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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Abbas's Expectations on 23rd

Nadene Goldfoot
The original Mandate,  which was a plan to create Israel offered by Great Britain, was all of Palestine which was 120,466 sq. Km. or  around 46,332 sq mi.    This happened on April 24, 1920.  Britain, ever thinking of their great empire first, then had second thoughts  as she had also promised land to the Arabs.  So they wound up giving 77% of this promised land to become Trans Jordan.  This amounted to a give-away of 92,300 sq. Km. 

Now Abbas is going before the UN and is going to ask for full membership and recognition of their Palestine state.  They say they want to end the occupation of Israel in their land.  They want Jerusalem as their capital.  Earlier they had said they wanted East Jerusalem.  Papers now say they want our whole ancient holy city.  They are planning on expecting to create their Palestine with 1947 borders.

Israel accepted the piece that was left and offered to them immediately.  They have 20,700 sq km or 7,992 sq mi. in one resource and 8,019 sq mi  in another.  The narrowest strip is 12 miles.  The length is 632 miles with a 170 mi long coastline.

 This should include East Jerusalem which is 27 sq miles in itself.  The Golan Heights is 444 or 454 sq miles. Judea and Samaria make up 2,270 sq mi.

 New Jersey, the USA's 47th largest state is larger with 8,722 sq mi.  Oregon, the 9th largest state, has 98,380 sq miles.  Now a Palestine is threatening to take what little land we have. 

The Arabs left recent homelands in their search of better jobs. They joined some Arabs that had been living in the area.  The Jews also had people who had never left.  They came back to their ancient homeland after suffering in the hands of  the countries they had tried to find refuge in.  In the late 1800's they still suffered from anti-semitism resulting in pogroms and death.  The 2nd World War brought about the death of 6 million Jews from anti-semitism.  The need for their own state was a desperate one.  The need was not even there for the Arabs.  They merely wanted a better economic situation.  They had been offered land for a state but constantly have refused in hopes of bartering for all of it.  This was a shuk mentality.  Then again, they really had no need.  Predominant in their mind was the aim to keep Jews from having it. 

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