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Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Teacher/Grandmother Speaks About What to Do with Hamas and Fatah at U.N.

Nadene Goldfoot

The Arabs are in a mighty big hurry to create their own state without coming to any peace terms with Israel.  They've also been trying to erase all signs of Jews ever having been in the land and teach their people this fairy tale.  Probably their people have never heard the following history of the Jews. 

Abraham was the father of Judaism.  He was born about 1812 BCE in Ur which is now a part of Iraq.  He was able to take his family and travel to Canaan in order to bring up his children in a new environment and teach them the rudiments of his new faith. 

Moses was born about 1400 BCE at a time the Jews were slaves in Egypt.  He had the fortune of being brought up by the Egyptian princess instead of being slaughtered as a new-born male child as per Egyptian orders and was destined to lead the Jews out of that country after some 400 years of hard labor as slaves. 

Saul was the first king of the Jews who was born about 1010 BCE, an event that happened about 400 years after Moses's birth.  Kings David and his son Solomon followed next.  The country continued until 70 CE when Rome attacked Jerusalem and it fell.  Then we had lost both Samaria and Judea and most Jews became stateless, living in other countries for 1 and 3/4  thousand years but maintaining both family and religion.  In the meantime, their homeland was overrun by Muslims and then taken over by Christian Crusaders, only to be lost to Muslims again.  This was not the time for Jews to regain their homeland.  They prayed every day not to ever forget Jerusalem, and that continues today.

Finally, in 1948 Jews who were terribly concerned about their people managed to bring about the state of Israel once again in their ancient homeland by consensus of the United Nations. It had taken over 20 years of pleading and planning with Great Britian, starting before the Holocaust.  They had to watch the 3,000 year old Jewish Community of Gaza shrink in the 1929 riots.   However, the Jewish people and the religion had lasted since its conception for almost 4,000 years, outlasting any other ancient peoples as a unit despite losing 6 million.  In the name of peace, Jews left Gaza for the Arabs who had come to live there. 

After being a recognized and accepted state for 63 years, its life is again in danger from a people who only came together mostly by accident in the past 63 years who just decided after 1967 that they needed their own state.  That's only 44 years of thinking they should be rewarded a state though most all came from nearby Muslim Arab states and were just looking for better jobs.  They have one thing in common; they are Arabs. 

They plan on asking for this decision from the U.N. in just a few days, supposedly on September 23rd.  If I were a dignitary on the United Nations, I would require these people to tell why they so desperately need to create the 48th  Muslim state and why they don't return to their original homes that they left.  Only some had been living in "Palestine" when Jews had returned in the 1800's to join their brothers who had never left.  I would say that they could never have another state next to Israel whose charter called for Israel's demise.  I would never let a people who were constantly shelling Israel to be rewarded with their own state. 

Hamas needs to write a brand new charter declaring their desire to live in peace with their neighbors and advise them to follow it.  Let them prove this with a 3 year trial period showing their desire.  Let 10 years go by as a 2nd trial period where they have to deliver proof to the UN of activities showing neighborliness and a desire to live in peace.  If there has not been one rocket shot at Israel, if all has been peaceful, then perhaps it can be discussed.  You can't even discuss a peace treaty with people whose charter says their goal is to destroy you.  Ever since Jews left the Gaza Strip, it has become a bombing area and has been used as such.  It has to stop. 

Moses led his people on a journey for 40 years that should have taken much less time, but I believe he was conditioning them to be a free thinking  people after slavery for so long.  A whole generation died by the wayside and he had younger people who were entering the promised land.  Hamas especially needs a long period to wean them off the terrible conditioning they have been exposed to of hatred for Jews and Israel.  It will most likely take 40 years to change their attitudes for the best. 

Those Arabs amounting to 1.4 million who are already citizens of Israel of course will remain and hopefully they can make a contribution towards peace.  They did not leave their homes when their greedy leaders advised them to.   They were told they could take over all the Jewish property when the Arab armies won, which they didn't.  This behavior has been admired and rewarded in Israel. 

It took the Jews a long time to establish a kingdom and it took a long time for them to regain some of what they had lost.  Rome wasn't built in a year, either.  It's absolutely ridiculous that Hamas and Fatah, both terrorist organizations,  expect to take over land, ancient land that had once belonged to Judea and Samaria, that was lost to them by Jordan through attacking Israel,  and create their own state, especially when they are criminals in the act of constantly trying to kill Jews.  Why they can't even get along with each other let alone the rest of the neighborhood.

The spotlight will now be on the U.N.  What wise decisions will they come up with?  Will the European countries stand with the USA or are they still cowards just thinking about the votes they want from the Arab nations.  May what they choose to happen to Israel happen to them as well.  While I'm giving my opinion, the U.N. should also be wise enough to acknowledge that all of Jerusalem belongs to Israel like it always had.  Enough of this shilly-shally attitude. 


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