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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cozy Facts Israel Faces Every Day About Hizballah in Lebanon

Nadene Goldfoot
Terrorists that are Lebanon based from Hizballah have 55,000 rockets and missiles aimed at Israel along Israel's northern border that can reach nearly all of Israel's major population centers.  Lebanon is dominated by the Iranian backed Hizballah.   That's not a comforting thought, but something Israel lives with every day.

1. Katyusha rockets.....12 mile range   212th in Gresham to Ladd's Addition in Portland SE 12th Ave.
2. Long-range katyusha 24 miles Portland to Battle Ground, Washington
3. Fajr-3                       28 miles Portland to Dundee or Hubbard, Oregon
4. Fajr-5/syrian 220mm 45 miles  Portland to Salem
4. Syrian Bk-302            71 miles Portland to Corvallis or to Seaside
5. Zelzal-2                    130 miles  Portland to Bend or Auburn, Washington
6. M-600                     155 miles  Portland to Winatchee-Port Orchard, Washington
7. Scud-B  ?                186 miles (unconfirmed in Hizballah possession, Portland to Roseburg

Do I see any Peace Now Advocates coming to Israel's aid?  Every government in Israel's 64 year history has declared its desire to live in peace with all Arab states.  In 1983, Israel and Lebanon signed a treaty, but Beirut abrogated it later that year under Syrian pressure.

Hizbullah was organized in 1982 as an aftermath of the Lebanon invasion from Israel and Lebanon's civil war between the Christian phalangists and the Muslim terrorists. This was in response to all the shelling taking place along Israel's border.  Kiriat Shimona was in constant lockdown with population taking to bomb shelters.   This is when Sharon allowed Major Hadad's men to go in and fight the Muslim terrorists which turned out to be the Sabra and Shatila massacre. .   They are financed from Iran and Syria.  The Ayatollah Khomeini saw to it they were trained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Hadad and his men were Phalangists organized from 1958 through the Maronite Church in Lebanon to introduce democracy and fight against the Muslim in politics.

June 28, 1982 from my book:  We had lost about 300 men, a lot for Israel.  The Lebanese people, including the Muslims, have mostly been overjoyed that Israel has come in and liberated them from the PLO's.  Lebanon is a very divided messed up country, and Major Haddad of the Christians is doing a good job of organizing things back to normal.  as of the 8pm news, the PLO's still don't know what or how they will leave Lebanon.  Almost every family in Israel has someone in the army right now.  Everyone is anxious for this war to be over and wants to bring their men back home.  Many are aginst war for any reason.  It's very hot out now and very uncomfortable to have a war......I think Israel has learned, and I am seeing, that they cannot rely on any person or country's promises of safety.  We have to do it ourselves.

Resource: AIPAC map and information
Myths and Facts by Mitchell Bard and Joel Himelfarb
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