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Friday, September 9, 2011

September 21st Palestinian Proposition at UN for Statehood

Nadene Goldfoot
One hundred people marched to the UN headquarters in Judea/Samaria Thursday asking for the support of Ban Moon at the UN headquarters in New York.  The UN Chief Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon thinks a Palestine is long overdue and is  thinking that this will suddenly create two states living side by side in peace and security.  To me this shows that he has no idea of what Hamas's charter is saying about Israel. Don't these UN people read up on what is going on?  If this was a surity that these two states would live side by side in security, Israel would be the first for it to happen, but we know it is not happening at this point in time. 

If the USA vetoes their request like it has promised, in the Security Council,  Abbas has said he will go to the General Assembly and will win promised votes there.  This will upgrade their status to a non member state which he has said he will not settle for.  It would put him on par with the Vatican.  Then they may be able to bring claims against Israel in the International Criminal court.  This of course makes further peace talks more impossible.  I would think that Israel should be able to do a turn about and sue the Palestinians for constant attacks on them, but knowing how reality is not realized regarding anything between the Arabs and the Jews, would find it would take a miracle to win.   

Abbas walked out on meetings with Netanyahu knowing he would turn to the UN.  He was expecting to receive East Jerusalem for starters, no doubt wanting all of it, when it  is a happy and whole undivided city under Israel.  Besides that, he wants tens of millions of Arabs to "return" and live in his new state, and still has the charter of Hamas to hold up to his people which wipes out Israel.  His intentions are not peaceful by any means. 

His reasoning is that the Palestinians are a "People Without Hope."  I believe that their need for a state only appeared around 1967 when Israel won the war where all the Arab states attacked them and they lost.  They are not a unified people, then or even now as they are divided between Hamas and Fatah, the orignal PLO.    Only the fact that they are Arabs that were living in the surrounding states of the Middle East unifies them.  The original Arabs had entered the Tel Aviv and other Jewish concaves before 1948 looking for jobs and found them.  Now they intend to form the 194th state in the U.N. There already are 48 Muslim majority states in the world of which they originally came from. 

With the "Arab Spring" event happening in the Arab world, we find a very unstable situation.  Uprisings doing away with old dictators are good, but this means that the Muslim Brotherhood is also gaining a foothold in these states.  The only stable state in the Middle East is Israel, who is having their own economic problems due to the current situation of living in an evermore dangerous neighborhood. 


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Nadene Goldfoot said...

This Ban Ki-Moon knows exactly what he is doing. He knows very well that he is gambling with the security of Israel, and doesn't give a damn. In my opinion he and others see
Israel as standing in the way of the Great Arab Spring.