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Friday, January 18, 2013

AIPAC Lobby Knows of Others' Animus for Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
Ruth Wisse, professor at Harvard University in Jewish culture through our Yiddish literature starting with Torah literature, wrote an article for The Wall Street Journal that tells it all in a short essay that everyone should read (below).  It not only explains the whole situation in a nutshell about why Palestinians feel the way they do towards Israelis, but also explains why we need a Secretary of Defense that does not feel animus towards Israel.  Hagel's comment in 2006 saying "The Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people up here, but I'm a US senator.  I'm not an Israeli senator." shows that he is just not open minded about Israel's situation at all.  He has since rescinded his comment declaring that he is in tune, but actions speak louder than words in this case.

On February 28, 2012 Ruth Wisse's article came out about Harvard's latest assault on Israel.  This is where she teaches  about Yiddish and comparative literature, so I'm sure she has been appalled at Harvard's stand.  Not only Harvard, but she also notes that anti-Israel attitudes have been growing on campuses from California   to New York.  with "Israeli Apartheid Week"

What's amazing is the use of Israel's opposition to deny Jews their right to their one country and then turn around and accuse Jews of denying Arabs their 22nd Muslim  country.  Actually, there are 49 Muslim majority countries in the world if you count the newly received "Palestine."  Is this being pointed out in Harvard other than by Dr. Ruth Wisse?  Probably not.

Ruth points out the difference between freedom of speech and abetting.  Newspapers fuel stories giving equal credence to Israel's attackers and defenders.  They certainly don't want to offend the Muslims but don't mind offending the truth of the matter, or is it that their moral skills are so weak and they do not understand the differences between the two?

Ruth not only knows a lot about Yiddish and literature but can get to the heart of a matter without mincing words very well.  She is also the author of"Jews and Power" (Schocken, 2007), which is her 4th book that can be found on  

In my family, which is a bastion of Liberal Democrats, only a few understand why the minority of us voted for Romney.  Ruth's next article explains that while voters will not necessarily have Israel in mind---but for those who do, like myself, the choice has never seemed clearer.  Susan Crown felt as I did. "Telling all the people who have lost loved ones in the 1967 war, that we were going to have a 'do-over,' really made me mad," she said.  I agree!   This idea of Obama's to state on TV that Israel should return to the 67 lines showed me that he didn't know what he was talking about and that he was being influenced by other advisers who did not have Israel's interests in mind at all.

From newspapers to international news on TV and radio, it's easy to get depressed with all the anti-Israeli sentiment in the world these days.  It is so different from just after the 1967 Six Day war when Israel won against all odds after being attacked by Egypt, also called the United Arab Republic, Syria and Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Kuwait, Tunisia, Sudan and the PLO under Arafat.   Israel's army of 50,000 was up against the Muslim's armies of 240,000 that were deployed.  They had 547,000 troops ready.  Israel suffered the deaths of 776-983 IDF soldiers while the Muslims claim 10,000-15,000 died on their side.

Resource:  (A must to read). Harvard's Latest Assault on Israel Obama, Romney and the Jews

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