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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Crisis in U.N. in September: Consequences Upon Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
 The Arabs in Gaza and Judea/Samaria are planning to go to the U.N. in September.  What they are planning to ask them will pertain to the creation of their statehood.  Obama has said that they need to first negotiate with Israel, and Israelis certainly would expect the shelling of Israel  to stop instead of speeding up, which has happened this last month.  Israel also expected the Arabs to recognize the Jewish state of Israel which has been refused. Netanyahu had wanted to get security guarantees out of meetings with Abbas, but since the Arab representative refused to discuss anything with Netanyahu, it has not been obtained.   The Arabs want Eastern Jerusalem as their capital whereas all of Jerusalem is in the hands of Israel.  Only Jordan's illegal holding of East Jerusalem for 19 years gave Arabs the idea to lay claim to this part of the most important city in Jewish history.  1967's success for Israel  broke the wall  and opened the eastern section  up to the rest of the city.  What should be considered is that the Arab school supplies show maps without any Israel at all, and teach that Palestine is the whole area.  Such delusional teachings obviously show how they think. 

One would expect that in the next 3 weeks the Arabs would come to their own agreement of who would become Prime Minister.  Fatah from Judea/Samaria would like Salam Fayyad to be Prime Minister or Premier, but Hamas from Gaza wants somebody from their terrorist group.  Mahmud Abbas has been the President from Fatah.  Fatah had been known as the PLO headed by Arafat. 

Fatah has been adamant in refusing to consider any of the concerns of Israel, whose prime decisions depend on security issues.  They have been able to get Germany, France and Britain to agree with them that Israel must go back to the 1967 lines with equivalent land swaps which Netanyahu cannot go along with.  Israel feels this will predetermine the outcome which will not be favorable for Israel, expecially in dealing with Jerusalem.  This Quartet; the European Union, U.N. and Russia met in Berlin on April 15th for discussion and decided on the 67 lines to be called on.  Evidently Obama was just going along with their decision when he presented this to Netanyahu which was televised for the world to watch.  Obama  had said last year that he expected the Palestinian group to present a framework for statehood to be declared by this fall at the U.N.  Their prime minister, Salam Fayyad had said in September 2009 that their government would be ready for statehood in two years, meaning this fall. 

Israel hopes to hold onto their largest population centers in Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem as well as the border on the east as well which would have to be the land swap mentioned. 

This is a Ripley's Belive it or Not.  Here we have the extremely small world's only Jewish state win against an aggressive attack of war from the mighty Arabs in 1967 and successive wars of 73, etc, and yet the world is trying to force them into accepting a retreat and go back to borders with a few alterations from 1967.  This is all because  a people have come together and have claimed they need their own state which must be made from the land Israel had gained.  Israel was so small to begin with and now is to be cut again.  This is a ludicrous decision.  This will mean  48 Muslim majority states to 1 reduced in size Jewish state  for the world.  It's as if Texas is taking a chunk out of New Jersey because it needs another ranch.  

September's UN meeting may find the Arabs asking for:
1. Palestinian membership in the U.N., proclaiming themselves a state
2. The General Assembly to upgrade their status from Observed  to Observer state

This would show support for a Palestinian independence.  It will mean a diplomatic tsunami for Israel, for the UN has been declaring that Israel's control of Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem is unlawful.  Evidently with them it was lawful to attack Israel, for I haven't heard of any punishment or comment on that deed.  Repercussions for attacking another country must not be in the U.N. Charter. 

Obama has veto rights and can veto their creation of a state at this time. He has given this assurance. 

Many have wondered what the effects will be if Palestine is created at this time.  It is a way to try to force all Jews living in Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem out, for all this Arab territory is to become free of Jews.  It doesn't hold a candle to the Democratic values of Israel where over a million Arabs are living.  There is even the possibility of Israel being attacked as it was a month ago with thousands and thousands of Arabs rushing into Israel in "marches" where they are to storm Israel's checkpoints in Judea and Samaria.  Abbas is urging his people to join peaceful demonstrations in support of their U.N. initiative.  They never remain peaceful in any country.  Look at what has been going on in London today.  This is not an action of a neighbor bent on living peacefully with his neighbor. 

What with the Arab Spring going on with rebellion in most all Arab states surrounding Israel, the time is of much dissonance in the air.  The world is reeling from financial woes and people out of work.  Creating a Palestine with unresolved issues will only lead to more deaths.  Because the Arabs are unwilling to wait and refuse to change their attitude should not be a basis for gaining another Muslim state. 

The U.N. was created to protect the rights of states  and countries from persecution such as what happened with the Nazis.  Israel was attacked over and over and just what has the U.N. ever done to stop the attackers?  Treating the one democratic state in the Middle East with punishment for protecting itself  while watching from the sidelines is almost an action of people from 70 A.D. of old Roman days.  One expects more from a New York based building with the best of the world in judgement. 


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