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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Watch Out For Mossad, Folks: No Telling What They're Capable Of

Nadene Goldfoot

Mossad can do anything.   The funniest thing Mossad has been accused of is when the Saudis arrested a vulture for spying because it was tagged by an Israeli university with Hebrew writing on the tag.  By arresting a bird for being a spy is the level of their thinking.  They could get jobs writing for Jay  Leno.  How about the Egyptian cabinet minister who thought that a spate of shark attacks in the Red Sea was the work of Mossad-trained sharks to attack non-Israeli tourists in Egyptian waters.

Yasser Arafat's body has been dug up for testing to see if he was poisoned.  The Palestinians think Israel poisoned him.  In fact, they blame anything bad that happens on the Israelis.  Rumors were that Arafat was bisexual and probably picked up some social disease, such as aids, but they are looking for a different narrative. "His own personal doctor, Dr. Ashraf Al-Kurdi, said Arafat suffered from AIDS. "  Israel says that they had nothing to do with his death.  He was a terrorist, responsible for hundreds of deaths. This blaming Israel for poisoning him  could just be a diversion from the embarrassing truth.   Whoops, but the doctor is saying that Israel injected the HIV into his body.  He certainly didn't get it the natural way, the doc is saying.  They all have different theories.  I must say that he did spend an awful lot of his time with his terrorist pals who were all men.  Isn't this what happened to Alexander the Great who was in love with a soldier, Hephaestion,  in his company, ?

The man was 75 years old, having been born in Cairo, Egypt on August 24, 1929 to an Egyptian mother and Palestinian father and was one of 7 children. Arafat had lived a rough life as a terrorist, sometimes never staying at one place more than a night.  He died 8 years ago on November 11, 2004.    When the scientists opened his casket, they said it looked like the remains of a man dead for 8 years.

Testing was done before but nothing was found.  This summer they tried again when a Swiss lab detected elevated traces of a lethal radioactive substance, polonium-210 in stains on his clothing.  The lab said they needed to examine the remains to get more information.

This is against Islam to exhume the body but Mahmoud Abbas gave permission.  He was not present when the body was presented to the lab. Experts from Switzerland, France and Russia will examine the samples in their own country.  The results will come back in 3 months.

Al Jazeera, Qaradwi's TV station where he preaches from, took some of Arafat's clothes that his widow, Suha gave to the  Swiss lab for testing.  Polonium-210 decomposes rapidly and they don't know if anything will be showing.

Israel had confined Arafat to his Ramallah compound and Arafat was there for more than 2 years before he became ill and fell into a coma.  He had been accused of ordering attacks against Israelis, something he had been doing since 1948.  He was also in trouble with his own political circle, accused of corruption and pocketing large amounts of money earmarked for aid for the Palestinians.  Sura, his wife, lived in France and had money to spend.

The Arabs will probably blame Mossad, Israel's secret service.  If the electricity goes out, they think Mossad caused it.  If a building collapses in the town, it's Mossad trying to kill them.  If there's a repeat on TV, it's the Mossad's fault.  If an Iranian nuclear scientist is killed, Mossad saw to it that he had an accident.   Whatever would the Muslims do without the Jews to cast blame on?

Arafat was two-faced.  On one hand he would speak of a 2 state solution living in peace while on the other hand he said, "The struggle will continue until all of Palestine is liberated."

Yasser Arafat
Voice of Palestine Radio, November 11, 1995



Jeff Morton said...

It is well known that he, Arafat had a pension for younger insidious aspect of Muslim life not often reported on. But somehow a dash of Palladium was sprinkled in with the salt and pepper! How Israel administered this poison into Arafat is the real story. You see, Mossad has trained ants to carry palladium through the desert. These ants are not ordinary ants but chocolate covered.....Because of the aroma that is produced under the hot son they look like oil oozing across the desert surface and therefore go undetected. It is believed that Mossad delivered the final grain of palladium by these ants. Incidentally, these same ants are now being replicated by Iran and are capable of flying drones.

Nadene Goldfoot said...

Of course! You know Israelis love chocolate and they would put the poison with chocolate covered ants. I wonder if the Iranian ants are also chocolate covered.