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Sunday, January 6, 2013

INTERNATIONAL LAW: On West Bank-Professor Eugene Kontorovich on The Legal Case for Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
I just listened to a fantastic lecturer on youtube (below) The Legal Case For Israel through international law.  People throw this law around like peanuts, but it has specific parameters.

Professor Eugene Kontorovich  teaches at Northwestern University, School of Law, and specializes in constitutional and international law.  He is one man that knows the history of Israel and how it was dealt with through the League of Nations to start its history.

He  " is an internationally sought-after lecturer, and speaks frequently about the legal and historical aspects of the Israeli-Arab conflict at synagogues, Chabad houses, and student groups at dozens of universities across the country, such as Columbia, NYU, Berkley, Chicago, Georgetown, Michigan, and dozens of others, as well as the Israeli Military Advocate General’s International Law Department, CAMERA, the AJC, Decalogue Society."

"He attended the University of Chicago for college and law school, and ultimately taught there. After law school, he clerked for Judge Richard Posner on the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. In a previous career, he was a newspaperman at Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, and for many years at the Forward, where he reported from New York, Washington, Israel and Lebanon."

You will hear him explain that "The 1949 Armistice Lines (mistakenly called the "1967 borders") are emphatically not national boundaries."  The video below is about an hour and well worth the time spent listening.  It's like attending a fantastic class with points well explained with some dry humor added.    Did you know that "War" is illegal?  Self defense is legal.  Aggressive conquest is illegal according to international law.  There are laws that do make sense, only it seems that many disregard them.  Please listen if you care about what the international law really is saying.


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