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Monday, January 28, 2013

Britain Goes Anti-Semitic on Holocaust Day

Nadene Goldfoot
G-d forbid that the Islamists in Great Britain would think that Britain does not love them.  Evidently the Brits do not care what Jews who might still be there feel, from what was just said.

David Ward, b: July 8, 1938 member of Prime Minister David Cameron's governing Liberal Democrat coalition and a university president, made a speech on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which was yesterday.  He said that he has visited Auschwitz twice and was saddened that Jews, who suffered so much are now inflicting atrocities on Palestinians in the new state of Israel and continue to do so on a daily basis in the West Bank and Gaza. I've heard the same comment from a former Muslim friend.

That should be considered a crime to say such a thing.  We Jews are taught in the Ten Commandments not to spread such lies.  This can only be said by a man who doesn't know what he is talking about and has been brainwashed by his fellow friends, who most likely include a few Islamists.

He called Israel's government an "apartheid regime" and it is the only Democratic government in the Middle East and is made up of Jews and Palestinian Arabs, so it certainly isn't apartheid.  However, it is the only Jewish nation in the world.  Britain itself is an Anglican nation.  There are 48 Muslim countries in the world today.   During London's 2012 Olympics, David Ward encouraged anti-Israel protests at venues where Israeli athletes would be playing or participating.

The Sunday Times of London followed suit and published an anti-Semitic cartoon showing Netanyahu with a hooked nose building a wall out of Arab body parts using blood as mortar.  This is just like the Nazi propaganda!  Note that this came out on the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and they commemorated it by giving voice to imagery that made the Holocaust possible.

My outrage has been joined by others in Britain as he is now going to be disciplined for his words and actions.  A formal complaint has been made by whip Alistair Carmichael and the Educational Trust.  .  

Anti-Semitic acts have been happening more often in Europe so much that many of Malma, Sweden's Jews have had to leave.  Reports come from every country.  As a country, Great Britain has been anti-Semitic for the past 1,000 years or more, but individual people have not.  Britain held the mandate after WWI and promised land from the Ottoman Empire to the Jews for the creation of the Jewish Homeland and then changed course in the middle of everything by giving away 80% of that land to Arabs who also thought they should be paid in kind for their cooperation in fighting the Ottomans.  Brits showed their antagonism towards the Jews during their stay until they left in 1948.  One would think they could get over it, but evidently not, when the government leads the way.  It's enough to have done serious harm for Israel, though, even with his weak apology.


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