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Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Teacher and the Preacher in Portland: A Miracle

Nadene Goldfoot
A miracle is continuing in the Portland area and is growing in the creation of a radio program called "The Teacher and The Preacher,"  Pastor Dave McGarrah and Charlie Schiffman discuss a number of topics on the air with live callers participating with questions about Judaism and Christianity including Israel.

These two good friends are building bridges between the two religions and cover the theological differences while concentrating more on the things we have in common.  They realized that the USA is built on the principals of the Judeo-Christian faith and they have learned to walk together with mutual respect for each other's views.  There is no desire in the Pastor's heart of converting Charlie, so that the two can dialogue comfortably about what they share along with the differences.  I enjoyed the fact that Charlie answered questions from the audience without blinking an eye.  He told it straight and was truthful.  So did Dave, while the callers were grateful and seemed to understand and appreciate the answers.  Where else can you get such straightforward answers to questions you wanted to know about?  Both men are of the highest caliber to answer some of these tough questions.   They are convinced that America's closest ally in the world today is Israel, and so supporting Israel is both politically and diplomatically important, as well as is Biblically mandated.

People marvel at this but they say it's like a good marriage.  They have love for each other and mutual respect.  they can see the goodness in each other, and that helps when they come to an issue that needs more understanding.

Tonight they were able to reach the Treasure Valley area of Boise, Idaho and Eastern Oregon, my old stomping grounds. They will also be heard in Seattle another time.  Any living out-of-town can go to the KPDQ website and listen online.  They can also call in through the 800 number that they announced.

Charlie had commented to the audience that June 6th is D Day, the day Jews had hope that the war would end.  They had said after losing 6 million to the Nazis, never again.  Pastor Dave commented that his idea of Jesus is that he wants us all to live in peace and not in war.  We can say ditto that as well.  That's why Charlie commented about Iran making plans to do away with another 6 million and we do not want that to happen.

CUFI is another wonderful organization showing their love and concern for Israel and the Jewish people as well.  Charlie commented that it's really a surprise to many Jews who are so used to being confronted by people who only intend to convert them, that it's awesome to find true friends with love in their hearts and that's all.  I can add that the way the European Union and the UN have treated us makes this turnabout of attitude an even bigger and more important miracle, for this is the time that friendship and a showing of love is indeed the most important.

Tonight the program was heard on KPDQ, 93.9 FM at 6pm to 7pm.  The regular show is on at 6:30 pm Sundays.

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