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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Morsi's Religious Hatred Finally Criticized by White House

Nadene Goldfoot
Wire reports have picked up facts known to all who follow world events on internet about the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.  Morsi had been the head of this illustrious organization and pushed for what it stands for, and that is antagonism against Jews and Israel.  Remember the old joke, "Hold the back page!  Hold the back page?"  Yiddish newspapers and Hebrew ones read from right to left.  Here we find the report in today's Oregonian in the back page where "WORLD" news  is always found.  In a segment 2" X 7" is the byline, MORSI CRITICIZED: including a colored picture of Morsi.  It made the news in other newspapers today as well.

Almost 3 years ago Morsi had made statements against Jews that were picked up by the press.  In a video from The New York Times, he had asked Egyptians to "nurse our children and our grandchildren on hatred."

In a TV interview, Morsi referred to Zionists as bloodsuckers who attack Palestinians.   He went on to describe Zionists as "the descendants of apes and pigs."

The White House spokesman, Jay Carney,  said that this language is deeply offensive.  No kidding!  He then said that they reject these statements as they do any language that espouses religious hatred.

The Obama administration said that Morsi should make clear that he respects members of all faiths.  Well, we know he doesn't from these statements!  How can a leopard change his spots?  Evidently this means that publicly he shouldn't say things like this if he wants the jet F-16 fighters.

The White House thinks that Egypt has democratic aspirations.  I think they have aspirations of changing over from a secular society that they had been under Sadat and Mubarak into a Sharia ruled society.  I agree with the White House that it would be in the best interest of the region if they were democratic, and this means holding the selection of a president under better conditions; not by threat and cheating.

So this 3 year old piece of information has finally made it to the Oregonian for readers of world events.  Morsi has been getting pretty large for his britches.  He's got to tone up  before he can get more of a handout from the USA, being the USA has to borrow money to hand some to him.  The least he can do is to shut up!  I realize that the only thing holding Egypt in check is the baksheesh the USA forks over to keep them in check.  Too bad it couldn't be for purely good reason to help Egypt to become a Democratic state like Israel, but that is dreaming for pie in the sky.  As long as hatred such as the Muslim Brotherhood rules with its hateful charter, there is no such chance.

Morsi says he will uphold the peace treaty with Israel, all the while calling us all apes and pigs.  It isn't a show of confidence in their word, is it?

Reference:  Oregonian newspaper page A6 of 8 pages last page before the Obits.

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