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Friday, May 4, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood's Goals in America with "Dawa"

Nadene Goldfoot
Obama just announced the end to the War on Terror for our country.  For me, it's the beginning of my state of intense fear for the USA. Terror is something that inspires fear.  It is a frightening aspect.   It's heralding the entrance of a power from a religion, and we're not supposed to mix religion with politics here.

Ah, but this is America.  The Muslim Brotherhood can't gain a hold here, can it?  After all, the Muslim Brotherhood's charter  only says that their goal is to turn the world into an Islamist empire.  It has chapters in 80 countries.  They wish to see America fall and tells its followers to be patient.  Why?  they feel that western democracy is corrupt, unrealistic and false.

The Conservative Political Action Conference, CPAC, is charged with coming under the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood through a Washington attorney and political activist, Suhail Khan.  He just happens to be connected with "Muslims for America." Khan's father, Mahboob Khan, was a leader of a large mosque in Santa Clara, California. He was also a founding father of the Muslim Brotherhood movement in America.  He had allowed Osama bin Laden's #2 man, Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, to raise money there.

Suhail has been a consultant to The Council on American-Islamic Relations, CAIR.  He served on committees at the Islamic Society of North America, ISNA.  Our government now tells us that they are fronts for Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Suhail has served as a Republican congressional aide in the late 1990, and then joined the White House staff of George W. Bush's administration as a liaison to groups including veterans.  After that he got into the Dept. of Transportation after 9/11.

The Brotherhood is extremely anti-Semitic.  They are in a rage saying that Jews today are not the Israelites of old.  They call Jews "pigs." During the 2nd World War they supported the Nazis like the Ottoman Empire to the point of carrying out violent pogroms against Jews living in Egypt in November 1945. Interesting, science has stepped up in DNA studies and finds that the major haplogroup of Jews in Israel as J1 and I, J being called the "Cohen" gene, showing that we certainly have continued on for over 4,000 years.

 They're the ones that assassinated Anwar Sadat in 1981 because he had made peace with the hated Zionists, of which I am one.  Hamas, a known terrorist organization and dictators in Gaza,  is a wing of the Muslim Brotherhood.  They glorified Osama bin Laden, calling him a mujahid (heroic fighter).  They glorify martyrdom in "Palestine" and advocate violent jihad.  Their main operations are using deceptive strategy in democracies by appearing to be moderates and use the powers within and then sabotage it all.  Their plan is to replace democracy with fundamentalism of Sharia Law.

The Brotherhood refuses to commit to any Israel-Egypt peace treaty.  This is why Hamas's leader refuses to come to the peace table with Israel and instead sends its underlings.

A doctrine called "dawa," is a pre-violent form of jihad meant to get Islamizing into a a non-Muslim country.  Every Muslim activist seems to be a part of this, and the source of this information comes from no other person than  Yusuf Qaradawi, the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood who lives in Qatar.  He's the world's most influential Islamic cleric and the Emir is his mentor and friend.  Qaradawi said, "We will conquer Europe, we will conquer America, not through the sword but through dawa.  He has also called on killing all Jews everywhere and would love to do so himself with his bare hands, even though he's old and in a wheelchair.

Where we idolize George Washington for not telling a lie, the Muslim Brotherhood uses Taqiyya, an honored practice of lying for the faith, which they don't consider to be lying.  It's a part of the Shariah law and is used in infiltrating our democracy.

As I understand it, Obama was not upset with the Muslim Brotherhood taking over in Egypt since Mubarak was deposed.  Mubarak had fought against it.  So did Sadat.

Many Muslims in America say they are not terrorists, of course.  A majority are South Asians and most are Sufis, believing in harmony with the nation.  They make the mistake of thinking that the Brotherhood is good, however.

The Muslim Brotherhood goals are extreme.  They make it known that their intentions are to be violating the precepts of the USA as a power intending to take over the country and instill Sharia Law.  No other religious group has ever disrespected our platform before, coming here for religious freedom, not planning to take over and replace our religions  with theirs.  Very few people recognize this difference.

Obama has been supportive to their rise in international political power and has opened the door for them at the White House, something already started by our Republicans, sadly.  Our administration tells us that the War on Terror is at an end because the influence of al Qaeda has ended with Osama bin Laden's assassination last year under his directive.  Knowing what the Brotherhood stands for gives me the shivers, and makes me completely puzzled as to why our government would support this group, unless their goals are completely different than my hopes and dreams.

Reference: Now Look Who Else is Infiltrating CPAC  Muslim Brotherhood Fact Sheet Fighting Sharia Law MUST be a Strategic Objective for the USA by Tawfik Hamid


jessica said...

Hajj is the most important part of islam but not possible to attain Hajj visa as its not in the range of every one. may God Help us all.

Nadene Goldfoot said...

Hajj, meaning the yearly expected pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia in the last month of Dhu al-Hijjah. This is where the Kaaba is.

I suppose Jessica means "range" of finances. No, it's probably a very expensive trip.

Pilgrimages are hard to carry out for us all, Jessica. With so much terrorism going on in the world, it has caused the prices of flying to go up. I see we just escaped another bombing attack on a plane.