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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

American F-16 Jet Fighters for Egypt

Nadene Goldfoot
The United States is giving Egypt $1.3 billion dollars this year in military aid.  Has Egypt not changed it's government from a secular Presidential one to a Muslim Brotherhood presidential government?  How is it that the USA cannot back out of  giving F-16 jet fighters to Cairo in the next few weeks being this Muslim Brotherhood Egypt is not friendly towards Israel?  My opinion is that so far Morsi is being nice to Obama just to get what he wants.  It gives me the shivers to think that this hostile country who had been at peace for 30 some years is now on the verge of relapsing.  Morsi had been the head of the Muslim Brotherhood and now is the head of Egypt.  There's a lot of changes anticipated for the population that not all are happy about.  Just ask the Christians who are leaving.

There is a big agreement with the management of Egyptian-US relations on military aid to Egypt, which takes priority over economic assistance.  The F-16s they want are the block 50/52 versions, an upgrade of their blocks 30/32 and 40/42's that they have been using since the 1980's.

Cairo already has some 200 F-16's but is getting 20 of these new upgrades ones.  Israel may have only 102 F-16's but will get the best edge when it receives the F-35's.  They are designed to work in ground attacks, reconnaissance and air defense missions with stealth capability.  The hitch is they won't get them for 2 more years, but Israel will get first dibs when they go on the international market.  If they work out well for Israel,  then the USA Air force will get them.

This is the plan of our nation; give Israel's neighbors weapons that can be used against them but keep the abilities down just a little while collecting a lot of money for them.  Who says Democrats don't know anything about business?  Qatar's Brigadier General Safwat Al-Zayat feels that the Zionist lobby (AIPAC)  might try to stop the deal.  He said the deal was made on December 11 which sent a message to Egypt saying, "We support you, Morsi!"  Ambassador Haridi feels now that the Muslim Brotherhood reached power with the USA approval.

What does Hagel, the next possible Secretary of Defense say? He has apologized for saying "Jewish Lobby" instead of AIPAC or Israel Lobby.  He says he supports a strong US-Israel relationship and for Israel's right to defend itself against attack.  Our nations have shared values, interests and democratic ideals.  He realizes that the Middle East is undergoing changes and surround Israel with tremendous uncertainty.  He intends to expand the depth and breadth of US-Israel cooperation.

""The Obama administration wants to simply throw money at an Egyptian government that the president cannot even clearly state is an ally of the United States,” Republican chair of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs Rep., Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, said last month."

Saudi Arabia boasts the most expensive arms deals in the history of US weapons sales which are about $60 billion dollars over the next ten years.  Riyadh and Washington are planning more deals on a similar scale.

Ha'aretz newspaper

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4gman16 said...

The Obama administration defenitly has a muslim leaning with an anti Israel sentiment. Egypts leader Moresi has said he wants to destroy Israel not only that he said he is not for America now Egypts own citizens are protesting its own government why on Earth is the US president supporting this ruthless regime with Military and ecconomic support. which is worse than Hosni Mubarak which did his best to keep peace with Israel .