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Monday, September 19, 2011

What Could Happen at UN This Week

Nadene Goldfoot
Arutz Sheva writes today that "Abbas is counting on universal condemnation of Israel to embarrass the Obama administration, reduce its influence in the Middle East and allow pro-Arab Western countries to place more pressure on Israel to meet Arab conditions."

I imagine that Arab condemnation will be heard and seen. They could act as juvenille as to boo and cat call such as I have seen in demonstrations when someone speaks in Israel's defense. Israel's position keeps me busy writing in two blogs in their defense. I've even been told not to come to a Socialist meeting where they have been putting up posters and demonstrating here in Portland against Israel about being apartheid. I sent them my blog on why they are not and that infuriated them, evidently.  Those against Israel do not want to hear any truth, especially backed up with facts.

Actually, what is happening is that besides the USA, Tony Blair of England is also trying to talk sense to Abbas who is with the Quartet.  Abbas will have none of it.  He's angry that these Westerners are not going along with his wanting East Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestine.  He complained that "All hell is breaking loose," but sees himself as a savior, some are saying.  Now he is threatening that if he gets his "Palestine bid" he will consider Arabs in Israeli prisons as Prisoners of War.  What they are are terrorists who prey on Israeli citizens. 

Since it is Obama that has promised to veto, he must be there to witness such a disgusting demonstration of condemnation from this body. It would not be the Obama administration but Obama himself that may feel queezy. The House of Representatives back Israel. They would not be embarrassed but disgusted and would feel the frustration that Israel has felt.

Obama will use the veto. Who is he trying to influence in the Middle East? He will be keeping a promise to the only other Democratic state in the Middle East, Israel, who has shared a 63 year friendship with each other.   He and his administration should have seen by now how Netanyahu and his administration has been willing to go along with many issues in the name of peace and want peace. There are not many in his own country who will find favor with him if he cannot be counted on at this 12th hour.

The Arab conditions are ultimately to wipe out Israel.  If people could only see the maps they have in their schools, they would see that children are taught that all the land is "Palestine."  they show no Israel at all.  They have not been discreet in hiding their value system or their aims.   If this happens with the Western countries' nod and blessings, there will be no hope for any democratic country or even this planet. There are already a few Western countries who will not go along with the formation of a Palestine under these conditions. They are all not finding the decision a "nuisance".

Reference: Arutz Sheva

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