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Thursday, March 27, 2008


The TV news is full of announcements about Pastor Wright's negative feelings about Israel this morning. I wondered when they would start talking about it. This is Obama's pastor, who has been the longtime leader at Trinity United Church of Christ, an Afrocentric church on Chicago's South side.

I uncovered something he had printed in his church bulletin 20 years ago. It was a letter from Ali Baghdadi, Middle East Adviser to NOI founder Elijah Muhammad and Louis Farrakkahn. It was found on Pastor Wright's page, so was endorsed by him. Louis Farrakkahn, I know, dislikes Jews and Israel very much.

Wright likes Louis Farrakhan and traveled with him to meet with Moammar Gadhafi in Libya. Farrakhan is one of the world's biggest anti-semites that there is. I have an article about him on this blog.

"I must tell you that Israel was the closest ally to the White supremacists of South Africa. In fact, South Africa allowed Israel to test its nuclear weapons in the ocean off South Africa. The Israelis were given a blank check; they could test whenever they desired and did not even have to ask permission. both worked on an ethnic bomb that killed Blacks and Arabs." To create an ethnic bomb is ridiculous. To kills Blacks is ridiculous. To kill Arabs is a big possibility since they have attacked Israel in many wars. Iran, who is not an Arab country, has threatened Israel's existence, but they are also Muslims.

Pastor Wright had an article about himself in another church bulletin. It told that he received his Master's Degree from the U. of Chicago's Divinity School in the area of Islam in West Africa during the 19th Century, when trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was at its zenith. He complained about the White people only knowing about terrorism when thinking about Islam and the Palestinian/Israel situation. He goes on to say that there is much more than our corporate-owned media leads us to believe about Islam, and gives his congregants an article on one branch of Islam in 2007, which was not printed in my article.

He accuses Israel of having illegally occupied Palestinian territories for almost 40 years. He talks about how a divestment campaign woke up the business community concerning South Africa and Blacks, and now is for divestment to wake Americans up concerning "the injustice and the racism under which the Palestinians have lived because of Zionism." Divestment is the act of not trading or doing business with a country. That's what he is promoting that America should do with Israel.

Jews have been devoted Democrats for a very long time. Even with this information that is coming out, many are finding excuses to back Obama, even though he has been exposed to Wrights philosophy about Jews and Israel for a very long time. Obama knows of their unfailing faith in the Democratic party and is counting on their continued support, even though these facts are now coming out. My son even tells me that many of his speech writers are Jewish.

I would prefer to have as my next president someone who has not been tarnished with continued bombardment of hatred for Jews and for Israel. Presidents have continually backed Israel since its inception in 1948 when America also voted for its birth. I would like to have someone actually knowledgable about our history and the history of Israel who has been untainted by hatred and discrimination. To me, your friends reflect who you are and what you believe in.

I think about how difficult it has been to change White Southerners in their fear and distrust of Blacks. Look at the example of Jenna and the high school youths accused of murder when nobody was killed. Look at the attitude of that community. This is exactly what Obama has been experiencing in his relationship with Wright and his friends with their fear and distrust and even hatred of Jews and Israel. Is he going to react like the Jenna community? The possibility is there. He wants change. To me, that is scary. I know what changes Wright would make. First on the list would be the regular scapegoat, the Jews and Israel. There it is; I have a lot of fear and distrust of this group of people, and it is because they are so prejudiced against Jews. I would sure like to get them into a classroom and give them a course on Israel's history.

ADL's comments on Obama's relationship with Wright is this: "We're disappointed and troubled and distressed by an effort to excuse and rationalize. Pain does not justify bigotry and anti-Semitism."

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