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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Palestinian Thinking: Holocaust a Myth

Nadene Goldfoot
How nice to think of a state next to Israel that teaches their children that the Holocaust was just a myth that Jews tell.  Something sure should change before this happens.  It goes along with the Palestinians not recognizing Israel. This follows the Muslim Brotherhood Charter of which Egypt is ruled.  John  Kerry is sure going to have his hands full as Secretary of State.  You can lead a horse to water, Kerry, but you can't make him drink. However, Thomas Friedman is dictating  from his desk that you should "blow the charade wide open  by trying to publicly show Iranian, Israelis and Palestinians that they really do have options that their leaders don't want them to see."  See?  It's going to be easy.  Does Friedman really have such chutzpa to think that all Israelis don't want peace?

I remember when a Prime Minister of Israel offered the Palestinians so much land that it had all of Israel gasping in shock and awe, and yet they refused the offer.  The problem is much deeper than Thomas Friedman understands.

Right now the Palestinian Human Rights Foundation's Dr. Mustafa Ahmed Abul Khair is saying that the Holocaust was just a myth.  He wants Israel to pay Egypt $500 million dollars for damages.  His reasoning is because Israel has been paid by Germany a financial compensation.  He is an Egyptian professor of international law.  Now, if he believes that the Holocaust was a myth, he must have some pretty wild opinions of international law.

What damages is Khair referring to?  1973's war when Egypt attacked Israel along with every Arab they could pull into the fight on Yom Kippur when all Jews were praying in synagogues?   It must have been our 400 year stay in Egypt when my ancestors slaved for the Pharaoh that we learned the term, Chutzpah, for I say that Khair has chutzpah to think the way he does.  .

Oregonian newspaper 1/24/13  page B13 Commentary:  Break all the rules-Crating change in the real world

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