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Sunday, June 17, 2012

"Palestinian's" Big Strategy to Take Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
If one reads the PLO Charter written up July 1-17, 1968, you will see on article 15 the goal of  the liquidation of the Zionist presence which means the state of Israel.  This calls for the destruction of Israel, not just the end of Zionism.  The PA (Palestinian Authority) is the PLO.  Arafat was a member of Fatah and Abbas is also, and is the incumbent due to Arafat's death.  It's just that the PA's name came about in 1994 as an outgrowth of the Oslo Accords and was to be in charge of the West Bank, and not Gaza.

A West Bank Palestine is only a first step toward their goal of creating a Palestine in place of Israel.  PLO officials have made this clear.  It is known as the "strategy of stages."  

On June 8,  1974, the Palestine National Council met in Cairo  and declared that creating a Palestinian "national authority" on any territory relinquished by Israel would only be "a step on the path" to the total "liberation of Palestinian soil."  This is still held to.The PLO was founded  in 1964 when the West Bank, called this by Jordan who illegally held Judea and Samaria and was under Jordan's Arab rule.  The Palestine the PLO wanted to liberate was Israel within the pre-1967 borders.  The official PLO insignia is a map that includes all of Israel.  So let's get real as to what  their planned outcome happens to be:  the takeover of all of Israel.

In 1988 Kissinger made it clear that the PLO would not be dealt with until they recognize Israel and renounce terrorism.  Arafat then accepted UN's resolution 242 and promised to recognize Israel and that they renounced terrorism.  Arafat backtracked quickly and denied that he recognized Israel in 1988.  He was on Libyan TV on July 19, 1991 and "No, no, no!  We do not recognize Israel.  We said there would be recognition when a Palestinian state is established and it will decide whether to recognize Israel or not."   Then on September 9, 1993 he recognized Israel in peace and security.  It never happened that Israel had peace or security, so the recognition was just words spoken.  It didn't mention recognition of Israel as a "Jewish" state, either, just a state.

Abu Iyad was the #2 man in the PLO and has since died in 1991 but had said that there should be no illusions.  According to their phased plan, they will establish a Palestinian state on any part of Palestine the enemy will retreat from.  It will be a stage in their prolonged struggle for the liberation of Palestine.  He spoke of creating a democratic state on all of its territory, but we know this is not true.  There is to be no Jews living in their Palestine.  That's not democratic.  Israel is already a democratic state that they plan to replace.

So, if a Palestine is established, Hamas-Fatah will still not recognize Israel or its right to exist.  In fact, the PLO charter has become  harsher in taking on the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood as well.  Arafat had made empty promises and received a Nobel Prize  in 1994 for the masquerade of a peaceful person.

The proof of the pudding is that there has been no peace, and no end to terrorism. It was thought for a long time that Fatah wanted peace while Hamas was against it, but both have teamed up today.    Yet Clinton keeps pounding Israel to make peace with the "Palestinians" and work out a 2 state solution.  I haven't noticed her pounding Abbas, the PA leader, or approaching Hamas at all.  Frankly, I think a new charter would lead to a better outlook and needs to come first.  In fact, Arutz Shava had an article about the American Jews calling for Fatah to rewrite their charter on November 20, 2007: The proposed statement details those clauses of the Fatah charter, drafted in 1964 and never repealed, that call for the "demolition" of the State of Israel, as well as "the eradication of the Zionist economic, political, military and cultural existence.” Methinks that Kissinger in 1988 had something going after all in his approach.  Instead, Hamas kicked Abbas out of Gaza and Peace was ignored, of course and replaced with all the shelling to come out of Gaza from 2001 till today.

Resource:  PLO Charter
Myths and Facts-a concise record of the Arab Israeli conflict by Michell G. Bard and Joel Himelfarb,Textbooks_with_HamasCharter.pdf on Fatah charter

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