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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Social Studies 101: Definition of Apartheid: Not Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
Israel is a bustling  multi-cultural melting pot made up of people from all over the world who live in a democracy that even outshines the United States, but is so small that it's about the size of New Jersey.  Even its TV programs come from other countries as well as Israel.   Its Knesset is made up of a rainbow of positions with respresentatives of  communism, socialism, Muslims, Jews (being the majority) and every left to right position.  Arabs can and have served on the Israeli supreme Court as well.  Both Jews and Arabs living in Israel as well as Christians are citizens of Israel.  They relish in the freedom of their many newspapers and worship of all kinds.  Even the Mormons have a park there.  Israel was created as a Jewish State because after 2,000 years of not having their homeland, needed one badly. They had come to the fork in the road where they realized they could have saved lives of their people had they had a state as a refuge, and to reach their potential which they certainly are now doing amid the nightmare of constant attacks. 

Arabs receive medical care in hospitals just like the Jews.  Arabs living in Gaza are governed by Hamas, the terrorist group who they themselves voted in, and now very often find they are victims of their terror.  They are allowed to travel to Israel to receive medical care in the Israeli hospitals.  Many living in Judea and Samaria are even entitled to work in Israel as well.

Everyone, no matter who they are, have the right to bring cases before the Israeli Supreme Court which is the highest court in Israel.  The court tries to find a balance between security and human rights.  When the Security Fence caused problems for the Palestinians, the court ordered the government to re-route it .  They also ruled that Israel can't use torture in interrogation. 

How many times has Israel offered to leave areas it captured in defensive wars in exchange for peace and full recognition?  Too many times.  When Israel left southern Lebanon and the Gaza Strip they thought they did so with the promise of peace, but these places are used as launching points for rockets, mortars and missles.  Israeli citizens have experienced terrorism, kidnappings, and all the constant rocket attacks, and yet there are people in this world accusing Israel of being apartheid,  of all things.  This is the antithesis of what Israel is all about. 

Apartheid, which was practiced in Tutu's South Africa, was the white's complete control over the majority of the population who were black.  It included political, legal and economic discrimination against the blacks.  It was the very opposite of a democratic society.  Many Jews fought against this in South Africa.  Blacks there fought for equal rights and the need to be integrated into the society.  Whites were practicing discrimination like the USA did in the South for so many years till it was fought against in the 60's.  How is this different from Israel?

Israel was a recognized nation in 1948, and had never been without Jews living there ever since 70AD when they were overcome by the Romans.  There were some Arabs living there also, but the majority were Jews.  Then an influx of Arabs came when they saw building going on and they were looking for jobs.  Now they have created a national movement who call themselves Palestinians because that's what Rome had renamed the land, Palestinia.  They want the land that is Israel, and they even want   Jerusalem.  Jerusalem is mentioned many many times in the bible and was always the center of Jewish life, but is not mentioned in the Koran except when Mohammad rose on his horse into the sky. .  In fact, half of their group, Hamas, wants the total destruction of the state of Israel.  Now Fatah has joined hands with them, so they all can be considered as people wanting the destruction of Israel. 

There are over a million Arabs living in Israel proper, but the proposal of the Arabs who want to make their own state out of Judea and Samaria and Gaza is to have no Jews living there, and there are Jewish cities that have been there for over 30 years.  It's more like the Arabs intend to practice apartheid in their state being Jews cannot live there at all.  Talk about segregation and hatred, they show no consideration for Jews.

Calling Israel apartheid is like calling the skinny lady fat.  It goes to show that the Nazis were right; tell a lie enough times and there are always idiots who will believe you.  One group is London's NUS, a group of 10 who just spoke for 7 million students branding Israel as an "Apartheid regime" and these few plan to participate in a Gaza protest of the flotilla in order to allow the freedom of return of all the Palestinians born since 1948 who the Palestinians want to come back.  It would be similar to having all the Mexicans in Mexico enter and stay in the United States.  And we think we have a border problem. 

Resource: JCPA publication The London story.

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