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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Israel Keeping From Atlantis' Fate

Nadene Goldfoot
"Atlantis was the land of the Minoan culture, namely ancient Crete. The Minoan culture spread its dominion throughout the nearby islands of the Aegean, more than 1500 years BC."

The story of Atlantis first made history through Plato (424-347 BCE)  who described Atlantis as a vast island-continent west of the Mediterranean in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Plato, a Greek philosopher, was a mathematician and student of Socrates.  He first heard the story from another Greek who told about the island of Critias  that was destroyed by a cataclysmic event.  In turn, he had borrowed the story from Solon, a Greek ruler who had visited Egypt in 590 BCE.  In turn, he had heard the story of the land of Kefiu that had an advanced civilization.

And so, a land that was highly civilized and technically advanced was destroyed.  I see a parallel with Israel, also a land that is highly civilized, the only Democracy in an ocean of upcoming and growing Muslim Sharia law who are also trying to drive Israel into the sea.

Having the advantage of studying the past 4,000 years of history, the Israelis are not about to let anything happen to their land.  They have withstood attempts to kill them off for the past 64 years and we pray that they will continue to survive for another 64 years times 18.

Today they are faced with extinction from the Iranians, an ancient enemy that was once Persia.  An underling of the King, Ahasuerus, Haman, almost had his way but his plot was discovered and he in turn was hung along with his own sons.  This story (Megilla)  is in the Bible.  The Babylonians had taken many Israelites into exile in their attack in 586 BCE, which was why Queen Esther, who was picked as the bride for the king,  lived there along with  other Jews in 478 BCE.  Esther and her uncle, Mordecai were of the tribe of Benjamin, noted for their good looks.

There are differences between Israel and Atlantis.  Israel would make a teeny grease spot in the ocean while Atlantis was huge.  However, Israel's affect on others is gigantic with all the discoveries it has been offering to the world.  It was created to be the light for other nations and has produced some amazing "lights," for out of Israel have come prophets, King David and his psalms, Jesus, Einstein, Nobel prize winners, etc. etc. Israelites were there 4,000 years ago and are there again as a nation among today's nations for the past 64 years.

"An Iranian diplomat who defected in Norway in 2010 warned Israel on Friday that." if the Iranians got the bomb they would use it against the Jewish state.   Netanyahu and the Knesset realizes their intentions and has more to worry about than the rest of the world.  Israel is their target, and the USA will be next on the list.  Israel is not being paranoid.  They are being most realistic.


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