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Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Robes of Justice That Hide Irrational Discrimination Towards Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
At its birth on May 14, 1948, an unprovoked aggression by 5 Arab monarchies and dictatorships attacked Israel, who was declared an honest brokered state through the UN from the mandate that England had from the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Jews were finally to have a Jewish Homeland.    Some home warming that turned out to be from its cousins.  They even refer to this as 'the Nakba", or the "catastrophe."  This in turn translates to their feelings that Israel should not exist.

Israel has been the constant target from those who claim to support self-determination and oppose genocide, but what do they do?  Constantly attack the only democracy in the Middle East that elects its leaders in free elections and guarantees rights to its citizens and honors those rights.  People who claim to be fighting for "human rights" target Israel because of their ignorance or prejudices and because of political propaganda that's constantly cranking out material that never gets vetted.  Some of those human rights advocates have turned out to be President Jimmy Carter and his book Peace Not Apartheid in which he calls Israel an apartheid state of which it is just the opposite, Bertrand Russell who still thinks that Palestine was a country and that Israel has taken away their country, and even Senator Fulbright who claimed that Israel controls the U.S. Senate.  Then of course there is Noam Chomsky who led the whole group finding fault with Israel as well as his friend, the American anti-Zionist, Norman Finkelstein who is not welcomed in Israel anymore.  Finkelstein has since then seemed to have a change of heart by  now denouncing the BDS movement and is calling it a cult.  Whatever has happened to him?  As for Jimmy Carter, he says we're not living kup to his religious standards and that we're too secular.  Here I thought we only had to answer to G-d and didn't know that first we had to be vetted through Jimmy Carter!

Those that have taken a stand against Israel's rights ignore  facts like about a million and a half Arabs who live in Israel are  citizens who elect representatives to Israel's parliament and who have more rights than the Arab citizens of any Arab state.  We still hear these opponents calling out "no social justice in Israel!"

For 64 years Israel has been the target of an Arab war that has continued uninterruptedly because the Arab states have refused to make peace.  Those states claim they want peace to the world but to themselves agree to keep on attacking,  putting Israel in harm's way as the victim of terrorist attacks, suicide bombings, and finding certain Jews marked for extinction, and in their attacks wind up killing Palestinian women and children as well. Note that:  The Arab states, in their blind rage against Israel wind up killing some of their own people.  But they manage to convince the "good people" of the world that they speak for humanity and a future that is "free."

The Do Gooders have helped to create political myths that rationalize aggression and justify war against Israel's civilian population.  Those missiles, mortars and rockets that are lobbed into southern Israel are aimed there wildly.  They can hit Ashkelon's hospital or not.  They can hit the kindergartens or not.  And if, G-d forbid, they ever do fall on such places, the Arabs most likely will cheer and rejoice as they have every time a terrorist gets lucky.   And they in turn call any facts Israel has to the contrary  lies not to be listened to. If it comes out of Israel in any way, it is wrong, of course.

I cannot for the life of me understand how such a genocidal war that is out to destroy a democratic people be justified in any "good" person's eyes as a struggle for "national liberation."

Bone of Contention:  Judea and Samaria with the Do-Gooders
Most Israeli towns (settlements) in Judea-Samaria (West Bank) are legal and violate no international laws  or relevant UN resolutions.  Most do not involve the theft of any Palestinian land.  In fact, they have provided benefit to the Arab and fueled a tripling of the Arab population and a skyrocketing  economy--until the onset of Arafat's rule.  They are not the stumbling blocks to peace or the actual hindrance to peace negotiations.  In fact, Netanyahu  and the Knesset just defeated a bill and 5 apartment buildings in Ulpana Hills, an extension of the town of Beit El, will be removed because Israel's supreme Court ruled that they were built on privately owned Palestinian land.  They are ordered to be demolished by July 1st.

The Arabs want all of Judea and Samaria to be "Palestine" a state without any Jew left in it.  They demand this, knowing well that Israel is a state with 1.4 million Arabs and is a democracy. As far as the Do-Gooders go, this seems perfectly logical to them.

The West has yet to realize that:
1.  If the Arabs put down their weapons, there would be no more violence.
2. If Israel put down her weapons, there would be no more Israel.

The USA at age 64 would find itself to be existing in 1840.  The USA didn't have an easy row to hoe, either.  I think Israel has made great strides in these past 64 years getting their sea-legs even though they have had major wars to fight through.  After all, they had no other choice.

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