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Friday, September 23, 2011

Netanyahu's U.N. Speech

Nadene Goldfoot
Netanyahu spoke today at the U.N. after Abbas's speech.  It was magnificant.  I was mesmerized for the full 40 minutes.  There was absolute silence; no cat calls, and no booing.  In fact, many times there was a lot of applause. 

He covered many truths that people should be aware of.  In 2000 Israel had made a sweeping offer of peace and instead 1,000 Israelis died from shelling.  Olmert in 2008 also offererd much land in exchange for peace and Abbas didn't respond then. 

Netanyahu's remark was "better a bad press than a good eulogy ," which happens so much to Israel with people who ill advise her. Listening to the many countries' advice certainly would bring about her demise in many cases.   He went on to remind people of the size of Israel.  It's only 9 miles wide not counting Judea and Samaria in one place.  That's only 2/3 the length of Manhatten.  It takes but 3 minutes for a jet to fly across Israel whereas it takes 6 hours to fly across the USA.    This is why Israel needs a good peace pact with Palestinians as Israel would only be a few meters away from such a state declared in Judea and Samaria.  As it is, they are a few km away from Gaza, who are constantly shelling southern Israel.

He asked that the Arabs stop denying Israel's Jewish roots.  They are from Judea 4,000 years ago.  That's why we are called Jews.  We are from Judea.  His prior meeting with the Lubuvitch Rebbe was interesting.  He told Netanyahu that he would be speaking in a house of many lies.  His speaking would be the light of truth, and that's what Netanyahu laid on the audience; the truth, even the truth in that the head of the Security Council is from Hezbollah of Lebanon.

Netanyahu stressed over and over that Israel wants peace, peace anchored in security.  The Palestinians have refused to negotiate.  When Ahmadinejad spoke, only some left the hall; all should have.  Militant Islam is fanaticism.  If Iran is ever armed with nuclear weapons, the world will see that we all are in trouble.   Of course, Israel is the country they aim to destroy with any atomic weaponry simply because they are Jewish.  . 

Netanyhu ended his speech with a call to Abbas to meet with  him today as long as they are in the same building and discuss peace.  He pleaded with him that they are both from Abraham living in the same land.  I would love to know if Abbas took him up on the offer.  It would be a nice way to start Shabbat.  They had time. 

Resource:  Fox News TV

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