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Friday, January 11, 2013

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Head's Wild Proposal to Israeli Jews

Nadene Goldfoot
A 58 year old  physician  known for his Sufi's  tendency (lover of the truth) named Essam el-Erian is vice president of the Justice and Freedom Party of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, a country with a population of 79,089,650+.  This shlemiel (foolish person)  has come up with a way to solve the Brotherhood's  Jewish problem.  During a 2012  interview on Egypt's Dream TV, he said that he wants all former Egyptian Jews and their descendants  to move out of Israel to make way for the Palestinians, so here's what he has proposed, on his own efforts, mind you.

 He wants them all to come back to live in Egypt as 2nd class citizens or dhimmi, of course.(Never mind that a 25 year old in 1948 would be 90 years old today.)   They would live under Sharia law and being dhimmis, would have to pay an extra special tax just like non-Muslims did in the Ottoman Empire that ended with the end of WWI in 1918. Erian stated that although his party was against Zionism, it was not against the Jews, stating that "they have a complicated history, but the Jewish motherland is not Israel" The Ottomans were on the side of the Germans, so lost the war.  Erian  blamed former leader Gamal Abdel Nasser for all the Jews leaving Egypt.  In 1948 there were 75,000 Jews living in Egypt.  By 2004 there were less than 100.

Not only Egyptian Jews, but all Jews living in Israel should go back to their home of origin, whether it be Poland or the USA.  He doesn't even know that we have always had a Jewish presence in Palestine before 1948 ever since many  were forced to leave in 70 CE.

The come-on to this ridiculous proposal was that he would return their wealth.  Only a few hours after his statement, he spurred one of the groups representing former Egyptian Jews who were going to put in a claim of 30 billion dollars.  In 1948, most all the Muslim states expelled the Jews after hearing of Israel's creation.  They were homeless and could not take any of their property or money, and of course they then made aliyah to Israel-quickly.

The other Egyptian political officials, lawyers and the media  were in an uproar over this offer as well as the idea of it so that Erian had to resign his position as adviser to President Morsi 4 days ago.  .  Some of the protesters, and this shows how opposite their thinking is from the West, said that Erian acted to curry favor with the USA and with the Zionist lobby (AIPAC).  There is nothing in his proposal to curry anyone's favor.  It was an improvement over the religious leaders putting a fatwa out to kill us all, as many have already done, but he's being a lufmench (impractical fellow) to dream this idea up.

There were realists in the crowd who pointed out that Jews had been forced to leave because of attacks from the Brotherhood (Brotherhood started in 1930's and had pogroms against Jews in Cairo in 1940's).   The 8,000 Jews of Egypt  had to abandon their wealth as well.  They thought the government would have to come to term with with facts sometime but not now.  Another pointed out the fact (they were taking this very seriously) that they would be killed because of Sharia Law commanding that they be killed.

Erian, carrying deep seated hostility in his heart and  in trying to come up with a solution to the Palestinian-Israel problem, was sued by a lawyer for harming the country's security and causing panic.  Morsi wasn't perturbed.  He said that Erian voiced his own opinion and he just didn't share it but the media storm rages on.

The Muslim Brotherhood has had it in for the Jews ever since 1928.  They published Mein Kampf in Arabic and called it "My Jihad"  Sayed Qutub's book was titled, "My fight Against the Jews." which is only one of many reviling Jews. " In April 2001, columnist Ahmed Ragheb lamented Hitler's failure to finish the job of annihilating the Jews."

Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood party  has the media being openly anti-Semitic.  The fact is that there are almost no Jews left in the country.  If there are, they are extremely old people.  Clerics rant daily against Jews. They all think Israel will fall within 10 years.  Morsi has said many things backing this belief, like when he told Al Quds TV that "The Zionists have no right to the land of Palestine and there is no place for them on that land.  We must confront that Zionist entity.  All ties of all kinds must be severed," he added.

This is what the Muslim Brotherhood has brought on.  We've had 39 years of peace between Egypt and Israel since our last war which was in October 1973.   Sadat came to Israel in 1977 to speak.  When Egypt and Syria attacked  in 1973 on our holiest day of Yom Kippur, we were unprepared as everyone was in a synagogue. Israel pulled together quickly though,  and the IDF got as far as 100 kilometers from Cairo and in turn shook up the Egyptians; but in all we lost 2,688 soldiers, the worst war since 1948.    .

Sadat interpreted the Koran in a different way from today's radicals.  He said, "I quote the following verses from the holy Koran:
"We believe in God and in what has been revealed to us and what was revealed to Abraham, Ismail, Isaac, Jacob, and the tribes and in the books given to Moses, Jesus, and the prophets from their lord. We make no distinction between one and another among them and to God we submit."  

Reference: Egypt's Jews and the Brotherhood's surprise offer by Zvi Mazel
Added 1/15/13 Sadat speaking to Israel

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