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Friday, June 1, 2012

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Says to have Direct Negotiations Once Again

Nadene Goldfoot
Hillary Clinton is also pushing for the two parties of the Palestinian PA and Israel to take advantage of a new political opening and goodwill gestures to resume peace negotiations and said this on a visit to Denmark. Netanyahu asked the Palestinians in person at the UN in a full assembly meeting.  He was ignored.  He asked again to give peace a chance to work.

A goodwill gesture on Israel's part was the release of 91 terrorist bodies to the PA with more to come in the future from the many terrorist attacks in killing Israelis.  So far, it hasn't moved Abbas, though.  He did accept the "gestures," however. Hillary, on the other hand, is encouraged by Israel's new formation of their unity government and sees it as the best for several years who can reach a negotiated agreement.  So she's nudging again, for something that hasn't happened since September 2010.

The PA is demanding: before they negotiate.  So they are negotiating to negotiate.

1. Israel recognize a Palestinian state along the 67 pre-border; which is indefensible.  They say they will go along with equal territorial swaps.
2. Israel stop all construction in Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem.

Israel is also asking that: ( I say asking and not demanding because this is most likely what the peace talk would cover. ) 

1. The Palestinians recognize Israel as the Jewish state which is what the USA has done.  Also, since it passed the UN in 1948, the UN must have had a majority to do so likewise. (Quite frankly, I don't see how Abbas can do it being the Muslim Brotherhood and Qaradawi, religious leader in Qatar, are so against this as well as Iran. It seems to me that both Hamas and Fatah are not their own man anymore.  Without it, a peace agenda is useless. There must be recognition on both sides to work.)  

The Palestinians have had 64 years to contemplate recognition of Israel.  The Palestinians were not thinking of creating a state until, sometime after 1967 when they saw that they didn't overtake this tiny country and drive it into the sea.  Taking over Israel was not going to be that easy.  Thus, the idea of their own state, which they were offered way back in 1948 and had refused with successive offers since.

Resource:  Arutz Sheva, Clinton Calls for Direct Negotiations between Israel and PA by Elad Benari Returning bodies, list

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