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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Al Gore Gives USA Al Jazeera TV Right From Qatar

Nadene Goldfoot
Al Jazeera is the TV channel from Qatar whose main man is Qaradawi, that infamous Islamic Cleric that Mubarak had ousted from Egypt because of his radical theology.  Qatar took him in gladly, and from there he has issued fatwas against Jews.  He is old and in a wheelchair, but would kill Jews with his bare hands if he could catch one.  Qaradawi is a major figure in the Muslim Brotherhood that has spawned many terrorist groups including Hamas and Al Qaeda.

Al Gore and entrepreneur Joel Hyatt own a low rated liberal cable station, Current TV, which enters about 42,000 households..  Al Jazeera just bought it for a reported $500 million.  Now they can broadcast to 40 million homes in the USA.  It is estimated that Gore, who owns 20% of Current TV, will make $100 million for his share.  He made the deal just before the higher income tax rates which will kick in on January 1, 2013.  "By selling Current,  Mr. Gore and Mr. Hyatt are giving up their vision for an alternative to MSNBC, which has much higher-rated liberal hosts."

Al Gore had consistently called himself a friend of Israel.  When it comes to money, friends flit away.  Qatar is definitely anti-Israel and Gore must realize that, but had the chutzpa to say that Current TV speaks the truth about power and provides independent and diverse points of view and tells stories that no one else is telling and that they have this in common.  That's not my opinion of Al Jazeera.  Being Jewish, any gung-ho Islamic zealot might try to take me out just because of Qaradawi's fatwa.  I should say that if this happens, my family should sue the government.  Al Jazeera does tell stories no one else tells if they are about Israel, for they do a lot of telling tales befitting the Arabian Nights in their truth.  Their stories are all slated to suit themselves.  

Al Jazeera deals with anti-Israel, anti-Jewish propaganda.  It has a long record as the chosen news outlet for Al Qaeda and other terrorist cells.  Osama bin Laden used it regularly to post videos attacking America and called for renewed acts of terror with it.  Now that it will be available in the USA, terrorists will be able to communicate with each other easier.  It will be the catalyst for jihadist terrorism.

Time Warner Cable said it will cancel its contract with Current TV so it will not have to show Al Jazeera's propaganda on its system.  This means 12.5 million homes are spared.  I thank Time Warner for leading the way to what others should do.  "With a handful of exceptions (including New York City and Washington), American cable and satellite distributors have mostly refused to carry Al Jazeera English since its inception in 2006."

"Al Jazeera's network also  broadcasted  in their  Arabic-language  in the coverage of the Iraq War and broadcasted the al Qaeda tapes, even targeting its headquarters in Bagdad during the Iraq War. Perceptions that the news organization, which is funded by Qatar's government, is anti-American.  The average household will not understand what is said in Arabic but the Muslims here surely will.

So Al Gore, now a rich hypocrite,  doesn't mind giving terrorists their opportunity to air their "diverse points of view." It looks like this Democrat is very much interested in money. Evidently being Vice President of the USA from 1993 to 2001 under Bill Clinton didn't pay enough.  In 2001 his annual salary was $230,700 plus  $10,000 taxable expense allowance.  Fox News said that "Al-Jazeera has been criticized for having a pro-Islamist bent."  Of course, it's coming out of Qatar where  Qaradawi has his own show.  Al-Jazeera was accused of working with members of Al Qaeda.  One of their journalists was arrested in Israel in 2011 on suspicion of being an agent of Hamas.

"In a stunning development yesterday Al Gore sold his TV network, Current, to Osama bin Laden mouthpiece Al Jazeera. The Blaze TV from Glenn Beck  asked about buying Current TV   but Gore said NO,  because he wanted to sell Current to someone "aligned" with his values. Naturally, Gore felt totally comfortable with the "terror tape" network that is Al Jazeera.

Resource: Al Gore, Joel Hyatt Sell Out Israel
Published on on January 3, 2013
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Unknown said...

Remember Daniel Perl the journalist who's murder was broadcast by the network that bought Al Gore piece of
@#@T network, Al Gore and BHO are a couple of great americons.