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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The U.N. Attitude Towards a Palestine: Update on Preparations

Nadene Goldfoot
The creation of a "Palestine" is not a very popular subject among diplomats at the U.N even though most have signed on to agree to its happening.  They say it is a nuisance they would like to have behind them.  Voting to allow it to happen may be just a nuisance to them, but to Israel it is a matter of their existence.  How nonchalant these diplomats are with somebody else's life.

Most have remarked that they have been in agreement in order to get the Arab countries to vote in agreement with them in the U.N.  If they are after a higher post, they need their votes.  Canada has suffered because they have been in favor of Israel.

Even some Muslim countries are not too hot for the idea of a Palestine being created at this time.  They see the ramifications that will develop that are negative.  Saudi Arabia has been advising Abbas not to go through with the bid.  The USA has been advising against the move, promising that Obama will veto it, which will bring about the cancellation of a lot of interactions between the countries as well as some Europeans are also saying not to ask at this time without a peace program.

However, Abbas has listened and cancelled his bid to go to the UN and make his request on the 23rd only to change his mind within 24 hours and with the prodding from Turkey, plans to go before the General Assembly anyway.  Arabs are not thrilled with Turkey's takeover of importance in this matter, either. 

Because nothing has changed, Netanyahu himself plans to go to New York and enter in the debate of the creation of a Palestine without coming to any agreements with Israel.

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