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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Portland School Faces Anti-Semitic Presentation on Heels of UNESCO Accepting Palestine

Nadene Goldfoot
Israel had to go along with the demand that they release 1,000 Arab prisoners that they held; many of which were mass murderers of many Israelis in order to get one IDF soldier back, Gilad Schalit.

The war going on is one of the so called "Palestinians" raining Israel with rockets, missiles and mortars which fall in residential areas. For a long time Israel did not retaliate, held back by the USA's guidance, but now after seeing that this has not stopped it but instead has encouraged the attacks, have decided to react everytime they are bombarded and their air force pin points targets of terrorists engaging in the shootings.

In his speech after the release of the prisoners, Abbas praised them, referring to their prison terms as:

"...enforced absence which was imposed on you because you are people of struggle and Jihad fighters for Allah and the homeland... Your sacrifice and your effort and your actions were not in vain. You acted and struggled and sacrificed."[PA TV (Fatah), Oct. 18, 2011]

While Israel is a state accepted by the UN in 1948, it has national issues to deal with such as the economy, job, housing, and national security. They have to do all these things we do while half of their country is under attack from missiles, mortars and such. We use umbrellas in Portland to protect us from the constant rain. That doesn't work in southern Israel for protection from missiles. The population has 12 seconds between a siren of warning of incoming missile and getting to a bomb shelter. One of the new industries that has developed are portable bomb shelters for the schools that had none.

All the while, we see the "Palestinians" and their Muslim cohorts such as Syria and Iran and others plot and scheme to destroy Israel as they will not even accept a Jewish state in their Muslim midst. However,

"The Arabs cannot say that the Jews are driving them out of their country. If not a single Jew had come to "Palestine" after 1918, I believe that the Arab population of Western Palestine today (over a million in 1938, would still have been around about the figure at which it had been stable under the Turkish rule."
Malcolm Macdonald, British Secretary of State, 1938

Thus, the territory known variously as "Palestine," as "South Syria," as "Eastern and Western Palestine," or as part of "Turkey" had been designated by international mandate as a "Jewish National Home," concerning which the United States declared that this be established...that the Jews be invited to return to Palestine and settle there....and assured that it will be the policy of the League of Nations to recognize Palestine as a Jewish state as soon as it is a Jewish state in fact. England can be relied on to give the Jews the privileged postition they should have without sacrificing the religious and property rights of non-Jews.

Do we see the UN upholding the League of Nations' decisions in regards to the Jewish state of Israel? Do we see respect for Israel as a Jewish state that is accepted by the members of the UN? There are 47 countries that have a majority of Muslims yet they cannot accept one Jewish state? Christianity has 120 countries including the United State that are of a Christian majority. 16 nations make Christianity their state religion. That the one Jewish state in the whole wide world is being attacked constantly without anyone stepping up to the plate and saying STOP ATTACKING ISRAEL OR ELSE does make me feel that there is a huge amount of anti-semitism still going on in the world.

In the day and age where we have a body of supposedly superior people keeping one country from being picked on by another and they stand by and just let it happen, and then have the chutzpa to reward the bombers with admission to their group anyway is just simply appalling! The UN has long lost the purpose of its creation.

So what is happening Friday at Lincoln High in Portland, Oregon? A teacher has invited a Palestinian hip-hop group, DAM, who will be presenting to certain classes their very extremist views depicting Zionists as racists using videos they have on their website. They are there to spread their message of violence and hate. Parents and adults in the Jewish community are most concerned. This is the only perspective that will be represented.

 The question now remains of allowing guest speakers who promote messages of violence toward any group to do so in a public high school. There is no balance here. Lincoln has a history of having Jewish students in attendance, being they were very close to the older Jewish Community Center and the Jewish neighborhood of South Portland. Anti-semitic activities happen in Portland, and the "Occupation Portland as well as Occupation and demonstrations against Wall Street all over the USA have seen their anti-semitism involvement already. Now this "lesson of violence" on teenagers.

If the teacher is trying to show absurd negativity and what it leads to, she may need help. In the late 70's I was invited to speak to a class of college graduates working on their masters' in business at Boise State University about how Jews feel about phrases such as "Jew you down." One of the students was my friend and this was his presentation. When I as nicely as I could explain why I, a professional elementary teacher didn't like it, they almost attacked me! The professor, a male, could hardly get back any control. They were incensed to think that their favorite saying was an affront to us! I went home in shock and most disappointed in the future business community of Boise!

 Book:     From Time Immemorial by Joan Peters p 234-235 by Jonathan Tobin (read after I wrote mine-our minds running in same vein)

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