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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Abbas's Reasoning at the U.N.

Obama showed support of Israel in the U.N. General assembly and says he will veto the Palestinian membership request in the Security Council, but he hates to use it as it would hurt Washington's image among the Arabs. 

Abbas has now won respect with the "Palestinian Arabs.  He is in competition with Hamas for leadership and his stand to defy the USA by going ahead with his plans for request is getting him the praise he wants.  He wants the vote in the Security Council to happen right away instead of having to wait the usual several months expected for such a bid. 

He is even thinking of dissolving the Palestinian Authority, which would be a collapse of 20 years of US foreign policy.  Israel would then be responsible for almost 4 million Hamas and Fatah Arabs.   They are now funded by the international community, of which the USA pays a major part. 

The plans of Israel are still to keep East Jerusalem and the heavily Jewish populated sections of Judea and Samaria as any relinquishing of land can be used like Gaza has been, the staging ground for rocket and missile attacks. 

This chess game Abbas is planning is designed to weaken Israel.  The results are that Europe and the U.S. will want results of a peace settlement and may expect results within a year. 


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