel's name on the their maps.  How they could have been  ready for a peaceful statehood in one year is beyond my understanding. 

Danny Danon, a member of the Knesset,  explains that you cannot impose a peace with Palestinian goals on Israel.  Israel wants peace and this must be decided at a negotiation table.  The Palestinians were led to believe from Obama last year that he went along with their hearts desire.  Now he is advising them to go back to negotiating.  This is going to be a hard thing for them to swallow. 

Obama mentioned that he was frustrated as well.  So now Obama and the Palestinians can work on attaining their goal of a Palestine and how they intend to reach that goal.  I hope it will exclude continued hatred taught in their schools and homes as well as all the missiles, mortars and rockets they have have been using. 

Fox News on TV interviewing Danny Danon
The Standard Jewish Encyclopedia
The Stone Edition of Tanach-art scroll series from Psalms  83 (80:19-83: 13)" The historical enmity of the nations against Israel is an outgrowth of hatred for that which Israel stands for." 

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