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Monday, January 28, 2013

Possible Fordow Explosion Denied by Iran with Updates

Nadene Goldfoot                                                            
   Fordow nuclear facility awaits Russian specialist in Iran

"A request was made to [Hezbollah chief Hassan] Nasrallah to vacate southern Lebanese villages.
Islamic Republic Guards are on their way there. A decision has been made to prepare for missile launch from a certain area in Lebanon against Israel,” he said."
This was said after Fordow in Iran suffered a huge explosion last week on the eve of Israel's elections and Israel is now being blamed after much denial from Iran.  So far, nobody has been hurt from the blast except the facility itself.

It was just last Tuesday that the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) met in Tehran, Iran for 2 days and discussed differences of opinion over the possible military dimension of Iran's nuclear program.  Nothing was decided.  The agency was not granted admission to Parchin, another nuclear installation.  
Then a "WND report blows the Iran nuke program wide open with an article by Reza Kahlili.  .Reza Kahlili, author of the award-winning book "A Time to Betray",who served in CIA Directorate of Operations, as a spy in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, counterterrorism expert; and currently serves on the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, an advisory board authorized by Congress and the advisory board of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran (FDI). He regularly appears in national and international media as an expert on Iran and counter-terrorism in the Middle East. "

Jay Carney at the White House refuses to believe that the report about the explosion is reliable.  Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization dismissed the explosion claim as “Western propaganda,” However, it is the Iranian dissident-turned CIA operative Reza Kahlili, who said a massive blast rocked Iran’s key Fordow nuclear installation which is the center of the Iranian nuclear program.  Jay may be thinking that this is all just an excuse for Iran to get out of attending a meeting at the end of this month.  

The Times of London's Israeli reporter, Sheera Frenkel has confirmed the explosion through her own independent sources.    Israel has already said that where there is no loss of life such as this has been reported is the best.  As if nuclear power isn't enough of a threat, - Jill Bellamy van Aalst, a biological warfare threat analyst,  reports that Iran is also into biological warfare.  This was reported in the Washington Times on January 25th.  

Iran would feel they have the upper hand if their main installation, Fordow was about to reach their goal of producing enough uranium for an atomic weapon.  If there was an explosion, this may set them back months or more.  It is the best thing to have happened as it would alleviate Israel's worries right now.  We can only hope.  If they don't want people to know, there would be very difficult to get confirmation.  If all this is true, then Israel now has to be prepared from attacks from Syria by the Iranians.  

Resource:  Exclusive Report, biological warfare
Update: 1/29/13 8:30am
Update: 1/29/ 1:50pm; Reporting that this large explosion  took place under a mountain that is hard to get to.  Reporter Kahili must keep face covered all the time to repel reprisals.  Workers were trapped, elevators and stairs collapsed.  USA not accepting event.  "Now, with defector Hmidrza Zaakiri adding his voice to the story, it appears that there has been some smoke at Fordow, and we only need to find out how much fire created it."

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