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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Palestinian State's Goals Same as Hamas Terrorists

Nadene Goldfoot
The goal of creating a Palestinian state is but just a framework to change the rules of the game.  The game is to see who can wipe out Israel first, evidently.  They are now quick to admit that becoming a state through the U.N. will not end the conflict between fighting against Israel.

The Palestinians will then be able to pursue claims against Israel at the U.N.  They will attack them through:
1. Human Rights
2. International Court of Justice

Ambassador Abdullah Abdullah also admitted that Palestinian refugees will not become citizens of the new Palestine state, either.  He says that many are living in 137 different countries, such as Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and Jordan.  (By Wikipedia's count, there are 47 Muslim majority states in the world). Even those living in camps in Gaza or Judea and Samaria will not be considered.  They all will continue to be supported by the UNRW of the U.N. 

I'm not surprised.  There is nothing "holy" about their creating their own state.  They have a good thing going in getting money from the UN for the past 63 years.  People inside refugee camps do not have to work.  They are on the dole and it has become a way of life for all. 

The future Palestine does not have plans of working; only of destroying Israel.  They lust for Jerusalem.  Whatever they would do with land now Israel is a frightful thought. 

This doesn't give Israel much reason to hurry this year to find a solution to create a Palestinian state, does it. 
It will only bring them more to grieve about in Muslim-weighted courts that won't listen to reason.


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