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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

English founder of J Street Shows Colors of Being Anti-Israel

I love real debates.  I've been a high school debate judge.  I'm glad I didn't see the one held in London between one of the founders of J-Street and  son of London's Lord Michael Levy, Daniel Levy, and William Sieghart, a British philanthropist and champion of Hamas, the  terrorists from Gaza against Caroline Glick, one of my favorite writers and historians and her debating partner, Danny Dayan, the outgoing head of the Yesha Council.

The resolution they debated read:  "Israel is destroying itself with its settlement policy.  If settlement expansion continues, Israel will have no future."

What we have here is J Street, the competition against AIPAC which has taken a much harsher stand against two very pro-Israelis who are also both Jewish.

Carolyn found out that no matter what she and her partner said, they were met with avid booing and yelling by the audience.  "She was prepared to conduct a civilized debate based on facts and reasoned argumentation."  Instead, she was met a mob made up of the well-dressed elite but defiinitely with an anti-Israel bias.  She came up with facts to back her position and this English mob was instantly raging against both Caroline and Danny.

Caroline is never going back again.  She said that the countries are mildly anti-Semitic today but hold Israel to a higher moral standard than its neighbors.  By bringing up Israel in a public meeting such as this debate was, the whole atmosphere changed.  The English don't dare attack others as it isn't politically correct, but atttack Israel without any qualms.  They show  their traditional snobbish British anti-Semitism easily when Israel is mentioned today.


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