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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hateful Abbas Feeding Anti-Semitism to His People

Nadene Goldfoot
Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik just exposed some facts going on with Fatah, the terrorist group that Abbas took over from Arafat.  Fatah lives in Judea and Samaria these days, having been kicked out of Gaza.  It is Abbas that Netanyahu has been pressured to make peace with.  Now Abbas wants to speak only with the newly elected to the Knesset.

Today on Israel's International Holocaust Day, the PA (Abbas's Fatah) kept pouring out messages of anti-Semitism to their people.  He has a film called "Fatah:  Revolution until Victory."  This movie started with terrible anti-Semitic viewpoints.

1.  It demonized Jews.
2. It's point was that Europe suffered a tragedy by providing refuge for the Jews."
3.  Having Jews live with them was a great burden on Europeans.
4. European couldn't bear their character traits, monopolies, corruption, control  in climbing up positions in government.
5. Zionism is a European plot to be rid of Jews.
6. Europe supported Balfour Declaration because it was a way to get rid of them.
7. Used year 1290 CE decree in England that banished Jews.

This all paints such a horrible picture of Jews that it's a wonder!  It backs such people as the Nazis in the Holocaust having cause to slaughter us all and it backs the action of the Muslims who want to follow in their footsteps.

What Abbas is not mentioning is why Jews had become such a pariah to Gentiles.  It has to do with Jesus and blaming Jews for his death, far more palatable than blaming the Romans.  As it turned out, Jerusalem was the biggest conquest Rome had had and the hardest to make fall.  At any rate, Christians have done their share of being anti-Semitic and causing the negativity of Europeans towards Jews.

The kings of different countries relied on the Jews to help out with their finances since such an occupation was not allowed for Christians as it was unworthy of them.  When countries were in trouble, the Jews were called back and filled certain positions which bailed them out.  That's what happened in Lithuania.  Jews were invited back. The same thing happened in England.  They found out Jews were actually needed.

Since 70 CE the remnant of Jews from the tribes of Judah, Levi and some of Benjamin have had a struggle to stay alive and maintain their religion of monotheism as taught by Moses which is called Judaism.  They haven't felt much of the love supposedly taught by the Christians until lately, mostly from the Evangelicals.  At least it has come in time of great need when the Muslims, who only treated their cousins unfairly and took advantage of them by placing them in dhimmi status (2nd-3rd class citizens).  Now the Muslims are out to destroy all Jews as they can't accept one little Jewish state in their midst.  Having such an example of democracy in a sea of kingship's has given them too many ideas.  They can't compete with the inventions that come out of an Israel  which is under constant attack, either,  which is so often.  That's because they are so imbued with hate that the only thing they create and spend money on are bombs, missiles and rockets, and now with Iran trying to create an atomic bomb.

The history Abbas shows in this film is partially right in the events of attitudes towards Jews.  The reasons are wrong.  This is precisely why Israel was created. There has been enough hatred from a world that will not allow Jews to live in peace.  That's why at the end of WWI when the Ottoman Empire fell the world decided it was time to take that land that had once been Jewish land and give it back to Jews.  That was a world consensus, by the way. It's just that when the time came, Britain had other empirical ideas in mind and did not carry out their responsibility.  The Jews were stiffed once again!

"`'The memory of this immense tragedy, which above all struck so harshly the Jewish people, must represent for everyone a constant warning so that the horrors of the past are not repeated, so that every form of hatred and racism is overcome, and that respect for, and dignity of, every human person is encouraged," the German-born pontiff said." The pontiff was Pope Benedict XVI.

We now see a huge influx of Muslims into Europe with the result of beating up on Jews. France, England and Sweden are good examples.   This has driven nice quiet Jews out of Malma, Sweden who were victims of the Holocaust.  The same is happening in England today.  Not only is there the large Muslim population everywhere, but with it comes anti-Semitism.  It has even been very noticeable at Portland State U in Portland, Oregon.

It's interesting that Abbas uses such visuals to indoctrinate his people while he can't afford to pay Israel their electric bill or anything else.  He can't even pay his many government workers, so instead feeds them hatred of Jews.


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Itamar Marcus, historian and speaker who has spoken at Portland State U.

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